TikTok Growth Strategy: 20 Success Tactics + In-Home Case STUDIES [with REAL Results]

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
27 min READ | Apr 3 2024

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    Customer behavior keeps changing which has made it a must for brands to understand how TikTok works.

    In this article, we are not only scratching the surface; but also gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our in-house case studies featuring actual examples that demonstrate the power of strategic thinking on this platform.

    Additionally, we will be revealing insider tips from our vast experience that will give you tangible insights for driving your TikTok presence higher.

    Whether you have been doing this for years or just starting, be ready to get into the depths of TikTok success secrets as per my experience here inBeat.

    What Is a TikTok Growth Strategy?

    TikTok growth strategy is a smart way to skyrocket your reach and visibility on the platform.

    This will open up a way for you to gain an even larger reach and influence an audience much bigger than normal marketing would allow, simply because you have a way more compelling presence on the app.

    Key to growth on TikTok is committing to experimenting with the content and using the data to inform decisions.

    Coupling the system with the approach helps in the generation of new leads and traffic to your website, with a great boost to brand awareness and recognition.

    Here is where TikTok growth strategy comes in, designed to get you the highest value from your every dollar invested in social media campaigns.

    As TikTok's growth persists, and with a market space that is ever more crowded, a strong growth strategy is essential in order to win the largest addressable audience possible and engage it effectively.

    20 Best TikTok Growth Strategies to Grow Your Brand on TikTok

    Now, the part you’ve been waiting for.


    1. Optimize your profile: Crafting a strong brand profile on TikTok is a powerful tool for attracting user attention and setting the foundation for your social media marketing efforts.
    2. Understand your audience: To resonate with your audience, dive into the TikTok-style video content that aligns with their preferences, leveraging TikTok's preferred search engine features to uncover trending searches. Use dance challenges, special effects, and creator tools.
    3. Use TikTok influencer marketing: Engaging with popular creators through an influencer marketing platform can amplify your branded content, making your company one of the favourite brands on TikTok.
    4. Leverage paid media to scale your influencer marketing campaign: Combining organic content with Spark Ads in your campaigns alongside content takes your strategy from solid to stellar, ensuring a wider reach.
    5. Use TikTok UGC: Encouraging your audience to create content from scratch fosters a community of creators, making every piece of content a potential viral contest entry. Alternatively, use popular creators with a significant follower count to post several times per day.
    6. Focus on a niche: Specializing in niche TikTok marketing helps you jump ahead of the curve before competitor brands, establishing your authority in specific content pillars.
    7. Use TikTok Pro Analytics: TikTok Pro Analytics is an essential organic marketing tool for understanding the types of videos that engage your audience, optimizing your content creation process.
    8. Leverage TikTok trends: Staying atop organic trends and participating in viral challenges like the song challenge can catapult your content into the limelight.
    9. Focus on creating engagement: Crafting epic content that leverages awesome features like branded stickers encourages user interaction, making your brand more memorable.
    10. Post frequently: Maintaining a consistent post frequency, with 2 - 3 posts per day, keeps your audience engaged and ensures a steady organic growth curve.
    11. Use hashtags: Implementing a branded hashtag challenge not only boosts your visibility but also engages users in a community-building initial challenge.
    12. Use the right sound and music: Aligning your content with trending sounds enhances its potential for virality, making your videos part of the larger TikTok conversation.
    13. Make a duet with an influencer or loyal follower: Duets are a unique advertising format on TikTok, offering a creative way to collaborate with influencers and engage your community.
    14. Post at the right time: Analyzing when your audience is most active using TikTok Pro Analytics can optimize your times per day to post, maximizing user attention.
    15. Leverage cross-promotion on other marketing channels: Cross-promotion amplifies the reach of your TikTok marketing, driving traffic from other social media channels to your TikTok content series.
    16. Use branded TikTok ads: TikTok ads, especially when featuring helpful content like how-to and tip-based content, can significantly lower your app install CPA while driving brand awareness.
    17. Use CTAs: Effective CTAs in your videos act as a solid strategy, guiding viewers towards taking the next step in their journey with your brand.
    18. Make a solid plan to go viral on TikTok: A solid plan for viral success involves leveraging key terms in your content and engaging with organic trends to capture the TikTok audience's imagination.
    19. Monetize your music on TikTok: For artists, TikTok offers a unique platform for music promotion, with features that allow for the monetization of mobile video content, expanding reach and engagement.
    20. Leverage TikTok SEO: Implementing TikTok SEO tactics ensures your content is discoverable, driving organic growth and increasing visibility across the platform.

