How to Track Your Brand Ambassador Program

David Morneau

By David Morneau
8 min READ | Apr 22 2021

Tracking results is crucial to ensure your Instagram campaign reaches its potential. Centralize the metrics below in a spreadsheet:

  • Number of posts regarding your brand
  • Number of likes per post
  • Number of Instagram comments
  • Additional traffic to your website via links on influencer’s bio
  • Increase in sales
  • Promo codes
  • Post URLs
  • Here are some tools you can use:
  • Google Analytics
  • Mid-campaign questionnaires and surveys
  • End-campaign surveys

Most marketing manuals are relatively vague when it comes to tracking the results of your influencer marketing campaign or a brand ambassador program. Luckily, you have a lot of useful tools and programs to help you get started.

But first, you have to make a sound plan. In this section, we’ll show you how to make that plan, we’ll share useful tips, and we’ll talk about the best tracking tools. Read on!

Set Brand Ambassador Program Goals and KPIs

How to track brand ambassador program

Measuring the results of your marketing campaign is not something theoretical. You have to compare those results against something: your goals.

Once you have your goals straight, you can set up key performance indicators that evaluate your performance against your purposes.

If you’re an online marketer, you know that increased website visits are completely different from more newsletter subscribers. Both tactics should ultimately improve your ROI but through distinct routes.

Those routes translate into unique follow-up campaigns.

That’s why you have to be very specific and realistic about your goals. Make sure your brand ambassadors commit to reaching your campaign's objectives. In our article about brand ambassador program examples we outlined what went wrong with some campaigns.

So here is what you need to consider to avoid pitfalls:

  • Reach: the number of people who’ve seen your relevant messages
  • Traffic: the number of people actively engaging with your website and participating in events
  • Revenue: more money brought by the brand ambassadors’ contribution
  • Social media: new posts with your current hashtag
  • Content: number of social media messages generated by your brand ambassadors
  • Engagement: the number of likes, comments, and shares of your posts. The best ways to measure this is with a TikTok engagement calculator or Instagram engagement calculator.
  • Brand ambassador participation: the number of influencers who are actively sharing your content
  • Best ambassadors: influencers who have shared your content massively. Reward them with incentives
  • Worst ambassadors: influencers who haven’t shared your messages. Find a way to mobilize them or set them loose

Our Top Tips for Tracking Brand Ambassador ROI

Instagram metrics for a brand ambassador program

1.  Evaluate your current position. That means you should know:

  • Customers’ sentiments about your brand
  • Purchasing habits
  • Your target audience
  • What sets your brand apart from your competitors

2. SMART Goals. Our best advice is to be precise about your objectives and goals. Double-cross these with specific strategies. Ensure your goals are easy to track in a particular time frame.

3. Adjust your goals depending on your audience. Distinct groups will react differently to the same campaign, and you have to foresee these reactions. That way, you can set appropriate goals for each of them.

These two tips can sound a little abstract. Let’s take an example:

Say you have a wild animal shelter, and you need to increase donations in six months. Thus, your ambassador campaign's objectives look something like this:

  • Increase reach by 20% within five months. Have a schedule ready for the influencers.
  • Have 20 influencers post messages for loyal customers. Each influencer should post one time each day.
  • Have 20 influencers post messages for people who don’t know about your brand but tend to support social causes. Each influencer should post two times per week.
  • Increase monthly donations by 30% within six months.
Create engagement with brand ambassador program

Of course, your brand ambassadors’ messages can be about a contest, free tours for kids, or other incentives. However, you have to ensure your specific objectives serve your campaign’s main goal.

4. Use loyal customers to increase your ROI. If you want to get more revenues, get loyal customers to promote the products they already love. You can find them with tools like Upfluence Live Capture. The key is to ensure their posts are leading to more conversions.

