How to Create a Brand Ambassador Program

David Morneau

By David Morneau
8 min READ | Apr 22 2021

Do you want your brand to reach its maximum potential and target as many people as possible? Then you should build a loyal brand community that will always choose you over the competition and defend you in times of crisis.

How to create a brand ambassador program

Brand ambassadors can help you do that.

Here’s the catch:

You have to learn how to create a brand ambassador program that works. You can learn it yourself or start with a DFY influencer marketing campaign and then turn your influencers into brand ambassadors.

This guide will help you consider all the facets of your campaign to ensure you’re building awareness, credibility, and increasing your revenues.

But first:

Is an Ambassador Program Right for Your Brand?

Phone Loops Brand Ambassador Campaign by
Phone Loops Brand Ambassador Campaign by

Brand ambassador programs don’t fit all brands. Before you start one yourself, consider these points:

  • Some customers are already disseminating news and content about your brand. A few of them may even be creating original content.
  • You’re receiving requests from customers who want to be your brand’s voice.
  • Your brand represents people’s ideals and values. For example, you have a health-oriented brand or one that fights against global warming.
  • Your brand community is tied together with strong bonds. Your customers are loyal and engage with each other. They also take your side against the competition.
  • Your revenue is over $100,000/ month, or you’re selling at least 1,000 products monthly.

What to Consider for Your Ambassador Campaign

Urban Ambiance Brand Ambassador Campaign by
Urban Ambiance Brand Ambassador Campaign by Video by @leyakaufmom

Remember that brand ambassador campaigns aren’t set in stone. You have to be flexible about their evolution. However, you have to build a rock-steady foundation based on these pillars:

  • Choosing the right brand ambassadors. Make sure these people are loyal customers who share the same values as your brand. Ensure they can always engage their followers.
  • Find the appropriate activities and channels. Some brand ambassadors are better at posting Insta stories, while others perform better on video. Next, set minimum requirements for your ambassadors to follow.
  • Consider your reward program. You could offer your brand ambassadors money, discounts, goodie baskets, and more. Some brands also offer their ambassadors first dibs at new apps or products.
  • Think of the results. Your brand ambassador program should have a financial justification. However, profits are subjective, depending on your brand’s current earnings. You should also consider other goals, such as brand awareness.

How to Draft Your Brand Ambassador Campaign Brand Ambassador campaign by Carousel by @thestylishwordsmith Brand Ambassador campaign by Carousel by @thestylishwordsmith

Your campaign should begin with your goals. Whether you want to overcome a PR crisis, increase brand awareness, or raise revenues, clear goals are essential because:

You’ll know what you want to achieve.

That means you’ll know:

  • What makes you different than the competition
  • Who your audience is
  • What key performance indicators to set
  • Who your best brand ambassadors are
  • What channels to use
  • What strategies, tactics, and instruments to choose
  • How to measure your campaign’s results according to your KPIs
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How to Find Brand Ambassadors

Deux par Deux Brand Ambassador campaign.
Deux par Deux Brand Ambassador campaign. Image by

Before delving into the matter of finding brand ambassadors, consider this:

Influencer campaigns aren’t the same as ambassador programs.

You can read more about that here, but the point is brand ambassadors don’t have to be as influential and renowned as influencers.

But they do have to be loyal to your brand.

It gives you a world of opportunities because you can find brand ambassadors even among your existing customers and employees.

Many brands already use this strategy. Think Transferwise.

Using your customers and employees as brand ambassadors means pondering these questions:

  • Can your brand empower these people?
  • Does your brand have a strong culture?
  • Can an employee still be your brand ambassador after leaving the company? Hint: probably not if they go to the competition.

Probably most important of all:

What if one of your customers is using both your product and the competing brands?

The answer is complicated, but you can make things work if your brand ambassador uses an indirect competitor’s products. That way, they can highlight different purposes for each item.