    1. Optimize Your Profile

    Before thinking of intricate marketing initiatives, remember that your username can make or break your success on this social media platform, so make sure it’s:

    • Catchy
    • Easy to memorize
    • Easy to pronounce

    And yes, it can even contain your real name — especially if you already have a brand.

    Apart from that memorable TikTok username, you also need:

    • A profile picture that draws attention while being easy to recognize
    • Links to all of your social platforms
    • A public profile

    Take Grammarly, for example:


    The company uses its famous logo as the profile picture and its brand as the profile name.

    They also have a clear slogan, “Good writing moves work forward,” so people (and TikTok’s crawlers) can immediately understand the services offered.

    More importantly, Grammarly has recently created playlists for its content so people can find what they’re interested in faster.

    Additionally, for those interested in the evolution of social media branding, the TikTok Logo Design History offers fascinating insights into how the platform's iconic logo came to be.

    2. Understand Your Target Audience

    You can’t grow your company on TikTok unless you understand your audience precisely.

    After all, if you’re not speaking their language, how can you expect to draw their attention?

    Here’s what you have to consider:

    • Be highly specific: Select a niche that will pick up on your TikTok videos and make them go viral.
    • Understand your audience: Know what they like and don’t like by researching different profiles within your target demographics (e.g., geographical area, age, etc.). Alternatively, you can just ask your existing audience for their feedback on other social platforms.
    • Understand your competition: It’s wise to check what your competitors are doing because you can backtrack their success strategies or find missed opportunities you can leverage. For example, they may produce instructional content in volume or use Spark Ads.

    3. Use TikTok Influencer Marketing

    Most people associate TikTok with a teen demographic, but that’s not entirely true.

    According to Comscore, the 20-39 generation represents 46% of the social network's user base, while teens represent 32.5%.

    That means TikTok has hundreds of millions of users with significant purchasing power.

    Another advantage is that those people make purchase decisions according to influencers’ recommendations.

    There’s another thing to consider:

    Those younger generations will soon grow up to have significant purchasing power, too.

    According to Forbes, this generation will shortly amount to 40% of all consumers.

    And Gen Z hates traditional advertising.

    Warning: The worst mistake your company can make on TikTok is posting ads that look traditional, like they came out of a print ad or a TV advert.

    That’s why influencer marketing an effective strategy for TikTok.

    Content creators on this platform:

    • Are outstanding at storytelling
    • Keep your brand messages authentic
    • Have a loyal base of followers
    • Give you access to a broader audience, ensuring follower growth

    Case Study Break: Dating App Bumble

    The Bumble app was finding it hard to get new in-app users at low CPAs.

    Therefore, the primary focus of the campaign conducted by inBeat Agency was crafting an innovative paid advertisement campaign that seamlessly blended into native content on platforms.

    The challenge was to portray the authentic first-date experience in a manner that resonated with the audience.

    This type of content made the ads feel less like traditional marketing and more like genuine user experiences.

    he solution involved collaborating with creators who could document their first dates using Bumble, resulting in dynamic and organic content that effectively showcased the unique Bumble experience, catching user attention.

    The results were striking.

    The campaign produced a series of ads that highlighted the Bumble experience and significantly enhanced user engagement. Besides, the app reached a broader audience with lower CACs.

    Insider tip: A powerful tool employed was hook optimization, where inBeat Agency meticulously tested various hooks — the crucial first seconds of each video.

    This approach was instrumental in identifying the most effective formulas that captured viewers' attention and encouraged them to stop scrolling and engage with the content.


    This optimization led to slashed сustomer фcquisition сosts, meaning the campaign efficiently brought in more users at a lower cost.

    Additionally, the engaging and relatable nature of the ads translated into a notable increase in in-app users.

    Finding suitable influencers isn’t always easy, even though TikTok is full of them.

