Tiktok Trends for Your Next Marketing Strategy in 2024

Daniel Cruz

By Daniel Cruz
9 min READ | Jan 7 2024

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TikTok has become a popular social media platform.

Everyone seems to know specific jingles and memes that first appeared on this channel.

Besides, many companies have started using TikTok in the past few years.

What does that mean for 2024?

Find out what TikTok trends 2024 has in store for you so that your marketing journey on this platform will prove a successful one.

This guide below will tell you what’s most likely to happen based on official statistics and how you can leverage those social media trends.

Curious yet? Keep reading!

  • TikTok's user base is expected to reach 1.5 billion users in 2024, making it a diverse platform for marketing.
  • Users on TikTok span various age groups, with a significant presence of those aged 20-49, offering broader marketing opportunities.
  • TikTok's engagement rate is exceptionally high, thanks to its personalized content recommendation algorithm.
  • The platform's use of hashtags and challenges presents unique marketing opportunities for brands to engage with their audience.
  • TikTok offers tools for social commerce, including in-app shopping and partnership opportunities with platforms like Shopify.
  • Influencer marketing on TikTok is on the rise, with nano and micro-influencers showing high engagement rates.
  • Staying updated with TikTok trends and language is crucial for successful marketing on the platform.
  • Marketers should consider leveraging TikTok's unique features and partnering with relevant influencers to tap into its growing user base.
  • Pro Tip: Hire a full-service TikTok marketing agency for better results.

1. More Companies and Active Users of All Ages

App Annie has an exciting forecast for 2024:

TikTok is expected to gather a 1.5 billion users milestone next year, after it reached 1 billion users in September 2021.

That’s an incredible growth spurt for TikTok, especially if you compare it with other social platforms’ performance.

Besides, TikTok isn’t just for teens anymore.

Look at the stats: 64.4% of TikTok active users are aged 20-49 years old, and 44.1% are aged 20-39 years old.

Pro tip: If more businesses and people of all ages are getting on TikTok, your company should do it too.

However, you should:

  • Create original content that appeals to your audiences.
  • Consider the commercial dimension of your business; TikTok users in the age groups above have enough funds to purchase your products on the spot, compared to the teenager segment.

2. TikTok is the New TV…

… so create commercials that people will love.

TV ads experienced quite a fall during the past few years, both in popularity and credibility.

However, Millennials still remember those almost magical Super Bowl commercials or Coca-Cola Christmas ads.

The point is, people watch video ads that blend with their rituals.

Now, the question is how to identify TikTok rituals.

We’ll let you think for a moment, but we’re sure you got it:

It’s TikTok hashtags.

TikTok groups videos with similar concepts via hashtags.

Thus, if your audience is interested in a specific topic, they can watch viral videos about that topic for prolonged periods.

That means you can:

  • Find out which the hottest topics are and jump on the boat.
  • Join challenges to increase brand awareness. This technique also shows your audience that your brand is one of them.
  • Create challenges to put your brand in the limelight and define a community of loyal customers.

3. TikTok as Best Choice for Engagement

Let’s look at the numbers again.

A graph showing TikTok's average engagement rate in different countries and worldwide.
TikTok is a great platform because of its high average engagement rate. (Image source)

TikTok’s engagement rate is 17.99% in the US and 15.86% worldwide.

Compare that to other social platforms’ engagement rates:

  • 1-5% is good on Instagram.
  • Above 1% is considered excellent on Facebook, though 0.5-1% is the average.

How is TikTok doing that, you ask?

The secret is the platform’s fantastic algorithm that provides TikTok users with quality content they’re most likely to watch.

TikTok algorithm senses people’s preferences, based on which it gives a personalized video selection in the “For You” section.

Hint: that section is highly addictive because of that.

Each time users swipe past on a video, TikTok understands they don’t like that sort of content.

If people look at the video a few times or tap on its elements, the algorithm learns what makes them tick.

And that’s how the “For You” section becomes even more personalized.

TikTok makes you tick.

Here’s another factor to consider:

According to a Kantar study, respondents believe that TikTok ads are better and more inspiring than the ads they see on other platforms.

This is because:

  • TikTok encourages organic content even from brands.
  • TikTok customized everyone’s feeds, so people don’t rate the ads they see as disruptive.

That’s why these ads sell.For example, MAKE UP FOREVER’s TikTok creative video got 11 million impressions and 10 million views.

Gymshark also constantly grows its community thanks to its TikTok marketing campaigns.

