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Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
14 min READ | Jan 23 2024

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Facebook has 3.05 billion active users. Short-form video content has become increasingly popular.

And 69% of consumers trust influencer recommendations.

All this gives you a golden opportunity to captivate a new audience, leveraging this engaging format’s allure while reducing ad fatigue with influencers.

You’re on the best page to learn how to do all that.

We’ll share our knowledge and unique insights as an influencer marketing platform, discussing:

  • What Facebook Reels are and why you need them
  • How to power them with social media influencers
  • How to edit the rReels to make them even more appealing

Pro tip: This article is for you even if you don’t think leveraging influencers is the right social media tactic for you.

Let’s dive in.


Benefits of Facebook Reels:

  • Wider Reach: Unlike Instagram, Facebook Reels can reach beyond your followers, offering broader audience engagement.
  • Algorithm Favoritism: Facebook's algorithm promotes Reels, increasing the likelihood of visibility and shareability.
  • Cross-Platform Utility: Reels can be repurposed across platforms, maximizing reach with minimal extra effort.

Influencer Marketing Strategy:

  • Strategy Development: Involves understanding your brand, audience, and market opportunities, and selecting a resonant message.
  • Finding Influencers: Utilize tools like inBeat's database to find influencers matching your brand ethos and campaign goals.
  • Content Creation: Focus on high-quality, engaging, and brand-aligned content in Reels.
  • Editing Reels: Incorporate music, text, stickers, and effective editing tools to enhance engagement.

Best Practices for Facebook Reels:

  • Know Your Audience: Tailor content to audience interests for better engagement.
  • Leverage Trends: Stay updated with popular trends within the Reels ecosystem.
  • Emphasize Quality: Ensure high visual and content quality.
  • Optimize for Mobile: Use vertical videos for better mobile viewing experiences.
  • Use Music and Good Lighting: Enhance appeal and professionalism.
  • Include Captions: Make content accessible and reinforce messages.
  • Monetization and Analytics: Facebook offers monetization options for Reels and provides analytics for performance tracking.
  • Posting Frequency: Maintain a consistent schedule for audience engagement and growth.

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels are short-form video content, mirroring the style that has become immensely popular on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

These videos, which can be up to 60 seconds long, offer a creative canvas for storytelling, allowing users to express themselves with a mix of music, text, filters, and interactive elements.

The good news is brands like you can do the same thing.

And it’ll be more than just keeping up with trends; it’s a recognition that user preferences have shifted toward more engaging, concise, and visually captivating content.

Your target audience is massively watching Facebook Reels.

2 billion people watch Reels every month and 140 billion Facebook Reels are played each day.

That’s because this type of content provides an immersive experience, appearing not only in dedicated Reels tabs but also interspersed within news feeds and groups.

The result is your brand can benefit from a wide visibility and engagement.

Why Use Facebook Reels in Your Social Media Strategy?

Facebook Reels can help you drive engagement, broaden your reach, and make more sales.

  • Increased visibility: Reels have a prominent place on Facebook, ensuring your content reaches a wide audience.
  • High engagement: The short, dynamic nature of Reels captivates users, leading to higher engagement rates compared to traditional posts.
  • Versatility: Reels are adaptable. They can tell a story, showcase products, or share behind-the-scenes glimpses, fitting various marketing goals.
  • Algorithm advantage: Facebook’s algorithm favors Reels, giving them a better chance to be seen and shared.
  • Cross-platform potential: Content created for Reels can be easily repurposed across other platforms, maximizing your reach with minimal extra effort.
  • Connect with younger audiences: Reels are particularly popular among younger users, offering a direct line to this demographic.
  • Make more sales: You can mention specific products in your Reels, that people can purchase by simply tapping on the promotional link. Besides, eligible creators can earn through the Reels Play bonus program.

Here’s a good example from the UK driving school Conquer Driving:

The driving instructor explains why going too slow can cause problems, helping students and beginners with lots of useful tips.

