Collaborate with the best micro-influencers, without doing all the work.

Save hundreds of hours. No more endless discovery, email pitches and influencer ghosting. inBeat handles it all for you.

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2,000+ online brands trust inBeat


Work with the top
1% of creators.


Create content that resonates with your audience. Work with creators that understand branding.


Our exclusive creators have a pulse on social media and a deep understanding of attention.

Empower your
marketing teams

On-Brand Content

Provide a seamless stream of high-quality content that resonates with your end audience at scale.

Unlimited Usage Rights

Use the content however you please. All the content you generate is yours.

content creation

Work with the top 1%

We’ve identified the best creators from over 25,000 micro-creators to help you get the best content.

Scale without breaking

Extend your creative team without the hassle of discovering, recruiting, and onboarding.


Generate authentic content that perfectly aligns with your brand image & identity.


Scale your ad spend across different social channels through an ongoing stream of User-Generated Content that converts.


Engage with your different audience segments by delivering relatable content with a narrative that resonates.


Create a user-centric e-commerce experience with content created for the user at the center stage.

All of your content needs under one roof

Deploy a new content campaign in minutes, not days. inBeat Platform empowers you to create high-quality social content seamlessly.

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How it works →

Creative brief →

We identify KPIs together, build a moodboard and create a campaign persona.

Product Shipment →

We assist you in shipping the product to the selected creators to start content creation.

Content Creation →

Our creators capture the content & we edit the final product in-house

Recieve Content →

We provide a downloadable content library for you to use the assets in your marketing.

Start creating High Quality UGC.

Work with diverse top creators that have the pulse on social media. & create content to grow your brand.

Fairly asked questions

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can change or cancel your plan at any time in your settings. Once you have canceled your plan, you will retain access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle. At this point, you will be moved to our free plan.

How many credits do I need?

This depends on the scale at which you want to do influencer marketing. Think about how many influencers you want to work with and how many you will need to contact. Our experience is that 200 credits is enough for 1 campaign per month.

What do I get when I export my campaign?

You will receive the following information, if available: Handle, Email, Profile URL, Language, Followers, Engagement, Topics, Website.

We are a charity, do you have any special discounts?

Absolutely. Contact us and we will unlock our charity plan for you.

What counts as a monthly credit?

For each influencer you export in a campaign, you will be charged 1 credit. If the influencer does not have an email linked to it, you will not be charged. If you export the same influencer in multiple campaigns, you will only be charged once. If you’re on the Free Plan, you still can’t export contacts without email.

Should I hire an influencer marketing agency?

It’s a question we get a lot, and the answer is it depends. Because a lot of our clients were looking for an influencer marketing agency, we created one that focuses strictly on micro-influencer marketing. You should consider factors such as internal resources, budget, complexity and scale when choosing between using a tool in-house or hiring an agency.

Can I exceed my plan's credit?

Our system will warn you if you exceed your plan limit. You will be able to upgrade your plan at this stage.

When do I receive my monthly credits?

You receive your credits every month on the date you signed up for your paid plan. If you upgrade your plan, you immediately receive the number of credits of the new plan.

How do you spam-check your influencers?

We pre-vet all of our profiles by checking content authenticity, engagement metrics, and fraudulent behaviors.

Do you offer a discount for bootstrapped companies?

Yes! If you’ve launched your product, are charging for it, and haven’t taken outside investment, hit us up on the live chat and we’ll give you a 40% discount for your first 3 months with us to help with your marketing cost.