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Fairly asked questions

What Does CTR Mean?

CTR means Click Through Rate; it is an indication of how engaging an ad is. The CTR
measures the ratio of people clicking on an ad when exposed to it.

What is the CTR formula?

The formula to measure the click-through rate is pretty simple; it goes as follows:
Total Clicks / Total Impressions
For example, if you have an ad that generated 6 clicks for 100 impressions, your CTR is 6/100=0,06 (or 6%).

Why is CTR important?

Analyzing the click-through rate is important.
When comparing ads running under the same target audience, the CTR gives a good indication of the ads that are performing better, more engaging, or catching the audience’s attention more than the other. When comparing the same ad running under two different audience targeting, it indicates which audience group is more engaged when exposed to the ad. Using CTR is a good starting point when optimizing your social media advertising campaigns. Higher CTR usually means a higher conversion rate. It’s one of the key metrics to analyze for a successful marketing strategy.

What affects your CTR?

Many factors can affect CTR performances. Amongst those many factors, we can identify:
● Targeting: some audiences will be more reactive than others when they see your ad. identifying the right persona is very important.
● Copywriting: test different variations to ensure your ad copy is engaging and has the right call to action.
● Creative: whether it’s an image or video, your creative is probably the most important factor in ensuring your ad catches your audience’s attention and converts.
● Offer: A “too good to miss” offer will drastically improve your CTR.

What is a good click-through rate?

There is no universally good, bad, or average click-through rate. It will depend on the kind of platform you are advertising on.
Google Search Ads tend to have higher CTR than other social media;
for example, this is because search ads capture intent and are distributed to people actively searching for your product or niche.

How to increase the click-through rate?

Improving the click-through rate can be achieved with multiple levers:
● Testing and optimizing audience targeting.
● Writing more engaging ad copy.
● Promoting compelling offers
● Creating engaging visuals and content