15 Top Beauty Marketing Agencies [As Of May 2024]

David Morneau

By David Morneau
18 min READ | May 14 2024

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Effective marketing strategies are essential for brands to stand out, connect with their target audience, and drive business growth.

That's where top beauty marketing agencies come into play.

These agencies specialize in crafting compelling campaigns, leveraging the latest trends, and understanding consumer behavior to help beauty brands thrive in 2024 and beyond.

From data-driven approaches to influencer marketing expertise, each beauty marketing agency brings its unique strengths to help beauty brands succeed.

Whether you're a beauty startup aiming to establish your brand's presence or an established beauty brand seeking innovative strategies to stay ahead, this article will provide valuable insights into the leading beauty marketing agencies.

We'll delve into their distinctive features, reasons to work with them, and how they can elevate your brand's visibility, engagement, and revenue.

TL;DR: The Best Beauty Marketing Agencies

  1. inBeat: A performance creative agency that excels at connecting beauty brands with niche audiences through authentic influencer partnerships, resulting in tangible business results.
  2. Top Influencer: With a decade of experience, Top Influencer specializes in partnering beauty brands with top influencers to enhance visibility, popularity, and sales, especially for Fortune 500 clients.
  3. Bleum: Dedicated to helping emerging beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands flourish, Bleum offers comprehensive support, from brand strategy to experiential events.
  4. The Influence Agency: Focused on beauty influencer marketing, this agency has a roster of personalities ready to promote and endorse beauty brands, offering comprehensive solutions.
  5. SMAKK: A creative agency that stands out with unique brand strategies, captivating packaging design, and expertise in ecommerce strategy and marketing campaigns.

9 Benefits of Hiring a Beauty Marketing Agency

  • Industry expertise

Beauty marketing agencies have in-depth knowledge and experience in the beauty industry.

They understand the unique challenges and trends specific to the beauty market, allowing them to develop effective strategies that resonate with your target audience.

  • Targeted approach

A beauty marketing agency can help you identify and target the right audience for your products or services.

They conduct thorough market research, analyze consumer behavior, and create buyer personas to ensure your marketing efforts reach the most relevant and receptive audience.

  • Creative and compelling content

Beauty marketing agencies excel in creating visually appealing and engaging content that captures the attention of your target audience.

They understand the aesthetics and language that appeal to beauty consumers, helping to create compelling campaigns, ads, and social media content that drive brand engagement and conversions.

  • Digital expertise

Beauty marketing agencies specialize in digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and content creation.

They can help your brand establish a robust online presence, increase visibility, and engage with your audience across various digital platforms.

  • Brand consistency

A beauty marketing agency ensures consistent branding across all marketing channels.

They develop brand guidelines, create visually cohesive designs, and maintain a consistent tone of voice throughout your marketing campaigns.

This helps establish a strong and recognizable brand identity, enhancing brand loyalty and recall.

  • Maximize ROI

With their expertise in data analysis and tracking, beauty marketing agencies can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and optimize them for maximum return on investment.

They use analytics tools and conversion optimization techniques to continuously improve your marketing efforts, ensuring that your budget is allocated efficiently.

  • Access to industry networks

Beauty marketing agencies often have established relationships with influencers, industry professionals, media outlets, and other key players in the beauty industry.

Leveraging their networks, they can help you secure strategic partnerships, collaborations, and media placements that amplify your brand's visibility and credibility.

  • Time and resource efficiency

By outsourcing your beauty marketing to an agency, you free up your internal resources to focus on other core aspects of your business.

The agency handles the planning, implementation, and monitoring of your marketing campaigns, saving you time and effort while benefiting from their specialized skills and expertise.

  • Stay ahead of the competition

Beauty marketing agencies stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, consumer preferences, and emerging technologies.

They can help you stay ahead of the competition by adopting innovative marketing strategies and leveraging new opportunities in the ever-evolving beauty market.

1. inBeat

inbeat agency

If you want to take your beauty business to new heights, inBeat is a perfect choice.

inBeat is a leading beauty marketing agency that leverages micro-influencers and UGC to craft authentic ads.

With a strong focus on achieving tangible business results, inBeat helps brands maximize the impact of their paid media campaigns.

