29 Top Marketing Events in the US as of 2024

David Morneau

By David Morneau
15 min READ | Jan 18 2024

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In 2024, the US is hosting many important marketing events.

There are many different conferences and summits happening that are perfect for anyone interested in marketing.

These events are spread across the country, from big cities like New York to tech centers like Silicon Valley.

They offer a chance to meet other marketing professionals, learn from experts, and see the latest trends and technology in marketing.

Whether you are an experienced marketer or a company seeking marketing training for employees, these events are great places to learn more, make connections, and get new ideas!

Keep an eye on this list, as we'll constantly update it to provide you with the freshest information on upcoming events.

Part 1: Major Marketing Conferences

Full List of Major Marketing Events in 2024:

  1. January 9-11, 2024: Traffic & Conversion Summit
  2. March 13-14, 2024: Product Marketing Summit
  3. March 18-20, 2024: Marketing 2.0 Conference
  4. April 2-4, 2024: 10X Growth Conference
  5. April 15-17, 2024: POSSIBLE
  6. April 16-18, 2024: PI LIVE USA
  7. May 5-8, 2024: B2B Summit North America
  8. May 8-9, 2024: Strategic Marketing West 2024
  9. June 3-4, 2024: MozCon
  10. June 4-7, 2024: Marketing Analytics Summit
  11. September 10-12, 2024: Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)
  12. September 18-20, 2024: INBOUND 2024

1. Traffic & Conversion Summit

Location: Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Date: January 9-11, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: AI-driven marketers, marketing professionals, agency owners, and entrepreneurs.

Known as the premier event for AI-driven marketers in the US, the Traffic & Conversion Summit brings together thousands of the world's smartest entrepreneurs and agency owners. The event features three full days of actionable, strategic content delivered by expert speakers, focusing on the latest and most effective digital marketing strategies. Attendees can expect to learn tested, proven tactics to increase traffic, conversions, and sales​.

2. Product Marketing Summit

Location: New York.

Date: March 13-14, 2024.

Duration: 2 days.

Ideal for: product marketing professionals.

The Product Marketing Summit, hosted by the Product Marketing Alliance, offers a platform to learn about impactful product marketing strategies, the role of AI in the industry, and effective product positioning for competitive differentiation. Attendees will gain valuable insights into building and scaling successful product marketing teams and designing rewarding career paths.

3. Marketing 2.0 Conference

Location: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA.

Date: March 18-20, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: marketing and advertising leaders seeking to share expertise and learn about the latest trends, including conversational marketing, multichannel marketing, digital marketing strategies, and more.

The Marketing 2.0 Conference is a premier event that draws global leaders in marketing and advertising. The conference will cover a range of topics including conversational marketing, SEO and content marketing, click fraud in digital marketing, video content creation, brand management, influencer marketing, social media strategies, PR and communications, and MarTech advancements.

4. 10X Growth Conference

Location: The Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood, FL.

Date: April 2-4, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: professionals in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and business seeking to enhance their skills, form new connections, and learn strategies for business and personal growth.

The10X Growth Conference is led by Grant Cardone, a renowned figure with over 40 years of proven business results. Attendees can expect to network with top players in various industries, gain insights from business titans, and learn effective strategies for scaling their businesses and personal development. The conference promises an environment rich in opportunities for substantial growth in all life areas.


Location: Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach.

Date: April 15-17, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: marketers focused on innovation, emerging technologies, and future-thinking strategies. Suitable for professionals across various aspects of consumer marketing, business, society, and technology.

POSSIBLE 2024 is an event dedicated to future-thinking marketers, combining content on innovation and emerging technologies. The conference boasts 190 speakers, 100 sessions, and 14 content tracks across three main pillars: consumer marketing & communication, business & society, and technology & innovation. It offers an opportunity for marketers to network, learn from industry leaders, and explore the latest trends and tools in marketing


Location: Intercontinental, Miami.

Date: April 16-18, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: brands and retailers looking to connect with publishers, creators, and tech companies for profitable partnerships.

PI LIVE USA focuses on helping brands and retailers establish connections with publishers, creators, like-minded brands, and technology that can foster profitable partnerships. The event aims to provide insights on effectively targeting consumers at all stages of the purchasing funnel​ with a focus on outcome based and measurable marketing, e-commerce led affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, partnership marketing and performance marketing.

7. B2B Summit North America

Location: Austin, Texas, USA.

Date: May 5-8, 2024.

Duration: 4 days.

