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How to Find Instagram Influencers for Free

If you’re interested in working with Instagram influencers, there are many ways to find them.

Before beginning your search, define your ideal influencer. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many followers do they have?
  2. What niche do they cover?
  3. What interests their audience?

Knowing who to find makes your job easier.

In order to find influencers you can use a software, you could search on Instagram manually or use custom Google searches.

Throughout this guide, I will outline ways you can use to find Instagramers who match your requirements.

We have built a tool to make this part of the process easier (if you want to run a small scale campaign, our free plan should do). Our tool allows a user to find influencers based on their following, engagement, location, language and engagement rate.

1. Searching on Instagram

There are multiple ways to find influencers on Instagram. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to get started:

The best ways to find influencers on Instagram are to:

Browsing hashtags

Start by building a list of relevant hashtags. With a few of these, you can build a sizable list by using It is a free tool that allows you to find additional related hashtags.

Browsing Locations

If you’re looking for locally relevant Instagramers, you can use tool to find location relevant hashtags. You should be able to find top locations for a region within these hashtags.

As with the earlier section, view the Instagramers following. Influencers from a location cluster and follow each other.

Browsing their following

You can head to Instagram and start going through hashtag feeds. Each hashtag page will order the posts by popularity and freshness. Pick profiles that match your standards and add them to your list.

Don’t forget to view the following of each profile you discover. Relevant influencers follow other relevant influencers.

2. Browsing Influencer Marketplaces

There are multiple influencer marketplaces out there (FameBit, for example). These marketplaces are directories for influencers.

Use these marketplaces to find profiles. They usually categorize them by reach, niche, and engagement. You can contact them inside or outside the platform. I recommend you try reaching them outside the platform as the cost will be lower.

3. Using Software

Using a tool such as inBeat, allows you to drastically shorten the time you spend finding influencers. These tools help you out if you’re doing influencer marketing at a certain scale. You can sign up for our free plan here to find influencers.

4. Using custom Google Searches

Google allows you to perform advanced search queries, which makes looking for influencers easy. You can head over to Google type in the following query: “[Your keyword]”

Let’s give this a try: “mom”

As you find relevant influencers, you can look at who they are following as we did in the previous step.

5. Managing and Pitching Influencers

As you find influencers, make sure you add their information to a list (profile URL, name, email, etc.). Instagramers usually provide an email in their biography. If they don’t, you can access their email through the Instagram app if the influencer is a business profile.

I prefer contacting influencers by email, as the response rate is much higher. From my experience, DMs don’t get as much attention as emails do.

You can use a tool such as Mailshake or Gmass to manage cold email at scale. These tools will make your life easier.