For example, they've worked with beauty clients such as Native to promote their product offering and achieved awesome results by creating 200 unique content assets.

For another beauty client, Prose, they create 50 content assets each month in collaboration with awesome micro-influencers.

inBeat's dedication to leveraging the authenticity and niche expertise of micro-influencers sets them apart in the beauty marketing industry.

Industries: beauty, skincare, CPG and DTC brands, retail, eCommerce, agencies.

Notable clients: Native, Prose, New Balance, Hopper.

Key services:

  • Paid advertising (from A to Z)
  • Micro-influencer marketing
  • TikTok and Instagram marketing
  • User-generated content creation
  • Reporting and analytics
  • White-label micro-influencer marketing services

Reason to work with InBeat: Working with inBeat allows you to tap into the power of micro-influencers who possess niche expertise, enabling you to connect with your target audience on a more personal level and sell your beauty products.

Their specialized knowledge and experience in micro-influencer marketing make inBeat an ideal choice for brands seeking impactful and authentic influencer partnerships in the beauty industry.

2. Brenton Way

Brenton way agency

Brenton Way is a growth-focused beauty marketing agency known for its data-driven approach and creative expertise.

With a strong emphasis on making objective decisions, they help brands amplify their presence across audiences and inspire customer loyalty.

Their commitment to creating online marketing strategies, split testing, gathering consumer insights, and understanding audience intent allows them to create effective campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

With a focus on providing creative content that not only looks beautiful but also delivers measurable results, Brenton Way is a trusted partner in beauty marketing.

Industries: beauty, crypto, NFT, eCommerce, consumer goods, gaming & E-sports, fine jewelry, health, SaaS, cannabis, dental, fitness, law.

Notable clients: OpulenceMD, Cleure, Shevys.

Key services:

  • Paid media
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Digital PR
  • Influencer marketing

Reason to work with Brenton Way: By utilizing a data-driven approach, Brenton Way ensures that your creative decisions are based on objective insights. This approach allows you to make informed decisions, resulting in more effective marketing strategies. If you value objective decision-making and want to amplify your brand across audiences with beautiful and data-backed creative content, Brenton Way is the agency for you.

3. Top Influencer

Top influencer agency

Top Influencer is a leading influencer marketing agency with a decade of experience specializing in helping beauty brands reach their target audience through collaborations with top beauty influencers.

They are known for transforming brand visibility, popularity, and sales by leveraging the influence of prominent beauty influencers.

With a strong track record of working with Fortune 500 companies, Top Influencer has established itself as a trusted partner in the beauty industry.

Their expertise in influencer marketing allows them to create impactful campaigns that drive brand engagement and deliver tangible results to sell online beauty products.

Industries: beauty, fashion, food, gaming, travel.

Notable clients: Clove and Hallow, UTILITARIAN clothing, Power Up.

Key services:

  • Influencer sponsored & blog posts
  • Influencer gifting
  • Influencer events
  • Influencer trips
  • Influencer product launches
  • Influencer content production & product photography

Reason to work with Top Influencer: Top Influencer specializes in connecting beauty brands with top influencers. With their extensive network of influencers, they can help your brand reach your target audience effectively. By leveraging influencer partnerships, they can enhance your brand's visibility, popularity, and overall performance.

4. Amra & Elma

Amra and Elma agency

Amra & Elma is a beauty marketing agency focused on maximizing return on investment through digital marketing services.

Their mission is to unite beauty brands with their target audiences, boost online revenue, and achieve a higher and faster ROI.

By offering high-quality digital marketing solutions, they assist beauty brands in increasing brand awareness, and organic traffic, achieving business goals and overall business growth.

With a commitment to spreading positive brand awareness and delivering measurable results, Amra & Elma is a trusted partner for beauty brands seeking effective digital marketing strategies.

Industries: beauty, cosmetic industry, tech, gaming, fashion, luxury, travel, food.

Notable clients: Avon, L’Occitane, Sisley Paris.

Key services:

  • Media buying
  • Social media management
  • influencer marketing
  • Public relations
  • SEO
  • Content development
  • Branding
  • Events

Reason to work with Amra & Elma: Amra & Elma focuses on maximizing your return on investment (ROI) through their high-quality digital marketing solutions. If you want to stand out in a crowded beauty market, they are a great option.

