Top 30 CPG Marketing Agencies in the US [2024 Review]

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
32 min READ | Apr 29 2024

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Finding the right marketing agency for your consumer packaged goods can be daunting.

The market is saturated, making it hard to spot the best fit for your brand.

  • Explore the top 30 CPG marketing agencies in the US: We’ve curated a list spotlighting industry leaders.
  • Diverse industries: Discover agencies excelling in various sectors within CPG.
  • Key services offered: Learn about these agencies' core services to elevate brands.
  • Notable clients: Gain insights from the success stories of their significant clients.

You’re in the perfect place to boost your brand’s visibility. Keep reading to find the best agency for your needs.

TL;DR: Top CPG Marketing Agencies in the US

  1. inBeat: inBeat stands out as the best overall CPG marketing agency, specializing in solutions that bring the revenue up for CPG brands. They offer personalized, scalable solutions designed to boost brand visibility and engagement across major social platforms.
  2. Fishbat: Fishbat is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in the food and beverage sector, focusing on tailored strategies to enhance brand visibility and online engagement.
  3. Brandettes: Brandettes excels in marketing beauty, lifestyle, and food brands, using a blend of creative and data-driven strategies to enhance brand visibility and market penetration.
  4. THIEL: THIEL is a branding and advertising agency that operates primarily in the food and beverage industry, offering a client-centric approach with tailored strategies and innovative digital solutions.
  5. Immotion Studios: Based in Fort Worth, Immotion Studios integrates marketing and sales strategies effectively. It specializes in the food, drug, and mass retail sectors and focuses on enhancing brand visibility and market penetration through creative and digital marketing.

Benefits of Hiring a CPG Marketing Agency in the US

  • You'll benefit from specialized knowledge and expertise in the CPG sector, which can significantly enhance your marketing effectiveness.
  • You get access to advanced tools and technologies that these agencies use to analyze market trends and consumer behaviors, helping you stay ahead of the curve.
  • They provide creative and innovative solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs and challenges of the CPG industry.
  • Outsourcing complex marketing tasks to experts who understand how to engage your target audience effectively will save you time and resources.
  • They offer comprehensive strategies that integrate various channels and platforms, ensuring a cohesive and consistent brand message.
  • With their proven track records of successful campaigns and strategies, you gain a competitive edge, drawing on vast experience with similar products and markets.
  • Their external perspective can provide fresh insights and ideas that might be missed by an internal team too close to the project.

A Deep Dive into Each Top CPG Marketing Agency in the US

1. inBeat

inBeat is a premier CPG marketing agency that focuses on marketing services that positively influence the bottom line of CPG brands.

What sets inBeat apart as the best CPG marketing agency in North America is its commitment to scalability and personalization, ensuring that each campaign is crafted to meet the tangible business outcomes of your brand.

With inBeat, you gain access to the top 2% of content creators, allowing you to leverage influencers with the highest engagement rates. This means you can significantly enhance your product's visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

You also benefit from a wide range of services, including tailored social media advertising strategies. This ensures that your campaigns are creative and optimized for the best possible results.

Another key advantage is their robust UGC creation, which can authentically connect your brand with consumers.

This service amplifies your online presence and builds trust with your audience.

Lastly, inBeat's expertise in micro-influencer and nano-influencer marketing means you can effectively engage with niche markets, boosting your overall conversion rates.

For example, American Dairy engaged inBeat Agency to develop relatable TikTok content for promoting the #Gotmilk challenge, aimed specifically at connecting with the Gen Z demographic, known for their distrust of traditional advertising.

The project's deliverables included influencer sourcing, creative direction, and content distribution, with a focus on maximizing brand reach while maintaining brand safety.

The campaign successfully engaged young opinion leaders, resulting in the participation of over 20 young athletes and artists, which generated more than 250,000 unique views and 10,000 likes and comments, significantly raising awareness of the #Gotmilk challenge across the Northeastern United States.

Industries: CPG and DTC brands, Mobile Applications, Retail, eCommerce, Agencies, Fashion, Food, B2B

Notable clients: New Balance, Deux par Deux, Linktree, Hopper, Nissan, Disney, Hurom

Key services:

  • CPG Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • UGC Creation
  • TikTok and Instagram Marketing & Advertising
  • Micro-Influencer and Nano-Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Advertising

Reason to work with inBeat: inBeat excels in offering a personalized approach to CPG marketing. They partner with the top 2% of content creators to provide scalable and versatile content creation and advertising services tailored to effectively amplify your brand's reach and engagement.

2. Fish Bat

Fishbat is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in the CPG sector, particularly food and beverage, with a focus on creating meaningful experiences online.

Their unique value lies in their comprehensive approach, combining creative branding with user-focused digital strategies to drive significant market results.

You benefit from their relevant experience in market penetration as they craft tailored brand strategies that help your products stand out and capture consumer attention effectively.

