Top 12 User Acquisition Agencies in Toronto for 2024 and Beyond

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
16 min READ | May 28 2024

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Finding the right user acquisition agency in Toronto can be overwhelming.

You need a partner that understands the market and can drive measurable growth.

If you're having trouble selecting an agency that meets your goals, you're in the right place.

  • Discover the top 12 user acquisition agencies in Toronto.
  • Learn about the industries they excel in.
  • Explore key services each agency offers.
  • Uncover notable clients they've successfully collaborated with.

Keep reading to connect with an agency that can elevate your user acquisition strategy to new heights.

TL:DR: Top User Acquisition Agencies in Toronto

  1. inBeat: inBeat, renowned as the best user acquisition agency in Toronto, excels at leveraging top-tier influencer partnerships and effective campaign strategies. They specialize in innovative marketing campaigns, making them the best choice for brands looking to significantly enhance their user acquisition efforts.
  2. Influitive: Specializes in customer advocacy to boost brand credibility and reach through a community-driven approach. Utilizes customer engagement for referrals and feedback, enhancing loyalty and brand trust.
  3. Func.Media: A digital marketing agency that provides comprehensive solutions across various digital channels to maximize returns. Known for strong content creation, branding, and social media management to elevate online presence.
  4. Measure Marketing: They focus on B2B SaaS companies with data-driven strategies to enhance digital presence and customer engagement. They offer targeted content marketing, SEO services, and customer relationship strategies to optimize marketing outcomes.
  5. Knewsales Group Inc.: Combines experiential marketing with direct sales to enhance customer journey and brand impact. They focus on retail and event marketing, supported by detailed data analysis and robust sales team training.

Benefits of Hiring an User Acquisition Agency in Toronto

  • You access specialized expertise focused on maximizing user growth and conversion, tailored specifically for your business needs.
  • Save time by leveraging a team experienced in cutting-edge user acquisition strategies rather than building skills internally.
  • Benefit from agencies' advanced tools and analytics, giving you valuable insights into campaign performance.
  • Avoid the overhead costs of expanding your internal team, as agencies bring their resources and technology.
  • Get fresh, unbiased perspectives on your digital marketing strategies, which can lead to innovative solutions and better results.
  • Enjoy scalability; an agency can quickly adjust your campaigns to meet changing market demands or business objectives.
  • Reduce your risk by relying on proven experts who are accountable for delivering results based on your agreement.

A Deep Dive into Each Top User Acquisition Agency in Toronto

1. inBeat

inBeat, celebrated as the best user acquisition agency in Toronto, has a strong focus on empowering online brands to enhance their social media presence.

What sets inBeat apart is their exclusive collaboration with the top 2% of content creators.

This strategic choice ensures that every influencer campaign is powered by high-quality engagement and impactful content, setting the stage for superior user acquisition results.

Thanks to a dedicated agent who specializes in personalizing your influencer marketing efforts, you'll experience tailored campaign strategies that align closely with your brand's unique goals.

Their robust user-generated content creation service provides authentic material that resonates with your target audience and amplifies your brand’s presence across critical social platforms.

Utilize inBeat's profound TikTok and Instagram marketing expertise to tap into cutting-edge trends and engage with a diverse, dynamic audience, driving measurable growth and visibility for your brand.

By leveraging their specialized services in micro and nano-influencer marketing, inBeat connects your brand with highly targeted niche markets, enhancing credibility and boosting detailed user acquisition strategies.

When Greenpark launched a new app, they faced a significant challenge of building brand awareness and acquiring new users in a market dominated by companies with substantial budgets.


  • Greenpark needed to differentiate its app in a saturated market, creating brand awareness and driving user acquisition. They had to compete with big industry players for attention while providing a superior consumer experience.


  • To tackle these challenges, Greenpark partnered with inBeat Agency to brainstorm and develop innovative, creative concepts, hooks, CTAs, and scripts. The focus was on creating strong User-Generated Content that could outperform the competitors and achieve better CPM, making the ads more effective and cost-efficient.


  • This involved working closely with a creative director and strategist to refine and optimize ad creatives continuously based on performance data. The strategy leveraged micro-influencers across various niches to ensure content resonated with diverse audiences and felt authentic and engaging.


  • 300% Increase in Advertising Spend: Confidence in the effective UGC led to significantly increased ad spending.
  • 70% Reduction in Cost Per Install: The effective ad creatives and strategic content placement dramatically lowered acquisition costs.
  • 6X Increase in Daily Installs: The compelling and well-targeted content substantially increased daily app installs.

inBeat's strategic use of targeted micro-influencer partnerships and performance-focused creative production successfully enhanced Greenpark's market presence and user base, turning this campaign into a loyal customer base.

