Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator: 9 Calculators Compared [An Influencer Platform’s POV]

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
12 min READ | Feb 13 2024

To cut the suspense, the best Instagram engagement rate calculator is inBeat’s.

We’ll share why in a second, comparing it with 8 other top contenders.

And we’ll use our perspective as an influencer marketing platform.

Our sister company, customer acquisition agency inBeat, and clients use our engagement rate calculator, so we’ve perfected this tool over the years.

Try it for yourself here, and be sure to read how it stacks up against the competition.

TL;DR: Best Instagram Engagement Rate Calculators

  1. inBeat: Offers insights into follower count, engagement rate, and content popularity with a "Find Similar Creators" feature.
  2. Phlanx: Simple interface providing quick engagement rate calculations and comparisons with Instagram's average.
  3. HypeAuditor: Displays engagement metrics and overall engagement quality but requires signup for more in-depth data.
  4. trendHERO: Focuses on follower growth analysis and calculates engagement from the most recent 18 posts.
  5. Keyhole: Offers engagement timelines and in-depth analysis but with longer processing times.
  6. Modash: Quick calculator with specific analysis features but lacks similar creator recommendations and in-depth post metrics.
  7. Collabstr: Fast calculation with similar creator recommendations and potential fees, but lacks recent post interaction data.
  8. Hootsuite: Provides thorough analysis with manual data entry but lacks easy comparisons and visuals.
  9. Viral Mango: Offers comprehensive influencer data for free, including audience engagement rates and comments-to-like ratio, but lacks features for discovering similar creators.

1. The inBeat Engagement Rate Calculator: Best Overall

The inBeat Engagement Rate Calculator is a tool designed for analyzing Instagram influencer profiles, providing insights into follower count, engagement rate, and content popularity.

It offers a straightforward interface where users can enter an Instagram username to retrieve engagement metrics.

This tool is ideal for marketers, advertisers, and influencer marketing professionals looking to gauge potential influencer partners’ trust and engagement level for campaigns.

Look how easy it is to understand key metrics like average likes and average comments, seeing how they fluctuate over time:

Plus, you can see different Instagram posts and their metrics right inside the calculator to grasp the type of Instagram content an influencer can create.

Pro tip: Arguably, the best feature is the “Find Similar Creators” button, which helps you discover nano, micro, or macro - influencers with the same profiles.

Here’s the main downside, though:

This calculator doesn’t measure fake interactions.

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on your user judgment to assess the authenticity of interactions.

If you like an influencer profile, run them through this free fake follower checker.

Key Features:

  • Calculates average engagement rate based on likes and comments for the last 12 posts.
  • Displays average likes and comments per post.
  • Offers insights into recent posts’ performance.
  • Includes a UGC Platform for conversion-focused content creation.


  • Free to use without email sign-up or report watermarking.
  • Allows you to find similar creators.
  • Useful for identifying potential influencer partnerships for marketing campaigns.


  • The engagement rate might not account for fake interactions.

Pricing Plans: The tool is free to use.

2. Phlanx: Best for Average Engagement Rate Comparison

Phlanx's Instagram engagement calculator is another online tool for measuring the engagement rate of Instagram profiles.

It calculates this rate by considering the top user interactions, like average likes and comments per post.

The platform is designed for simplicity, allowing quick input and analysis without extensive setup.

If you discount the initial test to prove you’re human.

However, after completing it and adding the influencer’s handle, you can see a solid analysis done fairly fast:

You can read the influencer’s number of followers, engagement rate, average likes, and average comments per post.

Pro tip: You can even export this image as a JPG or PDF.

Another great feature is the tool displays how your chosen influencer stacks up against the average engagement rates on Instagram:

That will help you decide whether this particular creator is a good choice for your influencer marketing campaign, or not.

On the other hand, inBeat’s calculator offers more in-depth metrics.

For example, it shows how many people an influencer follows and allows you to find similar creators.

Plus, you can see different Instagram posts and their metrics right inside the inBeat calculator, whereas this one is less visual.

Phlanx can also do a more in-depth influencer audit, but you must sign up on their platform first, and they’ll send you the results via e-mail.

Key Features:

  • Engagement rate calculation
  • Average likes and comments analysis
  • Simple user interface


  • User-friendly design
  • Instant calculations
  • Free


  • Initial test to prove you’re human
  • Limited metrics compared to inBeat
  • Sign-up required to get more in-depth influencer analytics
  • May not account for fake followers

Pricing: Free, but you must sign up for more in-depth data

3. HypeAuditor: Best for Additional Stats

HypeAuditor's calculator allows you to evaluate the engagement metrics of any Instagram account.