At the same time, this is a great way to promote the school, showing potential students what sort of information they would get there.

And here’s Venusfit showcasing 11 tips on how to change mobility exercises, while also offering a 30% discount to all its followers:

Facebook Reels vs. Instagram Reels

While Facebook and Instagram Reels are interconnected due to their shared ownership by Meta, there are distinct differences in how they function.

For instance, viewing an Instagram Reel on Facebook leads to a seamless transition between the apps, especially when interacting with the content, like commenting.

The key distinction lies in the visibility of Facebook Reels.

Unlike Instagram, where your content primarily reaches your followers, Facebook Reels have the advantage of appearing in the Feeds of a broader audience, regardless of whether they follow you.

This feature significantly widens your reach, allowing your content to be discovered by a diverse group of users.

And that opens doors to new connections and audiences – especially if you use influencers.

How to Power Your Facebook Reels [with Influencer Marketing]

If you’re convinced to try Facebook Reels, here’s a solid plan you can follow, courtesy of our sister agency inBeat.

As we said in the intro, you don’t necessarily need to use influencers to leverage the plan below.

1. Create Your Strategy and Creative Brief

At inBeat, a crucial phase in powering your Facebook Reels with influencer marketing, is what we call “mood-boarding.” During this phase, our expert team does in-depth research and strategic planning, which form the backbone of your campaign.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a robust strategy and a compelling creative brief:

  • Company research: Start by deeply understanding your own brand. Analyze your brand’s values, unique selling points, and existing marketing strategies. This self-awareness is key to maintaining consistency across your campaigns.
  • Audience research: Know your audience. Dive into demographics, interests, behaviors, and preferences. Understanding who your audience is and what resonates with them is critical for creating relevant and engaging content.
  • Competitor research: Look at what your competitors are doing. Identify what works for them and where there are gaps that your brand could fill. This insight helps in differentiating your strategy.
  • Identify opportunities: Based on your research, pinpoint opportunities in the market. This could be an untapped audience segment, a trending topic, or a unique content approach.
  • Select the right message: Choose a message that aligns with your brand and resonates with your target audience. This message should be clear, compelling, and consistent across all Reels.
  • Understand how Facebook Reels fit into your content calendar: Assess how Facebook Reels can complement and enhance your existing creative assets. Consider how this format can be used to tell your brand’s story in an engaging way.
  • Outline the tone of voice: Decide on the tone of voice for your Reels. It should reflect your brand personality and appeal to your target audience, whether it’s humorous, inspirational, educational, or something else.
  • Compile your creative brief: Bring all these elements together into a comprehensive creative brief. This document should guide influencers and content creators, providing clear direction on goals, audience, messaging, tone, and the overall look and feel of the Reels.

For example, workout website Fitnessblender has always created people-first home exercise routines.

This customer-centric ethos and approachability are evident throughout their online presence.

And it’s also visible in their Facebook Reels.

In the example below, Tasha, one of the fitness trainers there, gives the audience the behind-the-scenes scoop on her newest programs while creating desire for that program.

2. Find the Right Influencers

You can skip this step if you’re not using content creators.

After setting the stage with a solid mood-boarding phase, the next crucial step in powering your Facebook Reels with influencer marketing is finding the right influencers.

This step is what we at inBeat call “mood-matching.”

Mood-matching involves aligning the essence of your brand and campaign goals with the right influencers.

The key here is to find influencers who can create genuine content that resonates with your strategy and embody your brand’s vibe and values.

The good news is we have free tools to help.

inBeat boasts an extensive database of influencers across various niches and social media platforms.

This database is your gateway to finding the perfect match for your brand.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Advanced filtering and keywords: Our platform offers numerous filters and keyword options. This means you can narrow your search based on specific criteria such as location, audience demographics, engagement rates, and more. This precision ensures you connect with influencers who can genuinely amplify your message.

Let’s say you want to find micro-influencers from India with a 5% or higher engagement rate interested in travel.

