9 Best Instagram Email Scrapers to Collect Contact Information

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
13 min READ | Feb 6 2024

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An Instagram email scraper is like a gold digger machine: it helps you get those gold nuggets for your next influencer or email marketing campaign.

These gold nuggets are qualified prospects/creators who already show interest in your niche or products.

They are among your best leads, so they’ll open and reply to your outreach messages.

But first, you need the best email scraper, and you are on the right page for that. This article shows you:

  • 9 of the best Instagram email extractors according to your needs
  • Their pros and cons
  • How to use them
  • Pricing

Keep reading below.


  • Instagram email scrapers are valuable tools for finding targeted leads for influencer marketing, email marketing, and more.
  • These tools help you extract email addresses from Instagram profiles, enhancing your outreach efforts.
  • Four Instagram email scraper options are discussed in the article, each with its pros and cons.
  • is best for fast influencer discovery and offers useful free tools. Pricing starts at $35/month.
  • IGleads is ideal for finding leads for multiple campaigns based on specific interests. Pricing starts at $49/month.
  • xEmailExtractor is designed for massive email campaigns, providing up to 100,000 addresses in 24 hours. Pricing starts at $42/month.
  • iGramEmails offers responsive customer support and provides comprehensive lead data. Pricing starts at $52 for 1,000 leads.
  • The choice among these scrapers depends on your specific needs and preferences. inBeat is recommended for targeted marketing campaigns and offers a range of paid and free tools for influencer campaign optimization.
  • For those with more advanced skills and requirements, it’s possible to carry out web scraping with R, Python, C# and other programming languages. However, the specialized scraping tools we’re discussing here are more suited to the needs of newcomers.

What Is an Instagram Email Scraper and How Does It Work?

Here’s an excellent visual definition of an Instagram email scraper:

Instagram email scraper visualization

Tom’s magnet is like your Instagram email scraper:

This software attracts the right Instagram email address.

Side note: Hopefully, you won’t punch your leads. But you will metaphorically “hit” them with targeted messages that skyrocket your open and response rates.

Having these accurate email addresses helps you reach and interact with your target audience across different campaigns, such as:

Or even find your ex.

Either way, a solid email extractor quickly finds your outreach prospects so that you can build targeted campaigns.

Each IG email scraping tool works differently: some only allow you to search by keyword or hashtag, while others extract emails from likers, commenters, and locations as well.

And you will get this list of emails exported to XLSX or CSV files.

Let’s review your options:

1. Best for Fast and Free Influencer Discovery is technically an influencer discovery platform.

But you can also use this helpful tool as an Instagram email scraper.

The unique selling point is inBeat has a bevy of other free tools you’ll need in your campaign.

More on those in a second. For now, let’s look at the two main ways of using inBeat as an email extractor for Instagram.

1.1. You Want to Organize a Campaign from Scratch

Let’s say you’re looking for Instagram content creators in the travel niche.

  1. Open the inBeat app.
  2. Set your filters and keywords. In this case, we want highly persuasive and trustworthy influencers with an engagement rate of over 9%.
Inbeat instagram email scraper
  1. Click on “ok.”
  2. Compare the influencer profiles that best fit your campaign using our Instagram engagement rate calculator and Instagram fake follower checker.

Pro tip: If you really want to do thorough research, use our free Instagram collaboration cost calculator and see which combination of creators helps you maximize your marketing budget.

Now back to those steps:

  1. Select the best profiles for your campaign.
  2. Click to export those names as CSV. This document shows you all the influencers’ contact details.
Search results in Inbeat

Pro tip: You can also browse the top-rated Instagram influencers on inBeat.

List of top influencers in Inbeat

Choose your profiles and move on to the next step:

1.2. You Already Picked Your Creators’ Profiles

If you have already found your creators’ Instagram handles, inBeat’s deep search engine can still help.

  1. Open the inBeat app.
  2. Input an influencer’s name or username in the inBeat search engine.
  3. In the bottom right corner of your screen, under “Profiles exported in another search,” choose “Include.”
  4. Select your influencer’s profile.
  5. Rinse and repeat with the rest of the content creators.
  6. Click to export your list as CSV.
  7. Export the email addresses in your CRM software and begin your outreach efforts.

Let’s do this for the @findlovetravel handle:

Profile view in Inbeat

Pricing: Starts at $35/month, but there’s a free available version.

2. IGleads: Best for Finding Leads for Multiple Small to Medium Campaigns

IGleads promises to help you “reach every buyer on earth with Google’s public database at your fingertips.”

Basically, IGleads is an excellent choice for business owners who need to find potential customers according to their interests.

Having this list of leads based on highly specific interests means your cold calling/cold email campaign will be more successful. And your marketing efforts will bring more ROI.

Here’s how the tool works:

  1. Choose to scrape Instagram by hashtags or keywords.
  2. Enter the keyword or hashtag you want.
  3. Choose how many emails you need.
  4. Click on the purple search button to get your contact details. IGleads includes the leads’:
  • Home pages
  • Job positions available in their Instagram bios
  • Email addresses
  • Publicly available phone numbers
  • Website description
IGLeads instagram email scraper

Pro tip: You can also use IGL’s AI chatbot to generate keywords and hashtags related to your niche.