    To find TikTok influencers, you could try to:

    • Search for influencers by keywords or popular hashtags. You know your company’s industry, right? Let’s say you’re making/selling ergonomic pillows. Input specific keywords in TikTok’s Discovery Page, such as “sleep,” “home-sweet-home,” or “bed.”
    • Analyze TikTok’s lists of top active users. Check out the Top 100 Users list if you have a large company. Otherwise, look at the Top 5000 database to see if you find a match with your brand.
    • Search for location-based relevant hashtags. If you run that pillow business locally, you want people coming into your store and touching your products. The tactile experience is paramount when buying ergonomic products. Use the TikTok search function to input your city’s name or the name of a local influencer you Googled previously.
    • Use search engines. Type what you’re interested in into Google and see what pops up.

    Warning: These methods above work well but take a lot of time.

    The problem is, after short-listing a few influencers, you’ll have to check their audiences to ensure they fit your target.

    Next, you’ll have to send them messages to see if these content creators want to work with you. Then, you’ll want to agree on a budget.

    There’s a quicker solution, though:

    You can try an influencer platform such as inBeat.

    inBeat, for example, reunites many content creators from different fields.

    These professionals have captive audiences and know how to use social media for marketing.

    And, of course, our search engine is very intuitive; all you have to do is input your search criteria to narrow down your choices.

    An influencer search tool is a quick way to navigate through a network of influencers.

    Besides, inBeat’s influencer database is completely affordable and easy-to-use.

    Try it now, and you can get the right influencers in minutes.

    4. Leverage Paid Media to Scale Your TikTok Influencer Efforts

    That’s probably the most important question because you’re not advertising on TikTok for the sake of advertising.

    You want to increase your gains and expand your company.

    Here’s how we advise our clients to implement this step.

    First, ask yourself what types of content work well on TikTok.

    Your best performance indicator is shareability.

    The TikTok videos that people — your people — share the most are the ones they resonate with. These clips can be:

    • Original music
    • Dance videos
    • Comedic skits
    • How-tos (how to do voice overs)
    • Tips and demonstrations
    • Cringe clips
    • Duets

    Below is a rundown of TikTok content that brought awesome results for various clients we had across a slew of diverse audiences.

    You can use these ads in combination with your influencer campaigns:

    • In-feed ads are short-form video ads that fit into TikTok’s format. You can adapt these ads to your target based on primary demographic factors like age, location, and gender. These ads cost $10/impression, so you need about $6,000 to start your campaign.
    • Brand takeover ads. These ads are the most actionable and get users to your landing pages directly, but they’re also the most expensive. Prepare a $50,000 budget/day.
    • Challenge ads. These ads work like regular challenges on TikTok, with one difference: they promote your branded hashtags. As a result, you’ll raise awareness and receive tons of user-generated content that you can repurpose. Don’t forget to send users to a page with precise instructions for a successful UGC strategy on TikTok.
    • Shoppable ads. These ads give your challenges a shoppable dimension because people can click on the Explore tab after visiting your hashtag-challenge page. This tab has a “Shop Now” feature that sends people to your website’s landing page.

    Influencer marketing ads should take center stage in your campaign, though.

    Influencer ads generate:

    • A high level of engagement: Measured particularly in the quality of the comments you receive and the number of shares. Likes and views take second place.
    • Positive brand sentiment: Measured by the number and quality of brand mentions and the user-generated content that becomes viral.
    • Conversions: Measured in the number of sales, sign-ups to your newsletter, or downloads.

    Pro tip: If you want to achieve these results, make sure the video content created and distributed by your influencer is:

    • Authentic
    • Relevant
    • Relatable
    • Inspirational
    • Original

    Case Study Break:

    inBeat Agency leveraged TikTok Ads to significantly boost the promotion of the app for NielsenIQ, focusing on a creative strategy centered around user-generated content.

    By tapping into our micro-influencers and content creators network, inBeat produced authentic and high-quality visual assets tailored for TikTok's dynamic platform.

    Not to brag, but this approach was underpinned by a meticulous media-buying strategy, which involved defining the app's unique selling propositions, identifying target personas, and generating content that resonated with these elements.

    The process also included continuous analysis, testing, and optimization of the creatives, coupled with collaborative brainstorming sessions with top creators to keep the content fresh and engaging.