Just add these filters with a few clicks:


2. Influencer stats: You can view detailed statistics for each influencer profile in our database.

This includes number of followers, engagement rates, average likes, and likes per post.

These insights are invaluable in making an informed decision about which influencers align best with your brand.


3. Customizable ‘iMessage Ad’ template: To add an extra edge to your influencer campaigns, inBeat provides a free, easy-to-use ‘iMessage’ style Figma template.

This tool allows you to create engaging, personalized outreach messages.


Basically, leveraging inBeat’s resources for mood-matching helps you partner with relevant influencers whose content resonates with your target audience and amplifies your presence on Facebook Reels.

3. The Content Creation Process

Creating compelling Facebook Reels involves a blend of creativity, strategy, and the right tools.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft Facebook Reels:

  • Develop your concept: Start with a clear concept that aligns with your creative brief. This could be a storytelling piece, a product showcase, a behind-the-scenes look, or something educational or entertaining.
  • Script and storyboard: Plan your high-quality content. Script your dialogue or narration and storyboard the sequence of shots. This preparation ensures your Reel is cohesive and engaging.
  • Shoot your Reel: Use a smartphone or a professional camera to shoot your Reel. Ensure good lighting and sound quality. Remember, Facebook Reels can be up to 60 seconds long.
  • Edit and enhance: Use Facebook’s creation tools to cut, splice, and add music, text, and effects. The goal is to make your Reel visually appealing and aligned with your brand’s tone and message. You can read an entire section on this in a second.
  • Publish and monitor: Once your Reel is ready, publish it on Facebook. Use Facebook’s insights tools to monitor its performance, engagement, and reach.

If you want to save your efforts, you have two other options:

  • Repurpose content: You can repurpose entertaining content from Instagram and TikTok. Adjust the content to fit Facebook’s audience and ensure it aligns with your campaign goals.
  • Use Showcase Platform by inBeat: This UGC database allows you to handpick from the top 4% of content creators who are highly professional, with high engagement rates and quick turnaround times. Share your brief directly with them and collaborate to create high-quality Reels. Besides, these influencers can create other types of content for other social platforms.

Here’s an example of a high-quality UGC video created with Showcase influencers:


4. Edit the Reel

Editing your Facebook Reel to make it engaging and on-brand involves several creative elements.

Here’s what to consider:

Audio Clips and Music

Facebook Reels allows you to add music from its extensive library. You can search for a specific song or browse by genre and mood.

Alternatively, you can record your own audio using audio joiner or use audio from other Reels (if allowed by the creator).

Original audio can be particularly effective for trending challenges or memes.

Text and Stickers

You can add text overlays to your Reel to convey messages, add context, or highlight key points.

Customize the font, color, and size to match your brand style.

Plus, use stickers to add an interactive element to your video clips.

These can be polls, questions, hashtags, or animated graphics to make your Reel more engaging.


Use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your Reel.

Research popular and trending hashtags in your niche first.

Alternatively, you can create or use existing brand-specific hashtags for brand consistency and to encourage user-generated content.


Captions can provide context, add personality, and encourage viewer interaction.

Keep them concise but engaging.

Remember: Include a Call-to-Action (CTA). Encourage viewers to engage, visit your profile, or check out a link in your bio.

Other Editing Features

  • Green screen: This option allows you to add a different background.
  • Trim and cut: Edit your clips for pacing. Keep your content dynamic and to the point.
  • Transitions and effects: Use transitions and effects to keep the video interesting but don’t overdo it. The focus should remain on the content.
  • Timing: Sync your visuals with the audio for a polished look.

Facebook offers a slew of creative editing tools you can leverage, so use their playground.

Remember, editing aims to enhance your message and engage your audience, not to overshadow the content itself.

Experiment with these features to find what works best for your brand and Facebook audience.

5. Share the Reel

Once your Facebook Reel is crafted and edited, the next step is to share it effectively.

First, ensure you set your visibility to "public" because public Reels have a wider reach.

