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Simple Instagram and TikTok Influencer Tracking

How Our Influencer
Monitoring Works →

Influencer monitoring is about discovering the content created by your ambassadors.

Add your influencers, @tags and/or #hashtags

Enter the influencers you want to track on TikTok or Instagram, and let our tool monitor their image posts, videos or stories.

Influencer Data Collection And Analysis

Let inBeat manage the data collection and crunching of your sponsored posts. Sit back, and get a final report in a few clicks, once your campaign is over.

Export and Share your Content Library (posts, videos and stories)

inBeat saves all of your content for future usage, making it easy to reuse for your future creative needs.


inBeat identifies your KPIs, allowing you to see your global campaign health.

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Engagement rate

Content Library

inBeat organizes all of the content created by your influencers on either TikTok or Instagram.

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Content Library

Media Assets

We keep all of your creative assets in a cloud-available document, which you can share with your team or clients.

Engagement Metrics

All of your content assets are linked to the engagement they received up to this day.

Export All

You can export all of your content in a single click, making it easy to keep a local version, or adding them to your internal content library.

Data-Driven Reporting

inBeat keeps a pulse on the engagement metrics of each individual publication.

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Data-Driven Reporting

Overall Campaign Metrics

Our tool will monitor each influencer and compute your campaign metrics with each update: Likes, Comments and Impressions.


inBeat will identify your top-performing influencers, allowing you to re-hire them for future campaigns.

One-Click Reporting

You can use our one-click report to generate a beautiful report, which encapsulates the results of your campaign in a clean visual format.

Fairly asked questions

How do you track my influencer marketing campaign?

inBeat Pulse tracks your influencer relationships through both hashtag (#) and user (@) mentions on both Instagram, and TikTok. Our influencer marketing software allows you to track your influencer marketing campaigns in real-time.

Do you offer real-time influencer tracking?

We offer tracking at a 60 minutes interval. Pulse will notify you when a new post is discovered. Our influencer marketing software has the ability to track posts and stories on Instagram, as well as video posts on TikTok.

Do you track both TikTok and Instagram?

Yes. We track both TikTok and Instagram. However, a campaign within our tool can only contain influencers from one social media platform. If you want to track influencers on both TikTok and Instagram, you would need to create two different campaigns.

Should I track my influencer marketing?

Tracking influencers is a good way to stay on top of things when running a campaign. A lot of influencers forget to post, and using Pulse is a good way to keep them in check. Influencer tracking (Pulse) also allows you to identify your most successful influencers at a glimpse.

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