For example, Gymshark got 2 million new followers in just half a year thanks to its thorough strategy that includes a variety of content:

  • Animated clips
  • Fitness humor
  • Inspirational fitness journeys
  • Workout challenges
  • Couples’ stories
Three screenshots of influencers TikTok content for Gymshark.
Screenshots of influencers TikTok content for Gymshark. (Image source)

Here’s how you can generate that level of engagement on TikTok for your brand:

  • Include a variety of content that appeals to your audience
  • Showcase your brand’s personality
  • Use musical memes
  • Set challenges

Also, consider these tips:

1. When you begin a challenge, make your brand center stage and focus on your audience’s needs.

For instance, the Vogue challenge allows users to edit themselves on this magazine’s cover, which means:

  • It reminded more people that Vogue exists, so the magazine replenishes its brand awareness reserves
  • The ad meets people's need for esteem and self-actualization, the two highest categories in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
  • The challenge acts as an insider joke, even though it’s not a joke, but it’s something that people who used it share. Thus, these challenges don’t just define insiders; they define outsiders—those who don’t understand or have access to this challenge.

So, focus on your potential customers’ needs so that they’ll define themselves—and their community—through your brand.

This mindset will fast-track your growth and speed up your sales.

2. Use behind-the-scenes footage that makes you relatable or showcases a surprising aspect of your personality.

However, the content you post has to fit in with TikTok.

For example, the Washington Post started including TikTok in their social media strategy from pretty early on.

That’s surprising if you consider that Washington Post has a mature, educated, and high-income audience, whereas TikTok was mainly deemed a kids’ platform.

But WP knows that you have to:

  • Reach your fan base on all the channels they’re using.
  • Use those channels’ specific language.

That’s why the Washington Post gives an amusing spin to their otherwise serious work.

For example, a skit regarding the struggles of writing a press release about the COVID-19 delta variant for Delta Airlines is among their most liked.

Pro tip: If you’re a serious brand, don’t take yourself too seriously on TikTok. Washington Post is an excellent example to follow here, from their funny videos to their TikTok bio that simply informs “We are a newspaper.”

That’s how your audience will know you speak their language and welcome you into their community.

If you prove you can blend seamlessly, your brand will soon become a leader for the people that follow it.

For example:

  • If you roll out a new product: Use TikTok’s picture trend in which you put pictures, and someone falls in love with you.
  • If you want to normalize a very innovative product: Use the album cover challenge.
  • If you have a travelling-based business: Use Google Earth TikTok Trend. Show your followers exciting spots worldwide or ask them to show where they’ve travelled as part of a challenge.

4. TikTok for E-Commerce: More Tools for Brands to Sell

TikTok isn’t practical just for raising awareness and creating engagement; you can sell on it too.

Social commerce has grown in the past few years because of the COVID-19 health crisis.

People spent less time with others, and more time on their phones, so the increased social media consumption skyrocketed social shopping.

According to eMarketer, social commerce increased by 18% in 2020 and will be worth $79.64 billion in 2025.

A graph showing social commerce will grow over the years.
Social commerce is expected to keep growing at a high rate. (Image source)

Plus, TikTok already has practical e-commerce features waiting for you:

  • You can add links to online stores or your website in your bio.
  • You can become TikTok-verified to increase your credibility.
  • The Hashtag Challenge Plus allows your customers to browse products in-app.
  • The Shopify-TikTok partnership will allow you to reach more potential customers. If you have a Shopify account, you can create and post content on TikTok. This tool will enable you to track performance metrics, meaning you can adapt your strategy according to results.

Why should you hop on the TikTok e-commerce wagon?

  • Most TikTok active users have the money to purchase your products.
  • People who see your commercials are already interested in what you have to say, thanks to TikTok’s algorithm.

5. TikTok: A Haven for Influencers

More companies leveraging influencer marketing will use TikTok because this platform generates engagement and creates social trends.

Besides, 72.5% of marketers plan to use influencer marketing in 2024—so why not do it on the platform that has the highest engagement rate?

Bonus: TikTok offers several tools to strengthen the partnership between brands and content creators.

However, you must choose the right influencers for the job.

For example, Dunkin' partnered with Charli D’Amelio when the brand first started using TikTok influencer marketing.

The TikTok megastar helped Dunkin' launch new product items, and the results were 57% more app downloads and 20% more sales for cold brew coffees!

An image showing TikTok star Charli D’Amelio holding a Dunkin' iced coffee.
A campaign for iced coffee on TikTok: a success for Dunkin'. (Image source)

Here’s the good news:

You don’t have to partner with a similarly famous TikTok personality to get similar results.

Luckily, relevance beats reach on TikTok, and that’s why:

As a result, you have a high chance of creating a loyal TikTok community and selling your products (and even fulfilling orders through Tiktok) if you partner with a content creator with below 20,000 followers.

TikTok-ers will continue to use this app, and many other people will sign up too.

The current forecast also shows that many companies and celebrities will join the TikTok community.

That means the engagement rates on this platform will skyrocket.

And marketers go where the engagement is.

Increasingly more companies leverage TikTok, which-best of all-fits the short-video advertising format that sells the most.

The problem is that not understanding TikTok’s rules, trends, and language may break your brand.

If you don’t quite know where to begin your strategy, reach out to an established influencer marketing agency, such as inBeat.

You can use our comprehensive influencers’ database or TikTok engagement rate calculator for free.

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