Industries: Mobile Applications, CPG and DTC brands, Retail, eCommerce, Agencies, Fashion, Food, B2B

Notable clients: New Balance, Deux par Deux, Linktree, Hopper, Nissan, Disney, Hurom

Key services:

  • User Acquisition
  • Social Media Advertising
  • UGC Creation
  • TikTok and Instagram Marketing & Advertising
  • Micro-Influencer and Nano-Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Advertising

Reason to work with inBeat: inBeat stands out as the Best User Acquisition Agency in Toronto by offering a unique blend of top-tier influencer partnerships and personalized campaign strategies, ensuring that every collaboration is finely tuned to meet your brand's specific goals and deliver measurable growth.

2. Influitive

Influitive is a pioneering user acquisition agency based in Toronto, specializing in harnessing the power of customer advocacy to enhance buying experiences and conversion rates.

Their unique value lies in their proprietary platform, which seamlessly integrates community building and advocacy. This platform empowers customers to become vocal proponents of the brands they love.

You can benefit from a robust referral pipeline driven by a community of motivated advocates, effortlessly boosting your brand’s reach and credibility.

Their system allows you to engage deeply with your customer base, turning regular interactions into loyalty and long-term retention.

Experience heightened brand visibility and trust through authentic, user-generated content that resonates more with potential customers than traditional marketing methods.

The platform’s comprehensive suite of tools for feedback collection and customer engagement ensures that your business stays responsive and customer-centric.

Industries: Tech, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Financial Services

Notable clients: Adobe, IBM, Dropbox, Cisco

Key services:

  • Customer Advocacy
  • Community Building
  • Customer Engagement
  • Referral Programs
  • User Feedback Management

Reason to work with Influitive: Choosing Influitive means opting for a proven leader in user acquisition through advocacy and community. Their holistic approach drives growth and fosters a genuine connection between you and your customers.

3. Func.Media

Func.Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Toronto, delivering inventive solutions tailored to the modern digital and social media environment.

They stand out through their comprehensive, results-driven approach, which focuses on maximizing immediate returns across various digital channels.

You'll benefit from their creative services including strategic content creation that captures and engages your target audience, enhancing brand visibility and interaction.

Their digital and social media management expertise ensures your online presence is powerful and cohesive, driving consistent engagement.

Tap into advanced branding and design services that not only refresh your image but make it resonate deeply with your audience.

Their hands-off execution approach allows you to focus on your business while they handle the complexities of digital marketing.

Industries: Retail, eCommerce, Technology, Entertainment, Healthcare, Automotive, Food & Beverage

Notable clients: IKEA, Lamborghini, Pantene Pro-V, Walmart, Deliverr

Key services:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Branding & Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Ad Management

Reason to work with Func.Media: Opting for Func.Media means choosing a partner with a strong focus on delivering results and a transformative digital presence, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded digital space.

4. Measure Marketing

Measure Marketing specializes in digital marketing solutions tailored specifically for B2B SaaS companies, enhancing their digital presence and customer engagement.

Their unique advantage lies in a detailed, data-driven strategy for customer acquisition that meticulously aligns with the specific needs of the SaaS sector.

You will benefit from targeted content marketing that significantly enhances your visibility and draws high-quality leads.

Their specialized SEO services and paid media strategies ensure your brand stands out to the right audience, maximizing your online reach.

Enjoy reduced customer churn rates through strategic customer relationship initiatives that prolong client engagement and satisfaction.

Leverage their advanced analytics to fine-tune your digital marketing efforts, resulting in higher conversion rates and optimized marketing spend.

Industries: B2B SaaS & Tech, Healthcare, Professional Services, Manufacturing, eCommerce

Notable clients: 3Sixty Sign Solutions, QC Signs & Graphics

Key services:

  • SEO
  • Paid Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Data Consultancy

Reason to work with Measure Marketing: Measure Marketing is the partner you need to navigate the complexities of SaaS marketing with cutting-edge strategies and measurable success, ensuring your brand achieves its full digital potential and business growth.

5. Knewsales Group

Knewsales Group Inc. excels in creating memorable customer experiences through innovative experiential sales programs in Toronto.

Their standout feature is their holistic approach, which merges direct sales with dynamic experiential marketing to ensure deep customer engagement and significant brand impact.

Through their custom-designed sales kiosks and targeted event marketing, you can enhance your brand presence and penetrate the market deeper.

Their expertise in direct sales effectively boosts your customer base and increases ROI by creating personalized buyer interactions at various venues.

Benefit from their detailed data capture and analysis services that optimize campaign performance and consumer insights.