    The results of this strategic approach were outstanding.

    The campaign achieved over 100,000 app installs per month, demonstrating the effectiveness of leveraging TikTok Ads with a focus on genuine UGC.

    Most notably, there was a remarkable 75% reduction in the cost per acquisition across all major paid media platforms used in the campaign and an 83% CPA decrease on TikTok.

    5. Use TikTok UGC

    Building a content library with user-generated content on TikTok is an excellent growth strategy.

    The first step entails engaging customers and creating a community where they can share product experiences and participate in challenges, fostering a sense of belonging and validation.

    Remember: Collaborate with influencers who resonate with your target audience and have a high engagement rate.

    Authenticity and relatability in content significantly enhance trust and social proof, potentially leading to FOMO and increased desire for your products.

    Encouraging content that aligns with your audience's interests without being overly promotional creates a more organic and effective marketing approach.

    Insider tip: We advise our clients who want to create successful UGC campaigns to carefully select influencers who reflect their audience's demographics and interests, personalize pitches to potential collaborators, and clearly define content goals and expectations.

    Besides, focus on evaluating content effectiveness.

    This should go beyond superficial engagement metrics to include conversion rates, ensuring that the UGC not only garners attention but also drives sales.

    You should also repurpose your TikTok UGC to grow your brand on other channels.

    Incorporating influencer content into your broader marketing strategy, such as social media, email marketing, and your website, requires a thoughtful content calendar and a strategic approach to repurposing TikTok videos.

    Using tools like inBeat can streamline the process, saving time and enhancing the efficiency of your UGC marketing efforts, ultimately keeping your brand relevant and encouraging purchases.

    Case Study Break: Hopper

    inBeat Agency tackled the challenge of ad fatigue on TikTok for the travel app Hopper by strategically scaling UGC for their ads.

    Ad fatigue which typically leads to increased CPAs. The solution involved establishing a scalable content creation process that enabled Hopper to collaborate with top-performing creators on the platform.

    This approach ensured a continuous supply of authentic and engaging creatives that resonated well with the TikTok audience.

    By leveraging UGC, Hopper maintained fresh and relatable ad content, effectively driving down CPAs and circumventing ad fatigue.

    The result was a stream of ongoing, high-performing creatives that contributed significantly to Hopper's advertising success on TikTok.


    6. Focus on a Niche

    Focusing on a niche is a pivotal TikTok growth strategy that involves tailoring content to cater to a specific audience segment with particular interests or needs.

    This approach helps content creators or brands establish themselves as authorities or go-to sources in a specific domain, leading to a more engaged and loyal follower base.

    Content consistently themed around a niche resonates more deeply with viewers who share an interest in that topic.

    This resonance increases the likelihood of content being shared, commented on, and liked, which are key factors in TikTok's algorithm for promoting content to a wider audience.

    Insider tip: At inBeat, we found that niche-focused content faces less competition than broader categories, making it easier to stand out and get noticed.

    Besides, focusing on a niche makes brainstorming and producing content easier, as you become deeply familiar with the subject matter and your audience’s preferences.

    This familiarity breeds creativity and authenticity, critical for maintaining viewer interest and engagement over time.

    7. Use TikTok Pro Analytics

    Using TikTok Pro Analytics is a strategic move for anyone looking to grow on the platform because it offers invaluable insights into your account's performance.

    With this tool, you can dive deep into your content's reach, engagement rates, and viewer demographics, enabling you to understand what works and what doesn't.

    This data-driven approach entails optimizing your content strategy by tailoring your videos to your audience's preferences, posting at optimal times, and more effectively leveraging trending topics.

    Thus, TikTok Pro’s excellent insights into the minds of your consumers allow you to adjust your video content strategy according to your marketing goals.

    An example of the TikTok Analytics tool.

    Pro tip: To simplify the process of tracking your campaign, you can use an online tool, such as the influencer tracking software.

    Case Study Break: NYC Votes

    For the NYC Votes campaign, inBeat Agency harnessed the power of TikTok analytics to craft a targeted campaign to engage young voters, a demographic increasingly difficult to reach via traditional marketing channels.