It displays an account's interaction levels, including average likes and comments per post and overall engagement rate percentage.

You can also see the number of followers and quickly share the insights on X and LinkedIn.

Another useful feature is that HypeAuditor displays whether a profile has a good engagement rate or not.

However, we’ve been inputting the same profile in all the engagement calculators so far.

And while inBeat and Phlanx revealed similar stats, HypeAudior’s tool is extremely far away from them.

Besides, inBeat offers better metrics and additional features.

Remember, you can use inBeat to reveal similar influencers or to get a good grasp of the influencer’s style.

The inBeat calculator also shows specific likes and comments for the last few Instagram posts on an influencer’s profile.

Another downside is that you must sign up for more in-depth metrics, including:

  • Audience check
  • Audience demographics
  • Follower growth
  • Brand mentions
  • Ad performance

These details are useful for finding the right influencers that align with your influencer marketing goals, so signing up might be worthwhile.

Key Features:

  • Average likes and comments per post metrics
  • User-friendly interface for quick assessments
  • Additional stats available


  • Free and easy to use
  • Provides immediate results
  • Fast


  • Limited insights without account creation
  • Doesn’t allow you to find similar creators, like inBeat
  • The engagement rate analysis might not be very accurate

Pricing: Free, but must sign up for more in-depth data

4. trendHERO: Best for Follower Growth Analysis

The trendHERO Instagram engagement rate calculator provides a quick and efficient way to analyze engagement on Instagram profiles, whether you’re checking influencers’ profiles, your brand, or your competitor accounts.

trendHERO is fairly accurate because it calculates engagement based on the most recent 18 posts, factoring in likes and comments to determine the influencer engagement rate.

Basically, it uses a weighted average, not a simple average.

Plus, it shows a long-term Instagram performance without manual calculations, offering insights into follower growth and potential inauthentic activities.

It's particularly valuable for social media managers, influencers, and marketers aiming to understand and improve Instagram engagement.

For a deeper analysis, trendHERO also highlights the importance of monitoring follower growth patterns to detect organic versus suspicious increases.

On the downside, you must sign up for a full report.

And, unlike inBeat, you can’t see precise metrics per post, nor do you see these posts inside the calculator to understand the influencer’s style.

Also, you can’t find similar creators from within trendHERO’s calculator.

Key Features:

  • Calculates the current engagement rate for any non-private Instagram account
  • Analyzes the most recent 18 posts for likes and comments
  • Provides basic account information and follower growth history
  • Identifies organic vs. inauthentic follower growth


  • Quick and efficient engagement analysis
  • No need to connect your Instagram account
  • Free access to basic insights and analytics


  • In-depth analysis requires account creation
  • Can’t see similar creator profiles
  • Can’t see precise metrics per post or specific Instagram posts like within inBeat

Pricing: Free, but must sign up for more in-depth data

5. Keyhole: Good for Understanding Engagement Variation

The bad news is Keyhole takes (much) longer than the other engagement calculators to start:

The good news is they’re really funny so you won’t get bored as you wait.

Here are the stats:

This calculator shows you the level of engagement for a particular influencer as a percentage, its number of followers, how many accounts it follows, and the total number of posts.

You can also:

  • See a useful engagement timeline to gain more insights into the influencer’s success over a longer period of time.
  • Press the question mark to see how the software tool calculates overall engagement.

In this case, you can see that Keyhole has analyzed 99 posts, whereas inBeat analyzes the last 12 posts and trendHERO the previous 18.

The problem is the resulting engagement rate is calculated by summing all interactions and dividing the result by the creator’s number of followers.

That’s how they get a weirdly massive engagement rate for our influencer at 112.52%.

Plus, you can’t see other details:

  • The total average likes and comments
  • Likes and comments per post
  • Similar creators

Key Features:

  • Detailed engagement percentage analysis
  • Engagement timeline for insights
  • Explanation of engagement calculation method
  • Analysis based on a large number of posts


  • Comprehensive engagement insights
  • Humorous interface to enhance user experience


  • Longer processing time than other tools
  • May not show the actual engagement
  • No daily engagement stats
  • Lacks visibility into likes and comments per post
  • Cannot find similar creators

Pricing: Free, but must sign up for more in-depth data

6. Modash: Solid Analytics

Modash offers a fast engagement calculator.

They’re our competitors, but we appreciate them a lot because their interface is very similar to ours.

So it’s clear they know quality when they see it.

We appreciate that they have specific buttons for checking contact details, getting the audience breakdown, and revealing fake followers for each influencer.

The stats are also clearly presented.

