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Create a one to one Facebook Ad mockup complete with all possible fields and call-to-actions.

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{adType.type} ({adType.ratio})

Profile picture and username


Grab interest with more info about what you're advertising. Keep it short - we recommend 90 characters or less.

Image carousel (up to 10)Image Recommended image size is {activeAd.resolution} pixels

Click to upload or drag-and-drop

Supports only .png or .jpg




Call to action

The displayed CTA on the bottom of the ad


Reaction Counts

Set the number of reactions for your post. Numeric input only.


Set the number of comments for your post. Numeric input only.


Set the number of Share for your post. Numeric input only.

{profileName ? profileName : 'Page Name'}

{activeAd.ratio} {activeAd.resolution}px recommended

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Fairly asked questions

What is a Facebook Ads mockup generator?

A Facebook Ads mockup generator is a tool that allows you to create realistic images of what your Facebook Ads will look like. Therefore, it can help design your ads or test different ad designs to see which ones are most effective.

What are the benefits of using a Facebook Ads mockup generator?

Using a Facebook Ads mockup generator can:
● Help you create more realistic images of your ads.
● Save time and money by allowing you to quickly create multiple ad versions.
● Ensure that your ads are compatible with all the different Facebook ad sizes.
inBeat’s Facebook Ads mockup tool is arguably the best because it offers a wide range of templates, is easy to use, and is free

How to use the Facebook Ads mockup generator?

To use the Facebook Ads mockup generator, select the template that you want to use and then upload your image, logo, and text. You can then customize your ad’s colors, text, and other elements. Once you are happy with your design, download the image and use it in your Facebook Ads account.

What makes a great Facebook ad?

Your ad should have a clear and concise message relevant to your target audience. Your ad should also be visually appealing and properly sized to appear correctly on all devices.

How long should a Facebook ad be?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question; your ad’s length depends on several factors, such as your target audience and the overall objectives of your campaign. However, shorter ads generally tend to be more effective than longer ones.

What are some Facebook ad best practices?

Some best practices for Facebook ads include using high-quality images, keeping your ad copy short and to the point, and targeting your ad to a specific audience. Additionally, you should always test different ad versions before rolling them out to a larger audience.

Is the Facebook ads mockup tool free?

Yes. inBeat aims to offer the best tools for free. However, we do have paid plans providing more features and options to create a perfect social media campaign.

What are the best Facebook ad design formats?

The best ad formats on Facebook include single image ads, carousel ads, video ads, and lead generation ads. But to really find the one that works best for you, don’t shy away from using inBeat’s Facebook Ads Mockup Generator