Their expertise lies in spreading positive brand awareness, increasing organic traffic, and growing businesses. If you seek a beauty marketing agency that can help you achieve higher ROI, boost online revenue, and effectively unite your brand with target audiences, Amra & Elma is the agency to consider.

5. Blue Wheel

Blue Wheel agency

Blue Wheel is a leading beauty marketing agency specializing in advertising beauty, cosmetic, and skin care products to a new generation of online shoppers.

They excel in crafting campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive product purchases in a competitive industry.

Blue Wheel's expertise lies in both organic brand ownership and creating compelling beauty advertising campaigns.

With their in-depth understanding of the beauty industry and expertise in digital marketing, Blue Wheel is a trusted partner for brands looking to establish a strong online presence and succeed in the competitive beauty market.

Industries: beauty & skincare, cosmetic industry, apparel, health & fitness.

Notable clients: Instytutum, Banila Co, Korres.

Key services:

  • SEO
  • Organic social media
  • Omni-channel advertising
  • Brand protection
  • Marketplace expansion
  • Content management
  • Merchandising

Reason to work with Blue Wheel: Blue Wheel specializes in advertising beauty, cosmetic, and skincare products to a new generation of online shoppers. They understand the preferences and behavior of this tech-savvy audience, allowing them to craft campaigns that truly resonate and inspire customer loyalty.

If you want to capture the attention of the modern online consumer and position your brand as a top choice in the beauty industry, Blue Wheel is the agency with the expertise you need.

6. GetHyped

GetHyped agency

GetHyped is a full-service beauty influencer marketing agency with years of experience and valuable industry connections.

Their expertise lies in helping beauty brands use impactful influencer storytelling to generate strong brand awareness, and affinity and reach business objectives.

Their team of specialists and client account managers ensure a strategic process and a comprehensive and tailored approach to influencer marketing.

As a trusted agency with a deep understanding of the beauty industry, GetHyped is a reliable choice for brands seeking to leverage the power of influencers in their marketing strategies.

Industries: beauty, fashion, tech, food & beverage, healthcare, household.

Notable clients: Cannalle CBD Infused Skincare, LilyAna Naturals, Zellite, Macy’s.

Key services:

  • Influencer marketing
  • YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Organic social posting
  • White-label influencer marketing

Reason to work with GetHyped: GetHyped is a full-service beauty influencer marketing agency with a deep understanding of the beauty industry. Their specialization in working with beauty brands allows them to deliver impactful influencer storytelling that generates strong brand awareness and affinity.

If you're specifically seeking an agency that excels in beauty influencer marketing, helping you create meaningful connections with your target audience, GetHyped is the agency you should partner with.

7. Bleum

Bleum agency

Bleum is a beauty marketing agency that is passionate about helping new and emerging beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands flourish.

Their services range from brand strategy and design to digital marketing and strategic partnerships.

With a focus on achieving client goals and bringing brand visions to life, Bleum is committed to creating opportunities for growth.

If you're looking for a dedicated partner that can provide comprehensive support for your brand's success, Bleum is an ideal choice in beauty marketing.

Industries: beauty, skincare, fashion.

Notable clients: Kreyol Essence, Roots & Bloom Skincare, Hush Hush Beauty.

Key services:

  • Brand strategy
  • Branding & design
  • Creative content
  • Product development
  • Digital marketing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Experiential events

Reason to work with Bleum: Bleum offers a comprehensive range of services, from brand strategy to experiential events. Their commitment to helping new and emerging beauty, lifestyle, and wellness brands bring their visions to life sets them apart. If you're looking for an agency that can guide you through every stage of your brand's journey and help you flourish, Bleum is the agency to collaborate with.

8. The Influence Agency

The Influence agency

The Influence Agency is a dedicated beauty influencer marketing agency with a roster of personalities that can help promote and endorse your brand in the beauty sector.

With a strong understanding of the ever-evolving beauty industry and the competition within it, they are well-equipped to navigate the beauty market.

The Influence Agency offers comprehensive solutions to help beauty brands effectively reach their target audience and build brand recognition.

With its specialized focus on beauty influencer marketing, The Influence Agency is a trusted partner for brands looking to enhance their presence in the beauty industry.