Before you settle on your brand ambassadors, consider these issues:

  • Their personality
  • The channels they’ll use
  • The messages they’ll disseminate
  • Whether brand ambassadors should post original content or you will provide them with visuals and captions
  • If the brand ambassador fits your brand’s image, personality, and values

Once you have a profile all set, here’s how you’ll find your ambassadors:

  • On your social media: the people who are most vocal about your brand. Make sure these people can influence and engage others.
  • At a networking event
  • In your customers’ database

Or you can choose one of the best online tools on the market:

How To Structure Your Brand Ambassador Campaign Brand Ambassador Campaign by Brand Ambassador Campaign by Video by Cars Unlocked

1. Goals. Structure your brand ambassador program by setting your goals. We already discussed that above. Make sure you evaluate your current position first and that you set SMART objectives.

2. KPIs. Key performance indicators can include:

  • Ambassador’s reach
  • Their traffic
  • The revenue your brand ambassadors will bring in.
  • The new social media activity about your campaign
  • New social media messages during the campaign
  • The number of likes, comments, and shares. These variables represent engagement
  • The number of brand ambassadors disseminating your messages
  • The number of influencers not living up to their part of the deal

3. Strategies. Use these KPIs to set the right strategies, tactics, and instruments. Consider each of your messages carefully and review the best channels according to your audience’s profile. For example, you can use:

  • Messages that trigger your customers’ curiosity
  • Inspirational and motivational posts
  • Original content from your customers
  • Polls
  • Tips-and-tricks articles
  • Competitions
  • Roasts

4. Measure the results. You can measure brand awareness by considering social media engagement and organic participation. You can also track sales effortlessly if you give your brand ambassadors personalized promo codes and links. Or, you can use lots of tools like Instagram tracking, Google Analytics, and inBeat tracking.

Craving for more details about building an effective brand ambassador campaign? You can read our complete guide for brand ambassador programs here.

Create Brand Ambassador Policies And Guidelines

Make sure your brand ambassadors do what they’re supposed to by drafting a contract. Here’s what these policies and guidelines should include:

  • Exclusive rights if you don’t want your brand ambassadors to be the voice of your competition as well
  • Repurposing rights to make sure you can use their content whenever you need
  • The results that your brand ambassadors should bring in. Define precise guidelines starting from the KPIs we discussed above
  • Your brand ambassadors’ posting schedule
  • An NDA to make sure the competition doesn’t find out your secrets
  • The pre-posting approval process, if you don’t want surprises with original content from your ambassadors.
  • Everyone’s legal responsibilities
  • Payment details, including dates, conditions, sums

Build Stronger Relationships

Video for by Carter Sullivan
Video for by Carter Sullivan

You have to build and keep a strong relationship with your brand ambassadors. For example, for the campaign, we collaborated with a YouTuber Carter Sullivan who created series of videos about Mogo and its benefits. This long-term collaboration was possible only because we put effort into building relationships with this creator.

That means:

  • You have to be available for them and respond within 24 hours.
  • Keep them in the loop of your campaign.
  • Share new deals and products with your ambassadors.
  • Ask for their feedback about your products and brand.
  • Ask what they would do differently.
  • Outline your expectations precisely and offer ambassadors constructive feedback as well.
  • Create a safe space where your customers and brand ambassadors can meet, such as Facebook Groups.
  • Post your brand ambassadors’ content on your social media, website, and product pages. As you recognize their efforts, you’re building a stronger bond.

Create A Brand Ambassador Program With Great Rewards

Awesome rewards equal better pieces.

You need to have a great reward system in place to keep your brand ambassadors motivated. If you’re only rewarding them when they bring in more sales, your ambassadors will tend to give up.

Unfortunately, that means they won’t generate as much awareness as you need.

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • When and how often you’re repaying the ambassadors
  • Payment method: money, goodie bags, exclusive invitations, first dibs
  • Result indicators

These rewards should keep your ambassadors engaged. Therefore, you have to combine them with excellent communication and other insightful tools.

One of those tools is game theory. Various platforms use it to motivate your ambassadors through a mix of timely rewards, design particularities, and praises.

It’s not enough to reward your ambassadors. You should also hook them.

That’s why you should consider an operational team that takes care of planning and execution.

Besides, you don’t want to forget about sending them their rewards, do you? Because if you lose trust and don’t fulfill your promises, your ambassadors will leave.

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