How to Measure Brand Awareness

Brand awareness sounds very theoretical, but it’s not hard to track it if you know what indicators to use:

  • Social media engagement evolution. This indicator shows how your audience interacts with your brand after the campaign is over. Are you getting more likes and comments? These online supporters are tomorrow’s customers.
  • Brand ambassadors’ content performance:
  • Increased organic displays of their posts within social media show a broad reach
  • Sufficient likes, shares, and comments to posts regarding your campaign
  • Views
  • Shares
  • Clicks
  • New followers
  • Organic participation. If your campaign is user-generated, you should count the number of tags or hashtags
Measure brand awareness with brand ambassador programs

Here are some tips to increase and evaluate brand awareness:

1. Encourage your customers to share photos on Instagram after buying your products. Repost these photos with your brand’s unique hashtag. This tool allows you to track awareness easier, but it has another advantage: you’re building a cohesive community of customers.

2. Build a giveaway program. Have your brand ambassadors funnel more people to your social media accounts with this giveaway. Track new followers to assess awareness increase.

3. Start a brand challenge with a specific hashtag. Make sure this campaign feels exciting and inspiring to people. Afterward, track and count new posts about your brand.

Track Sales to Measure Your ROI

Measure ROI of brand ambassador program

You can track sales by using these tactics:

Personalized promo code. Keep track of how many sales there have been with these codes. Remember that customers have to visit your website to check out products and to fill in the code. Thus, you’ll know how many sales resulted from each ambassador.

Pro tip: Use Shopify integration tools to generate and assign these codes.

Personalized affiliate links. Each brand ambassador will have their URL to your website’s landing page. Unlike promo codes, affiliate links take customers directly to your landing page. This strategy tells you:

  • The number of visits from all affiliate links
  • The number of conversions generated through each link
  • The number of people visiting  your website after clicking on a particular link and then not purchasing your products. This metric is crucial because it tells you where you could be making improvements

Pro tip: Personalized affiliate links work for apps and SaaS too. Give your brand ambassadors unique links to share with their followers. Track your campaign’s success by counting how many app downloads or SaaS sign-ups you’ve got with each link. Don’t forget to assess how many clicks on your affiliate links ended with no purchase.

Want to learn how to use brand ambassadors for your app? We’ve got you covered here.

What Tools Can You Use to Track Your Brand Ambassador Program?

There are many tools for brand ambassador tracking, but not all are created equal. Choose according to your purpose because some tools specialize in social media, while others combine several services. Similarly, you can find specific measuring tools for unique channels, like Instagram.

Before choosing your tracking tool, consider:

  • The channels you’re using
  • How intuitive the tool is
  • The analytics it uses
  • The insights you’re getting
  • Other services included in the app (e.g.: managing your entire brand ambassador program)
  • Instagram tracking. The Instagram analytics tool is one of the best manual programs that keep track of your influencers’ performance. You can read an in-depth article about it here.
  • Google Analytics. If you want to get website traffic from a new market, use Google Analytics to evaluate referral traffic from a specific country.
  • InBeat tracking software. This software monitors engagement and media value for all your brand ambassadors’ posts. It’s efficient and easy, and we’re not just saying that because it’s ours. We’re getting that input from our customers.
  • Brand24 is another popular tool because it assesses information from several platforms, including hashtag search and mentions. It gives you an influence score and helps you engage with other people from your industry.
  • is one of your best options for manual tracking of your KPI. This tool allows you to lay back and relax while it does everything you need automatically.
  • SocialToaster. This tool gets your ambassadors curated brand content. Of course, you can opt to share it manually or automatically. SocialToaster helps you build your online community and keep track of your progress. Its reporting strategies are top-notch so that you can identify useful insights into your customers’ purchasing habits.
  • CrewFire. This tool is best if your brand ambassadors are mainly active on social media. CrewFire has an efficient SaaS platform that will monitor and manage your influencers’ posts.  Their analytics are top of the notch, so they combine this data with information data from individual reach.
Google analytics for measuring brand ambassador program
inBeat Instagram tracking software

In Conclusion

In this section, you found out how to track your brand ambassador campaign. You now know the importance of defining specific goals and how to set your KPIs. You learned how to use those indicators to track campaign goals like brand awareness and increased revenues.

But you can’t do all that managing and measuring without the right tool. You’ll delve into mountains of data, and you need to interpret them carefully. Otherwise, your campaign is more likely to fail.

Brand ambassador programs work. Craft your strategy wisely, and you’ll reap the results.

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