    Recognizing this group's diverse interests and backgrounds, inBeat strategically collaborated with various influencers, each bringing their unique perspective to discuss the importance of voting in formats that naturally resonated with TikTok users.

    The usage of TikTok analytics was crucial in this process.

    By analyzing data on user engagement, content preferences, and viewing habits, inBeat could identify content themes and influencers that would most effectively capture the attention of young voters on the platform.

    This data-driven approach ensured the content was relevant, engaging, and optimized for maximum reach and impact within the TikTok ecosystem.


    Results: The average view time for the content was an engaging 10 seconds, indicating that the messages were captivating enough to hold viewers' attention.

    Overall, the campaign amassed a remarkable 2.5 million views, with 56% of users watching more than half of the content.

    Leveraging TikTok trends is a solid growth strategy for brands because it taps into the current cultural zeitgeist, ensuring content resonates with a broad audience.

    Trends on TikTok typically go viral, offering a unique opportunity to increase your visibility and engagement quickly.

    By participating in these trends, you can showcase your adaptability and relevance, connecting with users in a fun and relatable way.

    This enhances brand recognition and fosters a sense of community and belonging among viewers.

    Consequently, using TikTok trends can significantly amplify your brand's reach and appeal on the platform.

    inBeat creators frequently use trends to relate to their audience.

    Here’s a neat example from the NYC Votes campaign above, leveraging the “joke is on you” music trend:


    Pro tip: Find a trend that:

    • Suits your values and personality
    • Fits your brand
    • Lets you show your uniqueness

    9. Focus on Creating Engagement

    Creating engagement on TikTok guarantees that people who’ve accidentally discovered your videos will come back for more, which helps grow your brand.

    Also, they’ll share those viral videos or even use them as a starting point to create their own content.

    You can create engagement by:

    • Using a theme that’s easy to recognize
    • Linking “episodes” to keep your audience coming back
    • Responding to comments on your profile
    • Engaging with other content creators on their profiles

    One of inBeat’s clients, Linktree, offers a neat example again by partnering with highly engaging influencers: it's about time @Tiara Willis ♬ original sound - Linktree

    10. Post Frequently

    More posts attract a larger audience, so posting frequently embodies the very definition of a solid growth strategy.

    The problem is you can easily slack off posting regularly.

    The solution is planning a rigorous schedule.

    Thus, take the time one day per week to shoot and edit a set of TikTok videos.

    Then, post these videos for the rest of the week to keep your audience coming back for more.

    Pro tips:

    • Don’t get discouraged if your first few videos don’t get a lot of views. Keep at it diligently, and your time to shine will come.
    • Don’t delete old content. One of your old videos can hit the FYP page and go viral anytime. That’s TikTok’s algorithm for you—the more outstanding content you post, the more chances your old videos have of getting viral.
    • Use exciting video titles to catch people’s attention. However, remember that your content should be quality. Intriguing titles paired with poor content can dispel your audience quickly.

    11. Use Hashtags

    Using suitable hashtags will get you TikTok famous because people usually try to watch everything related to a specific topic they like.

    And that will help you grow your TikTok audience.

    For that:

    • Check out the trending hashtags using the suggestion tool. All you have to do is click #, and you’ll get many suggestions.
    • Start with hashtags that fit your niche and values.
    • Include relevant hashtags on your video captions to attract more potential followers and to show TikTok’s algorithm what you’re about.
    • Use branded hashtags to reflect your audience’s subculture and build your audience.

    12. Use The Right Sound and Music

    If you’re a musician, use your original tunes on TikTok.

    Needless to say, you should select the best 15 seconds from your best soundtracks if you’re going down this road.

    If you want to use your music in videos without soundtracks, download some royalty-free stock tracks from websites like Videvo and experiment with blending them together!

    Otherwise, consider using trending songs or even hiring an in-house musician.

    Hint: It’s not a coincidence that many popular songs are also popular on TikTok.

    This platform is in cahoots with the music industry, and many record labels push specific songs on TikTok.

    So all you have to do is jump on a famous song wagon to grow your brand on TikTok.

    Here’s how to find a tune that works:

    • Open TikTok video editor
    • Tap on the plus icon
    • Select “sounds”
    • Check out what’s now famous on TikTok

    Pro tip: If you want to be super-specific and choose a popular song with your audience, get TikTok Pro.

