Top 15 User Acquisition Agencies: Finding the Perfect Partner to Boost Your App's Growth

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
14 min READ | Jan 10 2024

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Modern business world is pretty competitive, isn't it?

You spend months and thousands of dollars developing your app, but compared to ten years ago, that's hardly enough.

Besides development, you also have to make sure your app has product-market fit and develop a marketing plan.

That's where user acquisition agencies for mobile apps come into play.

From micro-influencer marketing to advanced performance strategies, a skilled user acquisition agency can make all the difference.

Join us as we dive into the top 15 user acquisition agencies that have mastered the art of driving quality users to your app.

TL;DR: Top User Acquisition Agencies

1. inBeat: inBeat excels in paid advertising and UGC creation, offering personalized user acquisition campaigns through their network of content creators and influencers.

2. Moburst: Moburst is a top mobile marketing agency with expertise in influencer marketing, app development, and media buying, crafting tailored strategies for app growth.

3. Gummicube: Gummicube specializes in App Store Optimization (ASO) and mobile marketing, ensuring high app store visibility and organic growth.

4. Favoured: Favoured combines data-driven strategies with creative marketing techniques, emphasizing micro-influencer marketing for holistic user acquisition.

5. Performcb: Performcb's pay-for-results model ensures cost-effective user acquisition across various digital channels, including in-app advertising and social media.

When it comes to gaining traction for your app, selecting the right user acquisition agency can be a game-changer.

These agencies specialize in leveraging various marketing strategies to attract, engage, and retain users.

A Deep Dive into Each User Acquisition Agency

1. inBeat

inBeat is a leading user acquisition agency renowned for its tailored campaigns and access to a network of highly engaged content creators.

With a commitment to personalized strategies, inBeat assists online brands in scaling their user acquisition efforts effectively.

Their dedicated agents and collaboration with top-tier influencers enhance the impact of campaigns, making them a standout choice for brands seeking versatile and scalable solutions.

Boasting a deep understanding of social media influencer dynamics, inBeat ensures access to a comprehensive database of high-engagement content creators, bolstering brands' reach and engagement.

Industries: Mobile Applications, CPG and DTC brands, Retail, eCommerce, Agencies.

Notable clients: Hopper, Linktree, NielsenIQ, New Balance, Square, Nissan.

Key services:

  • User Acquisition
  • UGC Creation
  • TikTok and Instagram marketing
  • Micro-Influencer and nano-influencer marketing
  • Paid advertising

Reason to work with inBeat: Collaborate with inBeat for their unmatched expertise in micro-influencer marketing, offering access to a highly engaged network of content creators for personalized user acquisition campaigns.

2. PropellerAds

As a powerhouse in performance marketing, PropellerAds excels in delivering effective solutions to brands, agencies, and affiliates on a global scale.

With a vast audience reach and a focus on innovative ad formats, PropellerAds stands out for its ability to convert potential users into active users across various platforms.

Founded in 2011, their expertise in traffic provision and ad campaign management positions them as a leader in the industry.

With a strong emphasis on affordability and value, PropellerAds empowers brands to achieve widespread recognition and success with their digital marketing strategies.

Industries: Mobile Apps, SaaS, eCommerce, Software, Finance.

Notable clients: Jax VPN, SmartCPC, Zorbas Media, Wargaming.net.

Key services:

  • Interest & Demographic Targeting
  • Direct Click premium traffic
  • Push notification ads
  • In-Page Push ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • Popunder ads

Reason to work with PropellerAds: PropellerAds provides a comprehensive performance marketing solution, ensuring your app reaches a vast global audience through a variety of ad formats.

3. Moburst

Renowned as a global leader in mobile marketing strategy, Moburst offers unparalleled expertise in crafting winning approaches for app growth and achieving both marketing goals and business goals.

Their collaborative approach involves specialists from various departments to ensure best-practice solutions tailored to clients' goals and key performance indicators (KPIs).

With a track record of success for major names worldwide, Moburst's team combines strategy, design, media, and more to create comprehensive mobile strategies and reach potential customers.

Backed by a wealth of experience, Moburst is a go-to choice for businesses seeking strategic guidance and results-driven mobile campaigns.

Industries: Mobile Apps, SaaS, B2B.

Notable clients: Reddit, Uber, Viber, Samsung.

Key services:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Web & App Development
  • Media Buying
  • Marketing Strategy

Reason to work with Moburst: Moburst's multi-specialty team crafts tailored mobile marketing strategies, leveraging expertise in development, media buying, and influencer collaborations.