Industries: beauty, fashion, fitness, travel, automotive, gaming, music, tech, wellness.

Notable clients: Indigo, New Balance, Jamieson Vitamins.

Key services:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Google advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content strategy
  • Event marketing

Reason to work with The Influence Agency: The Influence Agency is dedicated to beauty influencer marketing, with a roster of personalities ready to promote and endorse your brand's message.

Their deep understanding of the beauty industry, along with their expertise in influencer marketing, positions them as an ideal partner to navigate the competitive beauty market. If you want to harness the power of influential beauty personalities to boost your brand's visibility, The Influence Agency is the right choice.

9. The Pull

The Pull agency

The Pull Agency is a beauty marketing agency driven by a love for business and brand representation.

They specialize in brand strategy, social and influencer marketing, and mobile apps and websites.

With their deep understanding of the beauty industry, The Pull Agency offers insights and guidance to help businesses succeed in the competitive market.

Their expertise in beauty marketing allows them to provide valuable strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.

Industries: beauty, fashion, skincare, haircare.

Notable clients: Tangle Teezer, Schwarzkopf, Carmex, Symprofe.

Key services:

  • Brand strategy and visual identity
  • Social and influencer marketing
  • Mobile apps and websites

Reason to work with The Pull: The Pull Agency's creative superpower lies in building brands that win customers for life. Their focus on brand strategy, social and influencer marketing, and website development allows them to create meaningful connections between brands and their customers.

If you're seeking an agency that will go above and beyond to understand your brand and help you succeed in the beauty industry, The Pull Agency is the perfect partner.

10. CAKE Commerce

Cake commerce agency

CAKE Commerce is a results-driven beauty marketing agency that offers a wide range of tailored services.

With their expertise, they help beauty brands drive sales, increase brand recognition, and improve return on ad spend.

CAKE Commerce takes pride in creating the perfect marketing mix for each brand, providing a voice, and making a positive impact in the digital space.

By partnering with CAKE Commerce, brands can benefit from their strategic approach to marketing and achieve their unique goals in the beauty industry.

Industries: beauty, skincare, interior design, fashion.

Notable clients: BeautyBio, Cabana Life, and Ópalens Beauty.

Key services:

  • Ecommerce marketing strategy
  • Content marketing for ecommerce
  • Paid media & social strategy
  • SEO
  • Influencer marketing

Reason to work with CAKE Commerce: CAKE Commerce specializes in ecommerce marketing strategies tailored specifically for beauty brands. Their expertise in content marketing, influencer marketing, advertising services, and ecommerce strategy can help you drive sales, increase brand recognition, and improve return on ad spend. If you're a beauty brand looking to optimize your ecommerce performance and create a strong online presence, CAKE Commerce is the agency that can deliver tailored solutions.


Smakk agency

SMAKK is a creative beauty marketing agency that excels in brand strategy, packaging design, and website design.

They believe in the power of creativity and strive to produce unique work that creates meaningful connections with customers.

SMAKK's expertise extends to ecommerce strategy and marketing campaigns, enabling brands to make a lasting impact in the beauty industry.

With their focus on delivering innovative solutions and captivating marketing content, SMAKK is a trusted partner for beauty brands seeking to differentiate themselves and engage their target audience effectively.

Industries: health & wellness, beauty & personal care, fashion & lifestyle, food & beverage, sustainability & social impact.

Notable clients: Harry'S, Adidas Group, Walmart, Aveda.

Key services:

  • Brand strategy + development
  • Packaging design
  • eCommerce strategy
  • Website design
  • Marketing campaigns + content

Reason to work with SMAKK: SMAKK stands out with its ability to develop unique brand strategies, creative solutions, and visually captivating packaging design. Their expertise in ecommerce strategy and marketing campaigns enables them to create meaningful connections with customers.

If you're seeking an agency that can help your beauty brand stand out with innovative brand development and creative campaigns, SMAKK is the agency to consider.

12. Constellate Creatives

 Constellate creatives agency

Constellate Creatives is a global digital marketing and communications agency with a focus on community building and storytelling.

As your marketing partner, they strive to inspire a more inclusive world through meaningful content production and measurable growth.

Their commitment to crafting communities and ecosystems for brands sets them apart in the beauty marketing industry.