    This account type has an Analytics tab in your Followers section that tells you what your potential customers listen to.

    13. Make a Duet with an Influencer or Loyal Follower

    Making a duet with another TikToker — maybe a famous one or one of your most talented audience members — helps you leverage their engaged audience to grow your visibility on TikTok.

    This strategy:

    • Increases your organic visibility
    • Shows off your skills/values
    • Brings more interaction between you and your audience
    • Increases brand engagement

    14. Post at the Right Time

    If you want to draw more people to your TikTok profile, post when your audience is online.

    Timing is essential because it increases your visibility.

    If you have that TikTok Pro Account we mentioned earlier, the Analytics section will help you find:

    • Where your audience is from
    • When your potential customers/viewers are on TikTok (days and peak times of day)

    Although this data is only for the past four weeks, you can still gain a lot of insight into your audience’s patterns.

    Pro tip: This Analytics tab will also show you your posts’ performance for the last week. That info allows you to adjust your strategy to get better results.

    Screenshots showing TikTok Analytics, a great marketing tool to reach more people on TikTok.
    An example of TikTok’s Analytics tool to better understand your audience

    15. Leverage Cross-Promotion on Other Marketing Channels

    Using other platforms is essential because:

    • Most TikTok-ers are Gen Z
    • Research shows that 71% of Gen-Z-ers are on Instagram, and 65% are on Snapchat

    And, regardless of who your audience is, chances that they’re only using TikTok are very slim.

    Targeting these potential customers on all the social platforms they’re using:

    • Enhances your visibility
    • Keeps you top of mind
    • Allows you to engage with your audience in unique ways
    • Increases your chances of making a sale

    Here’s how to go about cross-promotion:

    • Use Instagram Reels, aka Instagram’s version of TikTok.
    • Remove the TikTok watermark from that video, or else Instagram won’t promote it to your Instagram followers.
    • Use the Instagram Reels Explore Tab to access a new audience.
    • Post your snippets on other social media channels and all of your websites.
    • If you’re doing e-mail marketing, you can include these videos and a suitable CTA in your e-mails.
    • Leverage IG Reels editing apps to make more engaging videos for your post.

    16. Use Branded TikTok Ads

    Using TikTok ads is a great growth strategy for brands due to the platform's vast, diverse user base and highly engaging content format.

    TikTok's sophisticated algorithm ensures ads reach highly targeted audiences, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

    In fact, setting up TikTok Ads gives you access to a worldwide audience and useful ad management tools.

    These tools allow you to:

    • Select a specific target
    • See the people who already know you and have interacted with you
    • Create professional ads
    • Get detailed reports

    With various ad formats available, you can creatively showcase your products or services, making your message more appealing and memorable.

    Additionally, TikTok's interactive features, such as hashtags and challenges, can amplify your ad campaigns, encouraging user participation and viral sharing.

    This makes TikTok ads an effective tool for boosting brand visibility, driving traffic, and achieving substantial growth.

    Warning: These TikTok ad options range from $25k to $50k per day.

    17. Use CTAs

    Incorporating clear calls-to-action in your TikTok content is a powerful growth strategy for your brand.

    CTAs guide your audience on what steps to take next, whether visiting your website, following your account or checking out a new product.

    This direct approach can significantly enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

    Using CTAs effectively turns passive viewers into active participants, encouraging them to interact with your brand beyond just watching a video.

    This boosts your TikTok presence and drives tangible results, such as increased website traffic, higher follower counts, and more sales, contributing to your overall brand growth.

    So, end your videos with mobilizing and inspiring CTAs that will nudge your TikTok viewers in the right direction.

    Also, include that CTA in your video’s caption to ask people to:

    • Follow you
    • Tag their friends
    • Share your videos
    • Re-create your challenge
    • Take part in your contests/giveaways

    18. Make a Solid Plan to Go Viral on TikTok

    To make TikTok videos go viral, you must navigate a series of strategic steps, understanding that there's no guaranteed formula for virality.

    As always, we advise our clients to begin with a deep understanding of TikTok's dynamics, including spending time on the platform to analyze popular content and recognize patterns contributing to their success.