  1. Input your command in their AI keyword & hashtag generator.
  2. Click on “send.”
  3. Pick the most relevant terms and input them in the search bar above.

Besides, IGL has some standout features:

  • You can use this profile email extractor on other platforms, like Google, TikTok, or LinkedIn: As a result, you can build a more comprehensive campaign, drawing sufficient data from all these platforms. You can even use it as a browser extension.
  • IGL helps organize multiple campaigns: You can use this tool for tens of simultaneous campaigns you’re running. This helps if you’re a digital marketing agency or have multiple products under your brand’s umbrella.
  • IGL completely complies with Instagram’s terms of service: Your proxy or account won’t get banned when using this tool.

But this all-in-one platform has some downsides:

  • The scraping can take 1-24 hours, whereas is instant.
  • IGleads lacks in-depth tools to compare your profiles based on engagement rate or follower quality. If you need anything like that, use inBeat’s free toolkit.
  • Your leads don't have a profile picture.
  • There is no free version, but you can access a free trial period.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month for up to 10,000 emails across all social media platforms.

3. xEmailExtractor: Best for Massive Instagram Campaigns

xEmailExtractor is another great Instagram email scraper tool, which especially works for massive cold email campaigns.

In fact, this software helps you get up to 100,000 addresses in up to 24 hours.

And it scrapes one million Instagram users to get you this relevant list of emails.

These powerful features are why this software is best for large cold email campaigns, helping you find the most qualified business accounts to boost your response rate.

Along with the personal or business emails, you’ll also see:

  • User ID
  • Number of posts
  • Count of followers and following
  • Website
  • Publicly available city, phone number, and address
  • And more

Besides, xEmailExtractor helps you generate leads on autopilot and has excellent customer support.

Here’s how to use xEmailExtractor:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Choose if you want the email scraping tool to find your emails from followers, hashtags, followings, or your already existing list of profiles.
  3. Wait for the IG email extractor to find your collection of emails.

And here’s how intuitive their search engine looks:

xEmailExtractor instagram email scraper

On the downside, xEmailExtractor is not as fast as inBeat, which shows your profiles in seconds.

And just like IGleads, it lacks additional tools to compare the resulting profiles for a more targeted campaign.

Even so, getting this list of emails by specific search terms will considerably improve your open and response rates.

Pricing: Starts at $42/month for 8,000 scraped emails.

4. iGramEmails: Best for Responsive Support

The iGramEmails website opens with an attractive hook:

“Our Instagram email extractor has it all: it’s fast, easy, and cheap.”

Let’s see if that’s the case.

iGramEmails promises to give you:

  • More than targeted emails: You will also receive your targets’ names, usernames, their number of followings and followers, publicly available phone numbers and addresses, and more. From that regard, iGramEmails is as comprehensive as xEmailExtractor. And even better, the leads you get don’t expire, so you can use them whenever you have free time.
  • One-day results: iGramEmails claims “no other Instagram email scraper on the market is as fast as iGramEmails.” That’s not precisely true, seeing that both IGleads and xEmailExtractor have similar speeds. And inBeat gives you instant results, although this is technically an influencer discovery platform, not a lead generation email extractor.
  • Top support: iGramEmails has many verified user reviews praising its prompt, helpful customer support.

Here’s how to use iGramEmails:

  1. Purchase the number of leads you need.
  2. Visit the “Add orders” page.
  3. Fill in your order source and where you want the tool to scrape your info (e.g., find your emails from followers, user profiles, etc.).
  4. Wait for iGramEmails to search Instagram for the right profiles.
  5. Export your email list and start your outreach process.

On the downside, just like IGleads and xEmailExtractor, you can expect this engine to:

  • Take longer than inBeat.
  • Lack the additional tools for profile comparisons.

Pricing: Starts at $52 for 1,000 leads generated.

5. Leadstal Instagram Scraper Email Finder: Cost-Effective Email Finder

The Instagram Scraper and Email Finder by Leadstal stands out as a pioneering solution developed by an emerging SaaS firm known for its commitment to making a positive difference globally.

This affordable email scraper is designed with the end user in mind, ensuring it is accessible and affordable for a diverse range of users.


Its standout feature is the assurance of delivering over 90% accuracy in email validation, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

This email extraction tool is equipped with a comprehensive suite of features that cater to the nuanced needs of lead generation.

  • It helps you discover valuable email contacts.
  • It verifies each email on the spot.
  • It offers bulk search capabilities.
  • It can extract a wealth of information, including personal details, social media profiles, and key company metrics.

The ability to export data seamlessly into CSV and XL formats, coupled with sophisticated filtering options for emails, contact details, and social media links, enhances its utility for online marketing campaigns.

Remarkably, it's available both as a convenient Chrome extension and a web-based application, ensuring flexibility in how it's used.

In terms of affordability, Leadstal breaks new ground with its pricing structure.