Additionally, you gain access to robust digital advertising solutions that extend your reach and enhance your online visibility.

With Fishbat, you can leverage conversion rate optimization to improve your website's performance, turning visitors into loyal customers more efficiently.

Their strategic content marketing also ensures that your brand communicates effectively with your target audience, enhancing engagement and building trust.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Home Goods, Personal Care Products

Notable clients: Silver Fern Farms, Ora King Salmon, Old Amsterdam Cheese, Lands Downunder, Love Macadamia

Key services:

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Digital Advertising and Paid Media Management
  • Social Media Content Creation and Influencer Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization and Analytics
  • Email Marketing and Content for SEO

Reason to work with Fishbat: Fishbat's integration of strategic planning with creative execution makes them an ideal partner for CPG brands looking to innovate and captivate in a saturated market. Their approach enhances visibility and ensures sustained growth and customer engagement.

3. Brandettes

Brandettes stands out as a versatile Los Angeles-based CPG marketing agency, dedicated to elevating beauty, lifestyle, food, and cannabis brands through innovative strategies.

They differentiate themselves by integrating data-driven insights with creative direction, ensuring their marketing campaigns are both inventive and impactful.

You can benefit from their expert brand development services, which focus on crafting a unique brand identity and positioning that truly represents your vision and attracts your target audience.

Their comprehensive digital marketing approach means you'll see enhanced online engagement, driving more traffic and conversions to your brand.

Brandettes also specializes in SEO optimization, helping your brand achieve higher visibility and authority in search engines.

By leveraging their media buying expertise, you'll maximize your advertising ROI, optimize budget spend, and improve campaign performance.

Industries: CPG, Beauty, Lifestyle, Food and Beverage

Notable clients: L'Oreal, Marriott, Paul Mitchell, Patron Tequila, P&G

Key services:

  • Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Media Buying
  • Web Development

Reason to work with Brandettes: Choosing Brandettes means partnering with a team that blends creativity with analytical rigor to deliver marketing solutions that capture attention and drive substantial business growth. Their client-centered approach ensures tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and goals.


THIEL is a Milwaukee and Chicago-based CPG marketing agency that excels in branding, advertising, and strategic partnerships across the food and beverage sectors.

Their standout feature is a client-centric approach that emphasizes close collaboration to uncover unique market opportunities.

You can benefit from their deep industry knowledge, which allows for tailored brand strategies and enhances your product's market presence.

THIEL's creative advertising techniques are designed to boost your brand's visibility and consumer appeal effectively.

They also offer specialized marketing solutions focusing on achieving measurable growth, ensuring your campaigns produce concrete results.

With THIEL, you'll enjoy access to innovative digital solutions that streamline your marketing processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Industries: CPG, Food and Ingredients, Beverages and Drinks, Real Estate, B2B, Insurance

Notable clients: Illume, USSA Real Estate, Oral-B

Key services:

  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Market Research
  • Digital Marketing Solutions

Reason to work with THIEL: Working with THIEL means engaging with a team that's committed to your brand's growth through creative and strategic excellence. Their emphasis on partnership and innovative solutions makes them a top choice for brands looking to significantly impact the CPG industry.

5. Immotion Studios

Immotion Studios is a full-service marketing agency based in Fort Worth, Texas. They specialize in brand and sales growth for CPG brands in the food, drug, and mass retail sectors.

They distinguish themselves by robustly integrating marketing and sales strategies, supported by a strong retailer network and comprehensive market data.

You benefit from their deep connections with major retailers, which can elevate your brand’s placement and visibility in critical markets.

Their tailored marketing strategies ensure your products resonate with both consumers and retail buyers, maximizing brand appeal and market penetration.

Immotion Studios’ emphasis on creative and digital marketing solutions can drive significant online and in-store growth, ensuring your brand stands out in competitive environments.

Industries: CPG, Food, Drug, Mass Retail

Notable clients: Martha Stewart Kitchen, CocoGoods Co., Thursday Plantation, Family Dollar

Key services:

  • Brand Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Market Research

Reason to work with Immotion Studios:Partnering with Immotion Studios offers you a unique blend of creative marketing and strategic sales insights, ensuring your brand excels in highly competitive retail environments.

6. TOP Agency

TOP Agency specializes in enhancing brand visibility and engagement through innovative consumer-packaged goods marketing strategies.

What sets them apart is their focus on storytelling and market penetration, ensuring brands connect deeply with their target audiences.

You benefit from their expertise in crafting engaging product packaging that catches the eye and encourages purchase decisions.

Their strategic digital campaigns are designed to amplify your brand's presence online, boost your social influence, and drive consumer engagement.

With TOP Agency, your brand's messaging will be fine-tuned to resonate with consumers at the right times, increasing brand loyalty and consumer retention.