4. Zoomd

A user acquisition platform built to streamline app growth, Zoomd unifies thousands of media and data sources for efficient campaign management.

Their Demand Side Platform (DSP) doesn't let your marketing efforts go to waste as it offers access to a wide range of ad exchanges, allowing advertisers to launch real-time bidding campaigns on a global scale.

By connecting to top mobile ad exchanges, Zoomd provides a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to reach audiences around the world.

With a focus on transparency and unity, Zoomd's customer acquisition strategies enable advertisers to maximize their growth potential while simplifying the management of multiple campaigns.

Industries: E-Commerce, Fintech, Gaming, iGaming, Food & Delivery.

Notable clients: Sony, Betway, Rappi, Burger King.

Key services:

  • App Marketing
  • Mobile DSP
  • UA Managed Services
  • Creators Generated Content
  • Site Search Engine
  • Web Monetization

Reason to work with Zoomd: Streamline user acquisition with Zoomd's unified platform, efficiently managing campaigns across various ad exchanges for worldwide exposure.

5. Gummicube

Ready to lower your customer acquisition costs? With over a decade of experience, Gummicube is a recognized leader in App Store Optimization (ASO) and Mobile Marketing.

They offer specialized solutions across every app category, assisting startups and established brands alike.

Gummicube's industry-leading ASO technologies provide valuable insights into app store operations, ensuring clients understand and navigate the app ecosystem effectively.

Their focus on data-driven strategies, conversion optimization, user experience, and creative development makes them a go-to choice for maximizing app visibility, engagement, and organic growth.

Industries: Mobile Apps, SaaS, Retail, eCommerce, Gaming, Online Casino.

Notable clients: Clash of Kings, Avis, Sephora, Traillink.

Key services:

  • App Store Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Paid Search
  • Mobile User Acquisition
  • Mobile Creative Development
  • Data Analytics
  • App Launch Strategies

Reason to work with Gummicube: Gummicube's ASO mastery guarantees high app store visibility, loyal users, and driving organic growth through optimized app store presence.

6. Persona.ly

A global AdTech product company, Persona.ly specializes in engaged user acquisition for top-grossing app developers and offers customer insights solutions to market research firms.

Powered by proprietary algorithms and machine learning, Persona.ly provides scalable and transparent UA and re-engagement solutions.

With a dynamic team of experienced developers and marketers, they bring creativity and innovation to the mobile marketing field.

Their focus on performance-driven strategies, lowering cost per install, and cutting-edge technology positions them as a trusted partner for achieving effective user acquisition and engagement goals.

Industries: Mobile Apps, Software, Gaming, SaaS.

Notable clients: Ubisoft, Rapido, Animoca Brands, Tilting Point.

Key services:

  • User acquisition
  • User re-engagement
  • Engagement optimization
  • Creative Analysis

Reason to work with Persona.ly: Leverage Persona.ly's proprietary technology for transparent user acquisition solutions, harnessing the power of machine learning and data-driven insights.

7. Favoured

Favoured is a data-driven, full-funnel app digital marketing agency that combines performance techniques with creative production to drive real results on all marketing channels.

With a strong emphasis on micro-influencer marketing, content creation, and graphic design, they offer a holistic approach to boosting user acquisition and engagement.

Their industry experts collaborate to support businesses through every phase of app marketing campaigns, ensuring a strategic blend of creativity and science for optimal performance.

With a track record of delivering more users and increased profits, Favoured is an excellent choice for brands seeking a data-backed approach to app growth.

Industries: Mobile Apps, eCommerce, Sports, Retail, Tech, Pet, Finance, Beauty.

Notable clients: Hollabox, Skinspace, LetsBab, The Run To, Durex.

Key services:

  • Micro-influencer Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding Guidelines
  • Search Marketing

Reason to work with Favoured: Favoured's unique blend of creativity and data science ensures your app's full-funnel marketing success, attracting and retaining valuable users.

8. App Guardians

Don't let your customer acquisition efforts go to waste! App Guardians is a mobile-first advertising and customer acquisition agency that goes above and beyond to offer growth solutions.

Their strategies are driven by a combination of data and creativity, ensuring campaigns stand out in the competitive market.

With a focus on providing solutions for each stage of the customer journey to get actual customers, their expertise in paid user acquisition and campaign management sets them apart.

Committed to excellence and integrity, App Guardians delivers innovative digital strategies that yield successful outcomes and achieve growth goals, making them ideal partners for businesses aiming to elevate their app growth.

