Instagram Email Finder – How to Find Someone’s Email in Seconds

David Morneau

By David Morneau
9 min READ | Jun 24 2023

Finding someone’s Instagram email can make you feel like Sherlock Holmes.

But no need to get your pipe or magnifying glass this time.

This article will take you through six methods of finding someone’s valid email address in seconds.

You’ll learn:

  • Actionable step-by-step methods
  • Practical examples
  • Easy-to-use Instagram email finders that make everything seamless

Keep reading below!

TL;DR - Instagram Email Finder

  • Direct Method: Check if there's an email button on the user's Instagram profile, mostly seen on business and creator accounts.


  1. Free Instagram email finder which can also be used on other social media channels.
  2. and Online email finders to quickly determine valid email addresses.

Profile Examination:

  1. Check the Instagram bio of the user for an email or contact button (mostly on mobile).
  2. Look for Linktree or personal website links in the bio that may lead to contact info.
  • Personal Outreach: Directly ask the user for their email on Instagram. Requires personalized messages and potentially multiple follow-ups.
  • Check Other Platforms: Often, individuals may list their contact info on other social media accounts like Facebook.
  • Extensive Googling: Use Google to try and locate the email address associated with a user. One advanced method involves using the exact Instagram handle in combination with email service domains.

Final Thoughts:

  • Some methods are easier than others, depending on the user's public profile settings.
  • Tools like inBeat and can simplify the process and are available in free versions.
  • Work with a solid Instagram influencer marketing agency to find the best content creators for your campaigns.

How to Find Someone’s Email on Instagram

If you want to find someone’s email on this popular platform, sometimes it’s as easy as opening their Instagram profile:

Instagram email button

But very few people include an email button below their Instagram bios. Business accounts of people and creators are generally more diligent with their contact info. and email marketing motions.

For influencers and businesses who don’t include their correct email addresses, you can:

  • Use a tool
  • Deep dive into their Instagram profiles
  • Ask them directly
  • Look them up on the Internet

Let’s explain.

1. is an excellent free tool that doubles as an Instagram email finder.

Bonus: You can use it on other social media channels and for other purposes.

Let’s say you’re organizing an influencer marketing campaign.

Scenario 1: You already shortlisted some Instagram profiles and now want to contact these people.

You own a beauty company and think Samantha Oppenheimer, an NC Travel Blogger, would be a good choice.

  1. Type in her handle in the inBeat search box.
  2. Opt to match this handle in the username.
Inbeat co instagram email finder 1
  1. Click on her profile and reveal her email address:
Inbeat co instagram email finder 2
  1. If the valid email address isn’t visible, click “Export CSV” in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Inbeat co instagram email finder 3

inBeat will export this email into a separate document.

Pro tip: Don’t click to export for every influencer you’re shortlisting. Instead, click on all their profiles to select them and then add them to that CSV.

Also, notice that inBeat shows you all the essential stats for the influencers you’re searching for below their profile pictures.

For example, the above profile has a 65.33% engagement rate on Instagram. But if the influencer’s engagement level is low, you can always use inBeat to find better creators.

That brings us to the next point:

Scenario 2: You haven’t selected any content creators yet.

In this case:

  1. Open the app and start a new campaign.
  2. Select your filters and keywords, choosing the influencer’s location, number of followers, and topics.
  3. Click to make a list of people you like:
Instagram email finder 4
  1. Click “Export CSV” to see all their contact details in a file.

You can then add these email addresses to your CRM and start your cold email outreach through a cold email tool.

2. Searching the Instagram Profile (on Mobile)

Searching the Instagram profile is a good step too.

  1. Check their bios below their profile image to see if the specific account you’re looking for has included their email address there.

Mowoki Tours does include their Gmail address and WhatsApp number for easier access, like most business profiles:

Instagram profile on mobile
  1. Look below their bios to see if your content creator has added a contact button.

Let’s say you want to partner with Jaime A. Heidel, an autistic communication translator and writer. You open her Instagram profile and find this useful contact button below her bio and above the pinned topic icons.

Instagram profile view on mobile

Pro tip: This option is visible on mobile phones but lacks on the desktop version.

Here’s how that same profile looks on the desktop:

Instagram profile desktop view
  1. Check for specific links in the bio.
  • Many creators include their Linktree or website in their account descriptions.
  • Click on that link to see if you can discover their email addresses.

Let’s say you want to contact fitness trainer Evan Daly.

Evan Daly fitness profile
  • Click on his profile link: This brings you to the page below.
Linktree link list
  • Choose your options: You can subscribe to the newsletter and find out Evan’s business email. Alternatively, you can check out his website for further contact details.

3. Using Online Email Finders

Instagram email finder tools help you find valid email addresses in seconds. is a good example.