Ideal for: marketing professionals looking to align strategies with customer needs.

B2B Summit North America event includes insights from 90 Forrester analysts across 100 sessions, emphasizing sustained growth, retention, and collaborative innovation in marketing, sales, and product development.

8. Strategic Marketing West 2024

Location: Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, Universal City, United States

Date: May 8-9, 2024.

Duration: 2 days.

Ideal for: CMOs, experts in marketing, and industry experts who aim to stay relevant, showcase value, and meet evolving customer expectations.

Strategic Marketing West 2024, organized by Reuters Events, focuses on the significant shift in consumer-brand relationships and the increasing need for brands to connect with consumers. This event serves as a global platform for marketing leaders to prioritize data-centricity, define brand purpose, empower high-performing teams, and unlock innovation.

9. MozCon

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA.

Date: June 3-4, 2024.

Duration: 2 days.

Ideal for: professionals in SEO, search marketing, mobile, conversion optimization, and local search.

MozCon focuses on SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing, offering a fresh take on marketing conferences with relaxed networking and insights from top industry figures. It includes 'Birds of a Feather' lunch discussions, a welcoming happy hour, and a memorable closing party.

10. Marketing Analytics Summit

Location: Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona.

Date: workshops on June 4-5, 2024, and conference on June 6-7, 2024.

Duration: 4 days (two days of workshops followed by a two-day conference).

Ideal for: digital analytics professionals, marketing data experts, and those interested in marketing analytics.

The Marketing Analytics Summit features workshops and sessions by experts in the field, covering topics like BigQuery for digital marketers, managing digital analysts, designing experiments for hyper-growth with customer empathy, generative AI for marketers, and hands-on experience with Google Analytics 4. It offers a comprehensive learning environment for marketing analytics, with a focus on practical, actionable insights.

11. Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)

Location: Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, 300 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Date: September 10-12, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: marketing and business leaders, marketing practitioners, and those interested in AI in marketing, including those without a technical background.

MAICON is focused on helping marketers at all levels understand and implement AI in their strategies. It offers keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities to learn from top marketing AI professionals. The conference aims to educate attendees about AI-powered tools, help them develop near-term strategies for scaling AI, and facilitate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned in the field.

12. INBOUND 2024

Location: Boston, MA.

Date: September 18-20, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: marketing and sales professionals, including those in leadership roles and those seeking innovative insights.

INBOUND 2024 is designed to be a dynamic space for the exchange of innovative ideas in marketing and sales. The event focuses on innovation, leadership, and navigating change, providing attendees with insights into building successful strategies. It offers various learning and networking opportunities, making it a comprehensive experience for participants.

Part 2: Social Media and Affiliate Marketing Events

Full List of Social Media and Affiliate Marketing Events in 2024:

  1. January 15-17, 2024: Affiliate Summit West 2024
  2. February 18-20, 2024: Social Media Marketing World
  3. February 27-29, 2024: Social Media Strategies Summit
  4. March 27-29, 2024: Ragan’s Social Media Conference
  5. June 19-20, 2024: Social Media Week Lima 2024

1. Affiliate Summit West 2024

Location: Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.

Date: January 15-17, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: affiliates, advertisers, e-commerce sellers, networks, tech suppliers, cashback websites, media buyers, content publishers, and anyone involved in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Summit West 2024 is the world's largest affiliate marketing event, hosting 6,500 attendees in Las Vegas. It's a premier destination for affiliates, with diverse networking opportunities, including the Meet Market. The summit offers nine topic tracks around various types of partnerships, including content & commerce, lead gen, and eCommerce, providing strategies and tactics for enhancing performance.

2. Social Media Marketing World

Location: San Diego, California, USA.

Date: February 18-20, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: professional marketers looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in social media marketing.

Hosted by Social Media Examiner, this conference is a leading event in the field of social media marketing. The event focuses on marketing strategy, organic social marketing, and paid social marketing, covering platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. It offers expert training and strategies for improving ROI and forming valuable professional relationships, providing attendees with insights and confidence to excel in their roles.

3. Social Media Strategies Summit (SMSsummit)

Location: virtual conference.

Date: February 27-29, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: senior-level marketing professionals seeking to learn and apply winning social media strategies, understand the latest trends, and network with peers.

SMSsummit is the go-to virtual event for senior-level marketing professionals, offering a comprehensive learning experience on social media strategies. The summit focuses on teaching the essentials of a successful social media strategy, leveraging cross-industry case studies, auditing brand efficacy on various platforms, and engaging unique audiences to enhance online presence.