Industries: Mobile Apps, Gaming, eCommerce, Dating Apps, Fitness.

Notable clients: Twist, Zynga, Amwell, Tynker, Sage, Keap.

Key services:

  • Paid User Acquisition
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Google App Campaigns
  • App Store Optimization
  • UGC and Video

Reason to work with App Guardians: App Guardians offers a competitive edge with their expertise in paid user acquisition and strategic campaign management.

9. Performcb

Performcb is an omnichannel media planning and execution company that specializes in new customer and user acquisition to help you increase your client base.

Operating on a pay-for-results model, they deliver customer acquisition at scale on a cost-per-basis.

With a wide range of CPA Customer Acquisition solutions, they tap into major and emerging digital channels to ensure Smarter, Safer, and Massive Scale growth.

Performcb's expertise in in-app advertising, social media marketing, and push advertising positions them as a strategic partner for businesses seeking effective user acquisition strategies guided toward their growth goals.

Industries: Mobile Apps, Financial, Entertainment & Lifestyle, E-Commerce, Downloads & Software, Health & Beauty.

Notable clients: Allstate, Ad.net, Adaptive Health, Benzinga.

Key services:

  • In-App Advertising
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Push Advertising
  • Mobile App Retargeting

Reason to work with Performcb: Rely on Performcb's pay-for-results model to achieve cost-effective user acquisition across various digital channels.

10. PreApps

PreApps is a seasoned app marketing agency with over ten years of experience specializing in paid marketing techniques.

They possess a proven track record in maximizing ad budgets, ensuring optimal effectiveness.

PreApps' marketing team's expertise lies in identifying target audiences, regions, and keywords, channeling traffic precisely for conversion.

With a strong focus on metrics and data, PreApps optimizes campaigns to resonate with the right users, making them a reliable choice for businesses seeking efficient user acquisition strategies.

Industries: Mobile Apps, SaaS, Gaming.

Notable clients: Mr. Jump, Rebus, Neeko, Hunter Island.

Key services:

  • User Acquisition Campaign management
  • Optimization for Apple Search Ads
  • Google Universal App Campaigns
  • In-App Advertising

Reason to work with PreApps: PreApps' proven techniques maximize the impact of your ad budget, driving targeted users to your app for optimal conversion.

11. ironSourse

As a key player in the app economy, ironSource powers app growth by transforming apps into successful businesses.

Their user growth strategies incorporate creative management, game publishing, and A/B testing, providing comprehensive solutions.

Through their machine-learning algorithms, ironSource optimizes bids across various parameters, reducing costs while increasing revenue.

With a focus on engagement and optimization, ironSource empowers businesses to effectively attract and retain users, making them a strategic partner for app growth.

Industries: Mobile Apps, Gaming, SaaS.

Notable clients: Bumble, Nexters, tap4fun, Byril.

Key services:

  • User growth
  • Creative management
  • Game publishing
  • In-app bidding
  • A/B testing
  • Automated UA optimizers

Reason to work with ironSource: ironSource empowers app growth through advanced user engagement strategies and efficient campaign management.

12. Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a dedicated mobile marketing agency with a strong focus on strategic app launch, app store optimization, customer acquisition plan, and app growth.

Their holistic approach prioritizes user value and meaningful goals throughout the user lifecycle.

With expertise in various industries, Yodel Mobile provides tailored solutions for startups, established brands, and global expansion.

Their commitment to data-led strategies and comprehensive support positions them as a reliable partner for businesses seeking successful app growth.

Industries: Mobile Apps, eCommerce, SaaS, Podcasts, Entertainment, Finance, Retail.

Notable clients: YOLT, The Economist, Hostelworld, Sodexo, Mindvalley.

Key services:

  • App Launch Strategy
  • App Store Optimisation
  • App Growth Programme
  • Paid User Acquisition

Reason to work with Yodel Mobile: Yodel Mobile's holistic approach ensures sustainable growth by focusing on user value and meaningful goals.

13. ConsultMyApp

Specializing in mobile-focused, data-driven strategies, ConsultMyApp is an international app marketing agency dedicated to sustainable app growth.

Their expertise lies in striking the right balance between user acquisition and engagement, fostering lasting success.

Their mobile app marketing services are with a strategic approach backed by business intelligence and data analytics.

Through creative strategy and design and meticulous planning, ConsultMyApp assists brands in achieving profitable and lasting app-based ventures.

Their commitment to delivering results and fostering partnerships makes them a valuable asset for businesses seeking to maximize app performance.