This cost-effective Instagram email finder introduces a tiered system that begins with a complimentary plan offering 100 credits monthly, making it accessible to beginners or small-scale users.

The subsequent plans scale up in value, up to the premium pricing plan at $250/month.

6. Scraping Bee: Best for Google Sheet Integration

Scraping Bee stands out as a premier tool for efficiently harvesting contact information and other crucial data from Instagram profiles.

It employs an advanced scraping algorithm that ensures seamless retrieval of data from Instagram feeds without the risk of being blocked.

This makes it an invaluable asset for those in need of quick and effective data gathering.

The capabilities of Scraping Bee extend beyond simple data extraction; it enables users to directly integrate extracted leads into Google Sheets, streamlining the data management process.

Its robust email scraping technology ensures secure and reliable collection of email addresses from Instagram, bolstering its utility for lead generation and outreach efforts.

Ease of use is a hallmark of Scraping Bee, with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the data extraction process.

Its extensive proxy pool further enhances its effectiveness by circumventing potential access restrictions, ensuring uninterrupted data scraping.

Additionally, Scraping Bee is equipped with features to eliminate irrelevant search engine results, and its ability to render JavaScript enriches the scope of data it can access.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month

7. Instagrow: Good for Profile Analysis and Target Optimization

Instagrow emerges as a specialized Chrome extension designed to mine emails and additional insights such as follower and following counts, locations, and hashtags directly from Instagram profiles.

Its seamless integration into Chrome, coupled with a straightforward login process to Instagram, underscores its user-friendly nature.

A key advantage of Instagrow is its commitment to privacy and security; it operates without requiring Instagram passwords and ensures that no personal or Instagram user data is stored or transmitted.

Let's delve into the features that set Instagrow apart:

  • Capable of extracting detailed lists of followers for any given user on Instagram, filtered by specific hashtags or locations.
  • Gathers comprehensive profile data, including email addresses, biographies, follower and following numbers, contact information, and addresses.
  • Facilitates the export of gathered data into Xlsx format for convenient analysis and use.
  • Visualizes social connections through informative graphs to provide deeper insights into user relationships.

Besides, Instagrow offers a free extension option, making it accessible to a broad audience without initial investment.

Pricing: Free extension option.

8. Smartproxy: Advanced Social Media Scraping API

Smartproxy stands out with its advanced social media scraping API, particularly optimized for Instagram data extraction.

This tool enables users to retrieve a wide array of data from their Instagram accounts, including information on followers, following counts, user names, posts, hashtags, images, videos, reels, and audio clips.

Below are the key features that highlight Smartproxy's capabilities.


  • Access to over 80 million high-quality residential IPs, ensuring an impressive average response time of less than 0.5 seconds.
  • Simplified JavaScript rendering and API integration for efficient data processing.
  • Eliminates the need for CAPTCHAs, streamlining the integration process.
  • Provides real-time data collection without the risk of being blocked.
  • Offers high scalability to accommodate growing data needs.
  • Supports both synchronous and asynchronous requests for flexible data handling.
  • Features straightforward integration processes.
  • Utilizes browser fingerprints and headless scraping techniques for enhanced data accuracy.
  • Incorporates proxy integration for secure and anonymous data scraping.
  • Includes an API playground for testing and development purposes.

Pricing: Starts at $50/month for 25,000 requests

9. Influencers Club Email Scraper: Premium Scraper

The Influencers Club Email Scraper stands out as a premium Instagram data extraction tool, primarily due to its comprehensive feature set and higher price point.

Starting at €330 for the Trial package, which facilitates the discovery of 1,000 creators, this tool positions itself as a more upscale option for businesses seeking in-depth insights and targeted outreach capabilities.

This tool distinguishes itself because it doesn't just scrape Instagram for publicly available contact information but because it offers a refined, clean, and filtered database ready for immediate use.

Pro tip: You can even use its data in your Facebook Ads.

The service promises over 30 public data points accompanying each email, ensuring clients receive a multi-dimensional view of each profile.

This enhances the personalization and effectiveness of outreach campaigns.

Despite its premium pricing, the Influencers Club Email Scraper justifies its cost through the breadth and depth of its features, making it an attractive option for businesses and marketers dedicated to conducting precise, data-driven influencer outreach and marketing campaigns.

However, inBeat is cheaper and can also help you with quality data for results-driven influencer marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Starts at €330 for 1,000 creator profiles.

Which Instagram Email Scraper Should You Choose?

All the Instagram email scrapers in this review are proficient and affordable.

They don't just help you find public emails; you can even find hidden user emails.

So the only differentiating factor is your needs.

And each reliable email extractor tool above has its own best use case:

  • xEmailExtractor: Best for huge campaigns
  • IGleads: Best for marketing or lead-generating agencies that organize multiple campaigns
  • iGramEmails: Best for responsive customer support (and also good lead generation capabilities)

inBeat helps you organize highly targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

You can find the most suited content creators for your marketing goals and compare their profiles using a bevy of tools, from engagement rates to fake followers and money calculators.

So, try inBeat now – it’s fast, free, and flexible.

inBeat, for free

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