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Audience Score

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Inactive Foll. ≈

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Average VS Target

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Average likes

Target: { formatNb(likesTarget) }

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Target: { commentsLikesTarget.toFixed(0) }%

Latest Audience Engagement

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We use the avg. likes & comments then compare them to industry standards by following size. This calculator does not analyse followers, so the audience score is an estimation.


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FAQ Regarding Our Engagement Rate Tool

How Do You Calculate an Instagram Account's Audience Score?

inBeat’s Fake Followers Checker online tool uses the average engagement rate, average likes and average comments. We then cross analyze this data with target data from industry standards and evaluate the audience quality. We do not examine the influencer’s followers individually in this calculation. We have found that cross-referencing average VS target data is rather accurate. The higher the audience score, the better the social engagement.

What Are Fake Followers?

Fake followers are social media profiles only meant to boost a profile’s follower count without actual value.  They bring fake likes and generic comments but no authentic engagement. They are also referred to as bot accounts or spam profiles. When an influencer has a lot of fake followers, they have low follower credibility, as their social profiles are based on inauthentic activity.

Why Use inBeat's Fake Followers Checker?

Our free marketing online tool helps you connect to genuine influencers with relevant audiences made of human followers with real accounts. inBeat’s Fake Followers checker saves you a lot of resources by scanning social profiles for you and detecting which potential influencers are followed by fake accounts.

Isn't it better to collaborate with influencers with a bigger follower count to reach more potential customers?

Fair question. You may think that a bigger audience is a better bang for your buck, but don’t be fooled: it’s easy to buy fake accounts and generic comments or create fake profiles to bump one’s social following and charge more for influencer partnerships. Celebrity influencers with a huge audience of thousands of followers aren’t necessarily a good choice for your social media marketing campaigns. As follower growth goes up, audience quality usually goes down. This is why we prefer to work with micro-influencers, as they are a better way to reach your target demographics through active followers and a relevant audience.

How can you use credibility rate for your influencer marketing?

By evaluating audience quality, you can better choose authentic influencers followed by legitimate accounts; engaging with your target audience is what brings revenue! Our Fake Followers Checker allows you to connect to genuine influencers: real people with real followers and engagement authenticity.

Why should I care about the Instagram audience score for influencer marketing?

A big follower count means nothing if it consists of fake profiles, inactive accounts and ghost followers. Don’t waste your time and money on fake influencers who charge big bucks without an engaged audience. Our audit tool brings social proof to your social media marketing.

How to Spot Fake Followers on Instagram?

There are many ways you can tell if someone has fake followers. The straightforward approach is to go and check each suspect’s fake follower profile. Most of the bots acting as fake followers have very few posts and/or activity on their page. Also, many bots don’t have a profile picture on their account or are using a photo taken on Google image. Using Google image reverse search will reveal a potential red flag.

How can you tell if someone has fake followers?

The best way to find out if someone has bought their audience and has fake followers is to use a fake follower audit tool such as ours. It’s a great way to find out instantly the follower quality score of an influencer’s audience. This credibility score gives you a good idea of whether the account is followed by real persons or bots.