Their methodical training and support for sales teams ensure a skilled presentation of your products, increasing sales effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Industries: Retail, Consumer Goods, Technology, Telecommunications, Financial Services

Notable clients: ADT,  American Express, Walmart Financial, BMO, Century Link

Key services:

  • Experiential Sales
  • Direct Sales
  • Event Marketing
  • Retail Training
  • Data Capture and Analysis

Reason to work with Knewsales Group Inc.: Knewsales offers a dynamic and impactful approach to customer acquisition. Their proven track record in significantly improving sales outcomes and brand recognition makes them a top choice for businesses aiming to expand their market reach effectively.

6. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers stands out as a data-driven user acquisition agency. They leverage advanced analytics and growth hacking techniques to boost clients' online presence and sales.

They distinguish themselves with a strong focus on everything from ASO and SEO to influencer marketing and comprehensive campaign management, ensuring high ROI.

You can gain a competitive edge with their targeted, scalable marketing strategies that promise rapid business growth.

Their expertise in conversion rate optimization ensures your campaigns are fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness.

Their experienced team commits to weekly campaign adjustments based on cutting-edge market trends and analytics insights.

Their creative services also include strategic content creation and a multi-channel approach to make your brand resonate strongly with your target audience.

Industries:Healthcare, B2B, B2C, Manufacturing, SaaS, Small Businesses, Sustainability, Web3

Notable clients: Artisan, AXAL Media, GAVA, BAC International

Key services:

  • Growth Hacking
  • User Acquisition
  • SEO & ASO
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Data Analytics

Reason to work with Growth Hackers: Partnering with Growth Hackers means leveraging their deep analytical capabilities and innovative growth strategies to drive significant improvements in user acquisition and business expansion.

7. Backstage Creative Inc.

Backstage Creative is a CRM consulting agency that elevates brand presence and customer engagement across Toronto.

They stand out with their dual expertise in storytelling and strategic market positioning, ensuring your message reaches your target audience effectively.

You'll benefit from their focus on tailored content that resonates with your target market, enhancing brand recall and engagement.

Their lead generation and nurturing strategies convert interest into actionable leads, maximizing your business opportunities.

Experience improved customer acquisition through their sophisticated inbound marketing techniques.

Their cost-effective solutions ensure you connect with your audience at critical moments, boosting conversion rates.

Industries: Retail, Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Education

Notable clients: Cwallet, U KIDS, Desi Mandi, Enoc

Key services:

  • CRM Integration
  • Performance Marketing
  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • SEO and Content Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising

Reason to work with Backstage Creative: Choose Backstage Creative for their proven strategies that enhance visibility and engagement, ensuring your brand connects effectively with its audience.

8. Acquire

Acquire Agency is a Toronto-based paid social agency with a keen focus on bottom-funnel, conversion-driven campaigns across Meta, Google, and TikTok platforms.

Their unique value lies in their proprietary algorithmic investment trading-inspired technology that optimizes budget management to maximize ad performance efficiently.

You'll benefit from their cutting-edge AI technology that automatically scales winning ads, reducing acquisition costs while enhancing your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Enjoy precise budget management that dynamically adjusts to ensure optimal campaign performance.

Their strategic approach to audience segmentation ensures that your ads reach the most receptive audiences, increasing conversion rates.

With Acquire, you'll see a tangible improvement in ad spend efficiency, maximizing every dollar for better profitability.

Industries: eCommerce, Technology, Apparel, Retail, Fashion, Beauty

Notable clients: Sheertex, Chefs Plate, Mejuri, Bonnie Clyde

Key services:

  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Budget Management and Campaign Optimization
  • Audience Targeting and Segmentation
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

Reason to work with Acquire Agency: Choose Acquire Agency for their holistic approach to paid advertising, which ensures effective campaigns that are seen and felt, driving real business growth.

9. Slanted Frame

Slanted Frame is a B2B content marketing agency with a keen focus on helping tech and SaaS companies streamline their customer acquisition processes.

They are distinct for integrating strategic, data-driven content that aligns with client-specific journeys, optimizing each step from lead capture to conversion.

You'll appreciate their strong emphasis on crafting tailored content that educates and converts visitors, enhancing your sales funnel efficacy.

Their methodical content deployment ensures your brand is positioned as a thought leader, drawing more qualified leads.

Their strategic approach to agile marketing strategies adapts quickly to market changes, optimizing your campaigns continuously.

Their customer journey alignment means that every piece of content is crafted to meet your potential customers at the right moment, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Industries: Technology, SaaS

Notable clients: Pineapple, Apollo, Parvis, Clear Bridge

Key services:

  • Strategic Content Marketing
  • Data-Driven Customer Insights
  • Lead Nurturing and Conversion Optimization
  • Thought Leadership Positioning

Reason to work with Slanted Frame: Choosing Slanted Frame will empower your marketing strategy with agility and insight, making your customer acquisition journey efficient and highly effective.