You can see the creator’s engagement rate and how it compares to Instagram’s average median, number of followers, and average likes.

You can also see popular posts with the most user interactions.

There are some downsides, too.

Modash doesn’t allow you to find similar creators or show the average number of comments.

You also can’t see the latest posts’ performance – just the best ones.

Plus, you need a Modash account to access the contact details, audience breakdown, and fake followers, whereas inBeat is fully free.

Key Features:

  • Fast engagement calculation
  • Contact details and audience breakdown features
  • Fake follower button
  • Clear presentation of key metrics


  • User-friendly interface
  • Specific features for detailed influencer analysis
  • Comparison with Instagram's average engagement rate
  • Popular posts with metrics


  • Lack of similar creator suggestions
  • No average comment count or recent post performance analysis
  • Requires a Modash account for full feature access

Pricing Plans: Free, but needs an account for more data

7. Collabstr: Solid for Similar Influencers

Collabstr allows you to find your potential influencers’ or ambassadors’ engagement rate.

Their calculator is fast – just type the creator’s handle and click the “check” button.

The tool reveals the creator’s number of followers, number of posts, and number of people they follow.

You can also see the average engagement rate, likes, and comments.

You can even find similar creators and see their potential fees inside the calculator.

On the downside, Collabstr doesn’t show the most recent interactions and posts for a specific influencer.

Also, the fees they show for similar creators might be inaccurate.

Pro tip: inBeat has a solid – and completely free – Instagram money calculator where you can assess a more precise price range for your influencers for different types of content.

That aside, it seems a bit strange that Collabstr reveals potential fees for the similar creators you may need but doesn’t show the fees for the original creator you checked.

Maybe they’ll use our insights to improve their calculator – be sure to give us a shoutout if you do!

Key Features:

  • Fast engagement rate calculation
  • Similar creator recommendations
  • Potential fee insights for similar creators


  • Quick and user-friendly
  • Provides essential influencer metrics
  • Helps in finding similar influencers


  • Lacks recent interaction data
  • Fee estimates may lack accuracy
  • No fee information for the primary influencer checked

Pricing: Free

8. Hootsuite: In-depth Software

Hootsuite offers interesting software that takes into account in-depth factors to calculate the engagement rate for any social media platform, not just Instagram.

One downside is you have to add this data manually on your own for each influencer and every single post.

The other downside is you may not even know certain info like the number of saves, clicks, or direct messages to ensure your engagement rate formula is correct.

So, you will get a thorough analysis, but you can’t get easy comparisons and solid visuals.

You also can’t use this tool to display similar creators.

On the upside, the Hootsuite calculator is accompanied by an in-depth article on the Instagram engagement rate.

They also link to an even more in-depth spreadsheet calculator you can try.

Key Features:

  • In-depth engagement rate analysis
  • Manual data entry for each post and influencer


  • Comprehensive analysis capability
  • Accompanied by an informative article on engagement rates


  • Requires manual data input
  • Lacks visual comparisons and similar creator suggestions

Pricing: Free

9. Viral Mango: Thorough Free Info

Viral Mango offers a slew of free information for each specific influencer you’re interested in.

You can see their number of followers, engagement rate, average likes, and comments.

You can also see very useful info, like the comments-to-like ratio, which shows you if a creator can genuinely spark conversation within their follower base.

Plus, Viral Mango reveals the estimated price per Instagram post and Story for the influencer handle you added.

We might steal a page from their book.

Conversely, Viral Mango doesn’t show similar creators or the influencer’s latest posts with in-depth stats.

From that point of view, inBeat is more visual and comprehensive, although Viral Mango is doing a great job, too.

Key Features:

  • Detailed influencer metrics, including engagement rate, average likes, and comments
  • Comments-to-like ratio for deeper engagement insights
  • Estimated pricing for Instagram posts and Stories


  • Comprehensive influencer data is provided for free
  • Valuable insights into audience interaction levels


  • Lacks features for discovering similar creators
  • No analysis of the latest posts with in-depth statistics

Pricing: Free

Wrapping Up: Which Calculator Should You Choose?

This article took you through nine solid engagement calculators for Instagram, each with its unique features.

For example, Viral Mango shows you if your potential collaborators can actively influence their active audiences.

Hootsuite allows you to get very accurate metrics based on specific details.

And trendHERO shows you accurate follower growth.

However, inBeat stands out for its user-friendly interface, comprehensive analysis capabilities, and the unique "Find Similar Creators" feature.

The combination of ease of use, depth of analysis, and free access positions inBeat as a solid choice if you want to optimize your Instagram campaigns effectively.

Plus, check out our other tools in this comprehensive free toolkit.

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