4. Ragan’s Social Media Conference

Location: Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA.

Date: March 27-29, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: professionals in marketing, digital communications, media relations, corporate communications, social media.

The conference covers the transformation of social media in the context of economic pressures, changing follower behaviors, and shifts in strategies. Attendees can expect over 40 speakers, 30 sessions, and more than 50 hours of content, along with post-conference access to content for a year. Topics include the rise of meme marketing, the evolution of Stories and AR/VR tools, social listening and measurement strategies, and optimizing e-commerce and social selling programs​.

5. Social Media Week Lima 2024

Location: UNOH Event Center, Lima, Ohio, USA

Date: June 19-20, 2024.

Duration: 2 days.

Ideal for: marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone interested in building authentic customer relationships and leveraging social media for business growth.

Social Media Week Lima 2024, themed "Roots," explores key elements of customer engagement, service, and loyalty. It offers a transformative experience with industry leaders sharing insights on meaningful audience connections. The event includes keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, focusing on fostering customer loyalty and driving business growth through innovative tools and strategies.

Part 3: Specialized Marketing Conferences for Different Business Types

Full List of Specialized Marketing Conferences in 2024:

  1. January 24-26, 2024: Retail Fest
  2. January 25-27, 2024: Internext Las Vegas
  3. February 1, 2024: Washington DC eCommerce Summit
  4. February 26-29, 2024: eTail West 2024
  5. February 29 - March 2, 2024: WORKBENCHcon
  6. March 3-5, 2024: MDS Inspire
  7. March 8-16, 2024: SXSW Conference & Festivals
  8. April 3-5, 2024: Digital Travel Connect
  9. April 2-4, 2024: eTourism Summit 2024
  10. April 8-10, 2024: LeadsCon
  11. June 5-7, 2024: Event & Venue Marketing Conference (EVMC)
  12. June 11-13, 2024: CommerceNext

1. Retail Fest

Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, CA.

Date: January 24-26, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: retail and e-commerce innovators, including founders, CEOs, VPs, and professionals seeking real-world tactics for business growth.

Retail Fest USA is a dynamic event focused on the latest retail industry trends and innovative marketing strategies. It features engaging panel discussions, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions with industry leaders. The conference is specifically tailored for those seeking practical, actionable strategies to apply in their businesses​.

2. Internext Las Vegas

Location: Resorts World, Las Vegas.

Date: January 25-27, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: professionals in the B2B tech and adult online entertainment industry, including influencers, marketers, and technology providers.

Internext Las Vegas is the leading B2B tech conference for the adult online entertainment industry. The event features two full days packed with networking opportunities, seminars, workshops, and parties, providing a platform for the most influential figures in the global adult entertainment community. Internext offers a unique environment for professionals to connect, share insights, and explore the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

3. Washington DC eCommerce Summit

Location: Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel.

Date: February 1, 2024.

Duration: 1 day.

Ideal for: local eCommerce experts and decision-makers from various sectors, including retailers, brands, merchants, and solutions providers.

The Washington DC eCommerce Summit is a boutique-style live event that brings together eCommerce professionals for a day of high-impact networking, idea sharing, and education. The summit features panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one meetings covering a broad range of topics including eCommerce strategy, marketing, operations, customer experience, payment, shipping, and loyalty.

4. eTail West 2024

Location: JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, Palm Desert, CA.

Date: February 26-29, 2024.

Duration: 4 days.

Ideal for: industry professionals, academics, business owners, retailers, and eCommerce leaders interested in enhancing their omnichannel experience and digital marketing strategies.

eTail West 2024, the 25th Annual conference, is a premier regional trade show and conference focusing on eCommerce and omnichannel retail. Set in the luxurious JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa, this event brings together 1200+ retailers and representatives from 600 different retail companies. It offers a platform for insights into enhancing omnichannel experiences and digital marketing, featuring a blend of quality, quantity, and variety in its audience and presentations​.


Location: Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

Date: February 29 - March 2, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: DIY makers, influencers, content creators, and anyone involved in the maker community, including those interested in STEM, carpentry, electronics, and DIY projects.

WORKBENCHcon offers an opportunity to discover new techniques, products, and skills, and learn how to elevate businesses to the next level. The event features speakers like Xyla Foxlin, a leading STEM/Tech Creator and engineer, who brings a wealth of expertise in carpentry, electronics, and DIY. Attendees can expect to engage with a growing network of creatives, fostering an environment of learning, innovation, and community building.