10. Consultus Digital

Consultus Digital is a trailblazer in digital marketing and sales transformation in Toronto, known for their innovative use of technology and comprehensive suite of digital strategies.

Their unique value lies in using class-leading technology and data-driven strategies to optimize digital campaigns and maximize ROI.

You'll experience enhanced digital visibility and engagement, which is crucial for outshining competitors in today’s market.

Enjoy advanced targeting and segmentation that ensures your ads reach the ideal audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

Benefit from a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services designed to streamline your sales processes and amplify your online presence.

Their continuous optimization strategy ensures effective campaigns that adapt to changing market dynamics, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Industries: Retail, Professional Services, Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce

Notable clients: Bow City Storage, Harmony Resorts, Ontario Business Central Inc., Spieth America, Comwave

Key services:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO and Content Marketing
  • Paid Advertising Management
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • CRM and Sales Enablement

Reason to work with Consultus Digital: Choose Consultus Digital for its robust marketing solutions, which promise to meet and exceed your digital marketing goals.

11. Marwick Marketing

Marwick Marketing is a top-tier digital marketing agency in Toronto.

They are celebrated for their strategic and results-driven approach, which combines SEO services, PPC, and comprehensive digital strategies.

They shine with their deep understanding of local and international markets, delivering tailored marketing solutions that drive significant ROI.

You'll benefit from their robust SEO services that enhance your online visibility and organic reach.

Their precise PPC campaigns ensure that your ads achieve maximum impact.

Experience enhanced brand engagement through their expert social media management.

Their strong focus on conversion rate optimization techniques will refine your website to boost overall performance.

Industries: Technology, Real Estate, E-commerce, Finance, Healthcare

Notable clients: Reset Learning, Sunly Energy, MODCO

Key services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Reason to work with Marwick Marketing: Opt for Marwick Marketing to leverage their expertise in navigating the local Toronto and broader digital markets, ensuring your brand achieves its fullest potential.

12. EdKent Media

Edkent Media is a dynamic social media advertising agency in Toronto, distinguished for their comprehensive approach to enhancing online brand presence and engagement.

They have a strong emphasis on content creation and platform-specific campaigning, ensuring maximum reach and interaction.

You'll gain from their expert content strategies that boost audience engagement across various social platforms.

Their targeted advertising methods ensure your message resonates with the right demographic, enhancing campaign efficacy.

Their digital marketing services also include continuous analytics and adjustments that optimize your social media presence.

Industries: Retail, Technology, Health and Wellness, Education, Fashion

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Targeted Advertising and Audience Engagement
  • Analytics and Performance Reporting
  • Community Management and Customer Interaction

Reason to work with Edkent Media: Choose Edkent Media for their holistic approach to social media marketing, which ensures visibility, active engagement, and community growth.

Key Factors in Choosing an User Acquisition Agency in Toronto

  • Assess their track record and case studies. This will help you understand their experience and success in increasing user acquisition for similar businesses. This ensures they have relevant experience and can handle your specific needs.
  • Consider the range of services they offer. Ensure they provide comprehensive solutions, including strategy development, execution, and analysis, so that you can manage all your user acquisition needs under one roof.
  • Examine their tools and technologies. Choose an agency that uses advanced technologies and analytics platforms to track performance and optimize campaigns effectively.
  • Check for cultural fit and communication style. You'll work closely with this agency, so it's crucial that their team aligns with your business values and communicates transparently.
  • Evaluate their pricing structure. Understand how they charge for their services to ensure they fit within your budget and reflect the value they offer.
  • Look at client testimonials and feedback. This will provide valuable insights into the agency’s reliability and past clients' satisfaction levels, helping you gauge potential success.
  • Analyze their strategic approach. Ensure they use data-driven strategies and are proactive in adapting to market changes to maintain effectiveness in user acquisition.

Wrapping Up

This article explored Toronto's top user acquisition agencies, highlighting how they can effectively boost your business’s user base.

These agencies offer specialized expertise, use advanced tools, and provide cost-effective solutions to enhance your user acquisition efforts.

They tailor their services to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and effective campaigns.

While all agencies have something unique to offer, inBeat stands out due to its exceptional targeting capabilities, innovative campaign strategies, and keen focus on delivering measurable results.

inBeat ensures your advertising spend is optimized and your campaigns reach the right audience.

Consider what your specific needs are before choosing an agency.

With the right user acquisition agency, like inBeat, you'll see significant improvements in user engagement and overall business growth.

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