Industries: Mobile Apps, SaaS, Retail, Fitness, eCommerce, Entertainment.

Notable clients: SEGA, Tide, Virgin, Dice, The Telegraph.

Key services:

  • App Store Optimization
  • Paid Acquisition
  • Customer Engagement supported by BI and Data Analytics
  • Creative Design
  • Strategic & Planning

Reason to work with ConsultMyApp: ConsultMyApp strikes a balance between user acquisition and engagement, driving sustainable growth for your app.

14. Appbroda

Appbroda is a SaaS company focused on driving mobile app growth by offering a comprehensive solution to publishers.

With a mission to turn apps into scalable and successful businesses, they provide specialized expertise in geo-targeted ad campaigns and data-driven ASO strategies.

Backed by a seasoned team and automation tools, Appbroda maximizes app profitability by delivering targeted and informed user acquisition.

Their commitment to understanding the app market and leveraging automation tools sets them apart as a valuable partner for app publishers seeking effective growth strategies.

Industries: Mobile Apps, SaaS, Gaming, Music.

Notable clients: Matchingam Games, PlayValve, Carry 1st, Mixer Box.

Key services:

  • Geo-Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • Data Team Support
  • Data-Driven ASO Strategies
  • Smart Automation Tools

Reason to work with Appbroda: Appbroda's geo-targeted ad campaigns and data-driven ASO strategies bring precision to your user acquisition efforts.

15. Addict MOBILE

Addict MOBILE is a reference agency in mobile marketing, offering expert support for mobile and web acquisition projects.

With a strong focus on app expansion and growth, they boast over 15 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the mobile ecosystem.

Their commitment to making mobile acquisition profitable, along with their expertise in third-party tracking tools and ad broadcasting sources, positions them as a reliable partner for businesses seeking successful user acquisition.

Addict MOBILE's comprehensive approach and commitment to effective user acquisition strategies make them a valuable asset for brands aiming to thrive.

Industries: Mobile Apps, Retail, Dating, Fintech, SaaS, Gaming.

Notable clients: Ubisoft, LALALAB, Le Parisien, Sketch, FRUITZ.

Key services:

  • ASO
  • Media buying
  • App Design
  • Acquisition for APPS
  • Acquisition for WEB

Reason to work with MOBILE: Addict MOBILE's mobile marketing expertise helps your app flourish, ensuring profitability and success.

Key Factors in Choosing a User Acquisition Agency

Selecting the right user acquisition agency is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact the success of your digital endeavors.

As the market teems with agencies claiming expertise, several key factors should guide your evaluation process.

Firstly, assess the agency's proven track record and portfolio.

An agency with a history of successfully publishing user acquisition campaigns for a diverse range of clients demonstrates their adaptability and effectiveness.

Secondly, consider the agency's approach to technology and innovation.

The ability to leverage cutting-edge tools, automation, and data analytics plays a pivotal role in devising targeted and data-informed campaigns.

Furthermore, evaluate the agency's team expertise across various domains, from marketing and design to technology and strategy, ensuring a multidisciplinary approach to your campaigns.

Lastly, alignment with your brand's values and a commitment to transparent communication are essential elements that foster a strong agency-client partnership.

By weighing these factors, businesses can confidently choose an agency poised to deliver impactful user acquisition strategies tailored to their unique objectives.

Common User Acquisition Mistakes to Avoid

While the pursuit of user acquisition is vital, it's not without its pitfalls.

Several common mistakes can hinder your efforts and undermine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

One of the most prevalent errors is an inadequate understanding of the ideal customers.

Failing to define and segment your audience precisely can lead to misguided campaigns that miss the mark.

Similarly, neglecting app store optimization, where keywords, visuals, and descriptions play a significant role, can impede discoverability.

Additionally, overly aggressive or unoptimized paid campaigns can drain budgets without generating meaningful engagement.

Another mistake is overlooking the post-download phase — acquiring users is just the first step; retaining them through engaging experiences is equally vital.

Lastly, failing to analyze and adapt campaigns based on data-driven insights continuously can hinder progress.

By recognizing and sidestepping these pitfalls, businesses can refine their user acquisition strategies and pave the way for sustainable growth.


Selecting the right user acquisition agency is crucial for propelling your app to success.

Whether you're aiming for impressive user growth or targeting specific industries, these 15 agencies offer specialized services that can cater to your needs.

From influencer marketing to advanced optimization techniques, these agencies are equipped to guide your app towards exponential growth in the competitive digital space.

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