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Quickly go through results and add the fitting influencers to your list.

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Once your list is ready, you can export all contact information in a click.

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Things we don’t do *Yet

We restlessly refine and add features. Although we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing, nobody knows your needs better than, well, you. If we don’t offer a feature you want, book a call, we’d love to listen.

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Things we do

Current platforms: Instagram and TikTok

Filterable Search: Browse & filter thousands of influencer profiles

Information Export: For bulk outreach (E-mails, DMs, etc)

Things we don't*

Manage Outreach: We’re not an influencer managing tool

Marketplace: We’re not a marketplace. Looking for one?


Fairly asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in your settings. Once you have canceled your plan, you will retain access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle. At this point, you will be moved to our free plan.

Which search filters are you offering?

Using inBeat, you can filter your search by: Followers, Location, Language, Engagement, Is Verified, Has Email, Has Website. Both the location and the language filters are not available on the Teaser Plan.

What is a campaign?

An influencer marketing campaign usually represents a specific outreach effort. For example, you want to outreach 100 potential influencers for a back-to-school campaign. It is an easy way to manage the lifecycle of your influencer marketing.

What do I get when I export my campaign?

You will receive the following information, if available: Handle, Email, Profile URL, Language, Followers, Engagement, Topics, Website.

How do I contact influencers when I am done searching?

When you export your campaign, you will receive a CSV file, which you can add to your favorite CRM tool. We propose using Mailshake or Gmass, but you can use any tool you wish. These tools make pitching influencers much easier to manage.

Do you have a partnership with the influencers on your platform?

We don't have any relationship with the influencers displayed on inBeat. They were chosen and added to our platform based on their content authenticity and their metrics.

We are a charity, do you have any special discounts?

Absolutely. Contact us and we will unlock our charity plan for you.

How do you spam-check your influencers?

We pre-vet all of our profiles by checking content authenticity, engagement metrics, and fraudulent behaviors.

How many influencers do you have in your database?

We add influencers everyday to our database. As we're writing these lines, we have 550k Instagram profiles and 55k TikTok profiles that are discoverable in our database.