6. MDS Inspire

Location: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Las Vegas.

Date: March 3-5, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: top Amazon sellers and preferred partners, including vibrant, highly-engaged Amazon and DTC brand leaders with verified revenue of more than 1 million dollars annually.

MDS Inspire is an exclusive, invite-only event for the most prestigious community of eCommerce entrepreneurs. The event combines learning, networking, and dining in a unique trade show experience built around a gastro park dining concept. Attendees include nearly 600 proven eCommerce entrepreneurs, and the event features workshops and presentations from individuals actively running million-dollar eCommerce businesses.

7. SXSW Conference & Festivals 2024

Location: Austin, Texas.

Date: March 8-16, 2024.

Duration: 9 days.

Ideal for: digital creatives and professionals interested in technology, film, culture, music, and forward-thinking ideas.

SXSW 2024 offers a dynamic platform for the global community of digital creatives to engage with cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests, and network with peers. The conference features a diverse array of tracks focusing on significant breakthroughs in technology, film, culture, and music, emphasizing that the most unexpected discoveries occur when diverse topics and people converge. Attendees will experience numerous opportunities for discovery, networking, learning, and career-enhancing connections, fostering an environment rich in innovation and collaboration.

8. Digital Travel Connect

Location: Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA.

Date: April 3-5, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: senior-level executives from North America's leading travel agencies, hotels, and OTAs.

Digital Travel Connect is an exclusive, invite-only event for top digital marketing leaders in the travel industry, offering a platform to benchmark, network, and share strategies. The event promises an intimate and luxurious experience, with personalized agendas, in-depth discussions, keynote presentations, roundtables, and panel debates. It focuses on building meaningful relationships, providing customized solutions, and fostering an environment of inspirational and unforgettable networking, specifically designed for executives at the forefront of digital travel marketing.

9. eTourism Summit 2024

Location: The Venetian, Las Vegas.

Date: April 2-4, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: destination marketing professionals, digital marketers, vendors, and agencies in the tourism industry.

The eTourism Summit 2024 covers a wide range of topics, including short-form video leadership, email marketing, research and data, stakeholder engagement in marketing, and more. It offers masterclasses, case studies, panel discussions, and networking opportunities.

10. LeadsCon

Location: Paris Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas.

Date: April 8-10, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: professionals from various sectors such as mortgage/lending, insurance, fintech, education, legal, home services, healthcare, and those involved in lead generation, including lead buyers, agencies, affiliates, aggregators, investors, lead sellers, networks, and technology solutions providers.

LeadsCon stands as the lead generation industry's largest event, offering a unique blend of networking and insightful content from executive-level speakers. Over three days, attendees from 25 main verticals gather to gain new strategies and insights for nurturing and converting quality leads.

11. Event & Venue Marketing Conference (EVMC)

Location: Denver.

Date: June 5-7, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: diversified events and venue professionals across North America, including those in marketing, publicity, promotions, group sales, live touring shows, arenas, and industry vendors.

EVMC is a premier gathering that unites various professionals from the live entertainment industry. Over 400 attendees, including senior-level executives and professionals employed by arenas, venues, touring shows, and industry vendors, convene to explore the latest industry developments in marketing, publicity, promotions, and group sales. It offers a unique opportunity for networking with promoters and venue professionals from across North America, facilitating the exchange of ideas and strategies in event and venue marketing​.

12. CommerceNext

Location: New York Hilton Midtown, New York.

Date: June 11-13, 2024.

Duration: 3 days.

Ideal for: marketing, digital, and technology leaders from traditional retailers, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and innovative tech companies.

CommerceNext 2024 is an e-commerce growth show presented by OfferFit, focusing on the future of digital commerce and retail growth. The conference features over 150 industry-leading speakers from top retailers, DTC brands, and tech companies, with past speakers from renowned firms like Domino’s, Anthropologie, and Overstock. Attendees include a mix of traditional retailers and DTC brands, engaging in over 60 sessions that deliver actionable insights on e-commerce and retail growth, covering leadership, industry trends, new technology, and marketing how-tos.


In summary, the marketing events planned for 2024 across the United States are great opportunities for anyone in the marketing field.

They are ideal places to learn new things, meet other professionals, and get a closer look at the latest trends and tools in marketing.

These events are diverse, covering everything from online marketing to e-commerce, and they are perfect for making connections and gaining insights that can help you in your career.

So, remember to set aside these dates, get your tickets ready, and get set for an experience full of learning and networking!

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