Then, select the audience.

If your page has audience options enabled, you can select specific demographics like age, gender, location, and interests.

This ensures your content reaches the most relevant audience.

Next, choose where your reel will appear:

  • On Facebook: You can have your Reel appear in the Reels section, on your profile, in your followers’ News Feeds, and in relevant groups if you are a member.
  • Cross-Platform Sharing: Facebook allows sharing Reels directly to Instagram, expanding your reach. Remember, the content should be relevant and appropriate for both platforms’ audiences.
  • Instagram Share: If you opt to share on Instagram, decide whether it will be on your feed, in stories, or on the Reels tab on your profile.

Now, hit the Share button to publish your Reel.

Pro tips:

  • Consider the best time to post based on when your audience is most active. This increases the likelihood of higher engagement.
  • If you manage a page, use Facebook’s publishing tools or third-party apps to schedule your pre-recorded videos for optimal timing.
  • Before posting, review your Reel for any last-minute adjustments.

Facebook Reels Best Practices

To maximize the impact of your Facebook Reels, follow the best practices below.

These guidelines will help ensure your content is engaging, relevant, and effective.

Know Your Audience

Understand who your audience is, their interests, and what they engage with.

Tailor your content to resonate with them, making it more personal and relevant.

Stay updated on current trends, challenges, and popular formats within the Reels ecosystem.

Incorporating these trends can increase the relevance and shareability of your content.

Post Only Quality Content

Ensure that your content is of high quality, both in terms of visuals and substance. Avoid posting for the sake of posting.

Each Reel should add value to your audience and align with your brand.

Post Only Vertical Videos

Reels are designed for mobile viewing and have a 9:16 aspect ratio, so always use vertical videos.

This format takes full advantage of the screen space and provides a better viewing experience for the audience.

Use Music

Incorporate music to make your Reels more engaging.

Choose tracks that complement your content and resonate with your audience. Use Facebook’s extensive music library for legal and diverse options.

Have Good Lighting

Good lighting is key to creating visually appealing content.

It improves the video quality and makes your Reel more professional and eye-catching.

Include Captions

Adding captions makes your content accessible to a wider audience, including those who watch without sound.

Captions also help reinforce your message and can improve engagement.

One of the best examples of Facebook Reel editing is the clip below:

The shiny colors, the Barbie film music, and the foreground shot make people stop and watch the entire reel. inBeat's influencers can create full-screen and immersive ads just like this clip.

Besides, the hashtags are also wisely chosen.

They attract a wide audience with generic hashtags like #cakelife and #cake, but they also clearly suggest this brand offers cake-making courses.

Facebook Reels Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Facebook Reels Be?

Facebook Reels can be up to 60 seconds long. This duration allows for creative flexibility while maintaining the quick, engaging format that viewers enjoy.

How Do You Share Instagram Reels to Facebook?

To share Instagram Reels to Facebook, first ensure your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account. When posting a Reel on Instagram, you’ll see an option to also share it to Facebook. Simply toggle this option on before posting.

How Can You Find Reels on Facebook?

Reels on Facebook can be found in several places: on the dedicated Reels tab, in your News Feed, and on the pages of creators or brands. They may also appear in groups if shared there.

Can You Monetize Facebook Reels?

Facebook has introduced monetization options for creators, such as ads in Reels. To access these features, you must meet certain criteria Facebook sets, including follower count and engagement levels.

Are There Analytics for Facebook Reels?

Yes, Facebook provides analytics for Reels. Creators and page managers can view insights such as reach, engagement, and play time, which are crucial for understanding the performance of their content.

Can You Edit Reels After Posting?

You cannot edit the video content once a Reel is posted on Facebook. However, you can delete the Reel and repost it with the changes.

How Often Should You Post Reels?

The frequency of posting Reels depends on your content strategy and audience engagement. It’s recommended to maintain a consistent posting schedule, whether that’s daily, several times a week, or weekly, to keep your audience engaged and grow your reach.

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