    Pro tip: TikTok suggests that the optimal length for in-feed ads is 9-15 seconds, urging creators to distill their music into captivating snippets that encourage repetitive listening.

    We also found that choosing the right digital distributor is crucial, especially one that collaborates with TikTok, to ensure your music gets the platform exposure it deserves.

    Besides, creating an easy, entertaining, and replicable challenge can significantly boost engagement, aided by a catchy hashtag that links your track to the challenge forever.

    Pro tip: Localizing content to reflect regional humor or landmarks can also endear you to a local audience, serving as a springboard for broader recognition.

    Of course, understanding your audience is vital to tailor content that resonates with their interests and values, and selecting influencers who align with your audience can amplify your reach.

    Pro-tip for musicians looking to go viral on TikTok:

    Your TikTok strategy should ultimately funnel your audience to platforms where your music is sold, like Spotify or Instagram, building a community that not only engages with your TikTok content but also supports your broader artistic endeavors.

    Incorporating elements that encourage user interaction, such as dance routines or TikTok's collaboration tools like Duets and Challenges, can foster community participation.

    Case Study Break: Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime creates engaging content that’s easy to meme-fy and stitch.

    Here’s a neat example:

    @mckenzibrooke #stitch with @amazonprimevideo I think he scared my dog... LMAO 😱😅 #primevideo #withoutremorse #ad ♬ original sound - McKenzi Brooke

    Amazon Prime’s initial clip sparks curiosity about the unfolding events, prompting users to use the Stitch feature to continue the scene creatively through their own interpretations and performances.

    19. Monetize Your Music on TikTok

    According to Business Insider, you can make money from music on TikTok because most TikTokers search the songs they originally heard on this platform.

    That’s why many marketers thought to leverage this tendency by:

    • Hiring influencers to promote songs
    • Signing song promo deals that earn users four-figure sums/video
    • Creating user-generated promo trends

    Warning: You can apply some rules, but you can’t predict with 100% accuracy which video will become the next big thing on TikTok.

    So, if you want to sell your music using this platform, you need to:

    • Hire the right influencers. inBeat can help you with that, thanks to our experience in the field. You can join arrange a free online meeting to discuss your strategy or even try out the influencer database at no cost to see if it’d make a good fit for your needs.
    • Leave plenty of room for experimentation. If you plan on hiring influencers, it’s best to give them more freedom to play with your content than on any other platform. Influencers are very creative people and have many insights into their niche, essential for turning specific content viral.
    • Use the platform early on. Incorporate TikTok straight from the first steps of your creative process. Take the example of Tiagz, the Canadian rapper with a staggering 4.2 million audience. His songs are so successful because they include references to TikTok’s most popular trends and memes.

    Pro tip: If you decide to use influencers to sell your music on TikTok, choose micro or nano-influencers.

    The platform has already become over-saturated, so it’s better not to throw the big bucks at a premium celebrity.

    Instead, working with many micro-influencers will help you cast a wider net to reach millions of views at a minimal cost.

    20. Leverage TikTok SEO

    Using SEO to boost your TikTok content is essential for visibility and discoverability.

    For example, incorporating relevant keywords into your captions, hashtags, and video descriptions makes it easier for users interested in those topics to find your content.

    This targeted approach helps you attract an audience genuinely interested in your brand or niche, enhancing engagement and fostering a loyal community.

    Besides, strategically using keywords means you're effectively speaking the language of your desired audience, ensuring your content resonates and stands out amid the vast sea of TikTok videos.

    Here’s how we advise our clients to use keywords effectively on TikTok:

    • Start by researching trending terms within your niche and the interests of your target audience.
    • Incorporate these keywords naturally into your video captions, descriptions, and hashtags, ensuring they align with your videos' content.
    • Use a mix of broad and niche-specific keywords to cast a wide net while also targeting specific segments.
    • Monitor the performance of your content to identify which keywords drive the most engagement and refine your strategy accordingly.

    Remember: The goal is to integrate these keywords seamlessly so your content remains relatable and engaging while being easily discoverable by those most likely to appreciate it.

    To promote the Greenpark app, inBeat’s influencers used certain keywords, such as “sports fans,” “sports bar on your phone,” and “Greenpark sports app.”


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