Let’s try to find Evan’s email using this tool:

  1. Add all the additional details you know about the content creator to ensure you get the correct email address and phone contacts. We’ll search by name and company because the “Social” search option is reserved only for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. email finder
  1. Click to reveal the data. screenshot 2

You can also use

Let’s say you want to contact the famous Andrew Huberman:

  1. Fill in his name and website in the search bars.
  2. Click on “Find” for the tool to reveal his email.
Andrew Huberman search on
Source is one of the most trustworthy advanced search operators online. And as you can see, this email provider shows the precision with which it reveals the addresses.

Pro tip: Easily click to save the profiles as leads and then integrate this email list into your CRM. For inspiration and guidance on crafting effective email signatures, you can explore various email signature examples available online.

There’s a downside:

These Instagram email finder tools don’t show you in-depth stats about the social profiles you’re researching. So, remember to:

4. Personally Reaching out to People on Instagram

Another good solution is to reach out to the person in question on Instagram and ask them to give you their email addresses.

This solution has its pros and cons.


  • You can rest assured they’ll send you a valid email address.
  • Unlike in most cold email campaigns, the creators will likely open and reply to your email because they already know to expect your outreach message.
  • You have used Instagram to create rapport before emailing them, so they’re likelier to accept your offer.


  • You must compose a personalized outreach message for every creator you’re contacting.
  • You need to invest more resources and time to connect with the influencer.
  • You must track these Instagram outreach messages and potential follow-ups. By comparison, an Instagram email finder reveals the email addresses you can simply integrate with that cloud based CRM software.

That said, here are the steps to personally reach out to Instagram users:

  1. Follow the person you want to reach out to.
  2. Interact with them on this social media platform. Like their posts and comment meaningfully on some of them.
  3. Determine when they’re most likely to be online.
  4. Compose a customized outreach message.
  5. Send that message and keep track of the reply.
  6. If you don’t hear from them, follow up two times at most, with three to five days between follow-ups.

Let’s say you want to partner with @dadlifewithriver because you own a babywearing company, and this creator has three kids.

A potential outreach message for a future product seeding collab can sound like this:

Hey Ollie,

I love your Instagram videos. The one about co-sleeping and break dance was hilarious (and hit home for me)!

I know this period is beautiful, but it can also be challenging – especially if you want to practice gentle parenting.

That’s why I created the babywearing company, Wrap Love. I love your family and want to send you a wrap to test.

Can you send me your email address so we can discuss the details?


[Your Name]

5. Check out Their Other Social Media Profiles

People living in the 21st century have multiple other social media accounts.

And what’s not on Instagram can appear on other websites – including these creators’ email addresses.

Let’s say you want to get in touch with Australian author Jaclyn Moriarty:

Jaclyn Moriarty profile
  1. Look her up on other social media platforms, such as Facebook.
  2. Check her contact info.
Jaclyn Moriarty Profile 2
  1. Since this profile has no contact info to show, click on the website.
Jaclyn Moriarty website
  1. Grab her email address from the upper right corner.

Pro tip: Other creators, journalists, and influencers have a “contact me” section featuring on their websites these email addresses.

6. Extensive Googling

Extensive Googling should be your last resort.

  • Finding someone’s email on search engines may be more tedious than using an Instagram email finder.
  • This method is less reliable since people can change their addresses.
  • Google may show you a business email when you’re looking for a personal email address.

That said, search engines have a lot of information, and you can get the right data fast enough most times.

For example, we can find Jaclyn Moriarty’s address in seconds using Google.

We just typed her name and address in the search bar, and Google revealed her address in the first result.

googling someone's email

Let’s see if we have the same success finding Brian Dean’s email.

Googling Brian Dean's email

And the answer is no, in this case. We have to jump through many more hoops before finding his contact information.

Pro tip: Use Google Dork as an Instagram email finder.

  1. Copy your influencer’s exact username from Instagram.
  2. Run an advanced search by “@Instagram handle” + “” to find their potential Gmail or gmail for business addresses.

Remember: Keep the quote marks and @ sign.

Let’s say you want to find The Indie Guide’s email address.

Indie Guide profile

Type “@theindieguideofficial” + “” in Google and see what results pop up.

Luckily, you get your result on the first try:

Indie Guide search

Warning: This method only works if the person you’re researching has a Gmail account.

What Instagram Email Finder Will You Use?

This guide took you through six methods of finding active email addresses for Instagram users.

And some are easier than others.

If you’re lucky enough, your creators have added an email button or email address in their bios. If not, searching on Google and other social media channels can reveal the answer.

Besides, inBeat and are easy-to-use tools you can try today – and both have free versions.

And while is an excellent email finder software, inBeat also shows you more useful stats about your content creators.

So go ahead and try inBeat now – it’s free, fast, and flexible.

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