If you're looking for an agency that combines creativity with a purpose-driven approach, Constellate Creatives is an excellent choice for your beauty brand.

Industries: beauty, fashion, health & wellness.

Notable clients: Studio K2, TedX, BodyLove Fitness.

Key services:

  • Content production
  • Consulting & strategy
  • Website development
  • Social media
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics

Reason to work with Constellate Creatives: Constellate Creatives is known for its focus on building communities and storytelling through meaningful content production and social media management.

Their expertise in content production, website development, and campaign management helps brands grow through engaging content and measurable growth. If you're looking for an agency that can create impactful content and build a community around your beauty brand, Constellate Creatives is an excellent choice.

13. WISE Digital Partners

WISE digital partners agency

WISE Digital Partners is a San Diego-based digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services designed to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital world.

Their expertise spans digital strategy, brand identity, website development, and various digital marketing channels.

With their NEST™ website and digital marketing platform, WISE Digital Partners provides comprehensive solutions to businesses of all sizes.

By developing tailored strategies and products, they empower beauty brands to achieve their goals and drive success in the online landscape

Industries: health & beauty, accounting, legal, mortgage, home services, eCommerce, insurance, financial, healthcare, education, meal prep, construction, technology.

Notable clients: AMG Props, National Home Loans, BizHaus.

Key services:

  • Digital strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Websites
  • SEO
  • Paid search ads
  • Paid social ads
  • Listings management
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Social media management

Reason to work with WISE Digital Partners: WISE Digital Partners offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions tailored to the beauty industry. Their expertise in digital strategy, websites, SEO, and paid advertising allows them to create customized strategies that drive results for beauty brands.

If you're looking for an agency that understands the unique needs of beauty brands and can provide a wide range of digital solutions, WISE Digital Partners is the agency to collaborate with.

14. Alioze

Alioze agency

Alioze is a full-service digital marketing agency with a strong focus on the beauty industry and a global reach.

Their team of cosmetic enthusiasts specializes in local, national, and international beauty markets.

Alioze combines innovative design, an understanding of customer needs, high-quality content, and technical expertise to elevate brand philosophies while meeting end users' expectations.

With a wide range of services, they cater to various industries and strive to create a positive impact through the content they produce.

Industries: beauty, automotive, education & teaching, fashion, food, healthcare & medical, Jewelry, kids, luxury, real estate, restaurant, tourism.

Notable clients: DIor, Cattier, Guerlain Paris, Filorga Paris.

Key services:

  • Naming/branding
  • Strategic brand positioning
  • Pais advertising
  • Influencer marketing
  • SEO
  • Communication strategy
  • Web development

Reason to work with Alioze: Alioze is known for its multifaceted beauty marketing expertise and global reach. With a strong focus on local and international beauty markets, they offer services such as branding, art direction, design, press relations, and online reputation management.

If you're seeking an agency with a deep understanding of various beauty markets and the ability to sublimate your brand philosophy, Alioze is the agency to collaborate with.

15. Dabaran

Dabaran agency

Dabaran is a results-oriented beauty marketing agency that focuses on driving long-term profitability and measurable results.

With their proven SEO methodology, they help beauty brands improve search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Dabaran's expertise in search engine optimization allows them to consistently deliver measurable growth and tangible outcomes for their clients.

By partnering with Dabaran, beauty brands can benefit from their data-driven approach and achieve long-term success in the highly competitive beauty industry.

Industries: beauty, haircare, education, eCommerce.

Notable clients: Zoya G, VoPay, Med School Coach.

Key services:

  • SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Content marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO reporting

Reason to work with Dabaran: Dabaran's distinctive feature lies in its proven SEO methodology and creative solutions, which consistently drives long-term profitability and measurable results for its clients.

Their comprehensive SEO services, including audits, on-page optimization, and link building, can help your beauty brand improve search engine visibility and organic traffic. If you're looking for an agency with a strong focus on SEO and a track record of delivering long-term results, Dabaran is the agency to choose.

Conclusion on top beauty marketing agencies

Finding the right beauty marketing agency can make all the difference in the success of your brand.

Each agency on this list offers unique services and expertise tailored to the beauty industry.

Consider your specific needs and goals when choosing the perfect partner to amplify your brand and achieve measurable results.

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