How to Find Instagram Influencers by Location

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
5 min READ | Nov 21 2020

No matter what type of business you run, you want to be where your potential customers are and speak the same language. Your target audience will connect to your brand on a deeper level if they see someone they know and trust using your product or service.

A high schooler from New Jersey is more likely to trust his schoolmate. A mom in Wisconsin would relate more to another mom from the neighborhood. So knowing how to find Instagram influencers by location is detrimental to your campaign’s success. This guide will show you how to search for local influencers using various tools and methods.

How to find Instagram infuencers by location

How to Find Influencers by Location Using Instagram Geotags

There are several ways to find influencers by location. Instagram Geotags are a simple method for targeting creators who live in specific states, cities, and even districts.

Use the Instagram app on your mobile. If you are using a desktop version, your results will be minimal. Alternatively, you can try one of the open-source Instagram Desktop Apps, like Ramme, that offers a full mobile experience on desktop.  Type the name of the state in the search bar and click on the map pin symbol to see locations:

How to find Instagram influencers by location using Geotags

Select “recent” to see the latest posts in that location. You can also check “popular” posts to see photos and videos that had the most engagement:

How to find Instagram influencers by location using geotags

To verify that the influencer lives in your target state (not just passing by), click on the profile, and check other posts for geotags. If most of the geotags are in your target location - the chances are that you found the right creator:

How to find micro-infuencers by location on Instagram

If your target instagram influencers live in particular cities, it will make sense to do the research first instead of searching for the city’s geotag. Google Maps can help. For example, to find people who live in Houston, go to Google Maps. Search for popular places in Houston, such as parks, restaurants, squares, malls:

How to find Instagram influencers using Google Maps

Pick a place and use the same method I described above to search for the location on Instagram. Some cities will have parks with similar names. So make sure you are picking the right one:

Find Instagram influencers in Texas

Then scroll through the posts, pick one, and check the profile for more information about the location. In this example, the influencer mentions location in her bio, which makes it easier. Sometimes you will have to go through multiple posts to see where most of their geotags are.

Find Instagram micro-influencers in Texas

My hack: when scrolling through influencer’s posts in your target city, check for group photos. Most creators love tagging their friends or other creators. The chances are they live in the same location or close by. For example, in this group photo, I found three micro-influencers who live in Houston. Great catch!

Instagram Micro-Influencers in Texas

How to Find Influencers by Location Using Tagged Profiles

This method is more complicated and time-consuming than using geotags but can produce quality results if you need to target influencers in precise locations and niches. Suppose you are looking for gym-goers in Atlanta, so type: “gyms in Atlanta” in Google maps search:

How to Find Instagram influencers using tagged profiles

Then visit the place’s website to check their Instagram handle (many gyms have similar names, so better to check their website for social profiles). Go to the Instagram profile of the gym. Then scroll through their posts to see if they tag any of their members or trainers. For example, we found a fitness micro-influencer in Atlanta tagged at this Gym:

How to find fitness Influencers in Atlanta

You can use the same method to search for micro-influencers on Instagram profiles of restaurants, schools, universities, stores, etc.

How to Find Influencers by Location Using Location Hashtags

Another way to find influencers by location on Instagram is to search location hashtags. You can use tools like to discover hashtags. For example, I get the following results using the #newyorkcity:

Find micro-influencers in New York

Like with previous methods, double-check the selected influencers’ profiles to ensure that it wasn’t their one-off visit to your target location.

How to Find Influencers by Location Using

The methods we described above work great if you are launching a small influencer campaign and have the luxury of time to search for influencers individually. You can also use them to target Instagram creators in precise locations, such as cities and states. But, if you want to scale your campaign up and find dozens of influencers in specific countries, we recommend using a platform.

InBeat, a searchable influencer database, will help you find Instagram influencers in particular countries in a matter of seconds. Filter them by number of followers, engagement rate, hashtags, and select those influencers who have emails. You can use a free subscription if you need to find only a few and don’t plan to bulk-export email lists.

Step 1. Login to your account on and create a new campaign:

Find influencers by location using

Step 2: Choose live search:

Find Instagram Influencers by location on

Step 3: Name your list:

Find fitness influencers in the USA on

Step 4. Choose hashtags. I used fitness-related hashtags here as an example. Now you can filter influencers by country, number of followers, and other criteria. So now we found almost 1300 fitness micro-influencers in the USA:

Find micro-influencers in the USA on

If you are using the paid version of inBeat, you can export your list and pitch your influencers right away.

Now that you know how to find Instagram influencers by location, it’s time to start discovering the best creators for your next campaign!

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