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This tool helps you calculate the bounce rate for one or multiple websites or webpages to measure performance

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Fairly asked questions

What is the bounce rate?

The bounce rate refers to the percentage of a website’s visitors that closes the website without performing a single action or visiting any other page. It often is assimilated to traffic quality or landing page quality. A high bounce rate usually means that your page doesn’t answer what the user was looking for, is not loading fast enough, has errors, or that the traffic you send to the page (via ads or other) isn’t quality traffic.

How to calculate bounce rate?

The bounce rate is calculated by dividing your single-page sessions by the total sessions on your website.
Bounce Rate = Total of Single Page Sessions / Total of Sessions

What's considered a healthy bounce rate?

A bounce rate is considered “good” when it is under 40 percent, “average” if it’s between 41 and 55 percent, and “mediocre” if it’s between 56 and 70 percent. Any bounce rate above 70 percent indicates very low page quality or traffic quality and that your strategy must be revisited or your page edited.

How to improve my website's bounce rate?

Many factors can help improve your page bounce rate, whether it comes from technical improvement or content improvement.
● Improve your site speed.
● Improve your website’s mobile responsiveness
● Fix any bug your page has
● Capture attention early on your page
● Answer your target audience request early on the page.
● Use appealing calls to action and buttons to make visitors want to visit other pages.

What's the difference between bounce rate and exit rate?

Exit rate refers to the percentage of visitors that end their visit or a specific page. Bounce rate refers to visitors that exit your page without visiting any other page.