Their comprehensive data analysis and market insights ensure that your marketing efforts are both effective and efficient, maximizing your return on investment.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Pets, Tech, Finance, Education

Notable clients: Clorox, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever

Key services:

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Creative Services

Reason to work with TOP Agency: TOP Agency excels at transforming standard marketing approaches into exceptional, results-driven campaigns, making them an ideal choice for brands looking to significantly impact the consumer goods market.

7. Supply Drop

SupplyDrop Media is a dynamic CPG marketing agency known for its robust email and SMS marketing strategies that significantly boost online sales.

They distinguish themselves through a deep commitment to email and SMS marketing, delivering proven results like dramatic sales increases and enhanced customer retention.

You can leverage their strategic approach to building your subscriber list, doubling or even tripling your potential customer base through targeted, high-converting outreach efforts.

Experience rapid conversion of subscribers to customers with aggressive email marketing tactics that focus on direct revenue generation rather than mere engagement metrics.

Their strategies for converting first-time customers into repeat buyers are optimized to maximize your revenue within the crucial first 90 days of purchase.

Benefit from their full-service packages that offer comprehensive email and SMS marketing solutions at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time specialist.

Industries: CPG, eCommerce, Beauty, Food and Beverage, Pet Care, Supplements, Fashion

Notable clients: Kettle & Fire, Nat Eliason, Founder of Cup & Leaf, Bossman

Key services:

  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • List Building
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Customer Retention Strategies

Reason to work with SupplyDrop Media: Choosing SupplyDrop Media means gaining access to a specialized team that can transform your email marketing into a critical revenue driver, optimizing each customer's journey from subscription to repeated sales.

8. Cool Nerds Marketing

Cool Nerds Marketing excels in digital marketing and social media strategies across various industries, including CPG, providing creative, omnichannel solutions.

Their unique selling point lies in their omnichannel marketing approach, seamlessly integrating various digital platforms to enhance customer engagement and brand presence.

By collaborating with Cool Nerds, you can access expertly crafted e-commerce solutions that optimize user experience and boost online traffic through smart SEO practices.

Leverage their comprehensive social media management to enhance your brand's digital footprint and ensure a consistent and memorable presence across platforms.

Their personalized marketing campaigns are tailored specifically to your brand's needs, ensuring that each strategy aligns perfectly with your objectives and market demands.

With their targeted geo-marketing capabilities, you can pinpoint and engage your audience more effectively, increasing the impact and reach of your campaigns.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Technology

Notable clients: Coronado Brewing Co., Meiji, Moore's Marinades & Sauces, Stauffer's, V8

Key services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • SEO Optimization

Reason to work with Cool Nerds Marketing: Cool Nerds Marketing offers a dynamic blend of creativity and technical expertise, making them an excellent partner for brands looking to dominate both online and offline marketing environments.

9. Canal Digital Studio

Canal Digital Studio is a forward-thinking digital agency that tailors strategies to direct-to-consumer, SaaS, and green brands, enhancing their digital presence and performance.

Their distinctive edge comes from a blend of performance marketing and data-driven strategies that translate into faster results and better rankings for their clients.

You'll benefit from their expertise in digital advertising, introducing your brand to new audiences effectively and efficiently.

Their search engine optimization techniques ensure that your brand gains visibility and achieves and maintains high rankings.

With their in-depth digital strategy services, you can expect a thorough understanding of your market and a clear path to success.

Their digital due diligence process evaluates potential risks and growth opportunities, empowering your decision-making with actionable insights.

Industries: CPG, Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), Software as a Service (SaaS), Consumer Products, Green Brands

Notable clients: HASK, Zonarch, Vermicular, Pave

Key services:

  • Performance Marketing
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO
  • Digital Advertising
  • Digital Due Diligence

Reason to work with Canal Digital Studio: Partnering with Canal Digital Studio means engaging with a team that excels in merging technical expertise with strategic marketing to produce measurable and significant growth for your digital presence.

10. Booyah Advertising

Booyah Advertising is a comprehensive digital marketing agency that propels CPG brands to the forefront of consumer awareness and engagement through diverse, data-driven strategies.

They stand out with their full-service approach, seamlessly integrating multiple channels to maximize the reach and impact of campaigns, making them a powerhouse in cross-platform advertising.

You'll benefit from their expert media buying strategies, which extend your brand’s visibility across a broad digital industry.

Their sophisticated SEO tactics enhance your online presence and ensure sustained traffic to your platforms.

Experience growth through their creative services, which craft compelling content and visuals tailored to your brand's voice and objectives.

Their targeted programmatic advertising employs cutting-edge technology to place your ads effectively, ensuring optimal consumer engagement.

Industries: CPG, Beauty, Travel & Hospitality, B2B, Retail/eCommerce

Notable clients: Murad, WesternUnion, Aspen Snowmass, Living Proof, Murad

Key services:

  • Paid Search and Social Media Advertising
  • Display and Video Advertising
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Creative Production

Reason to work with Booyah Advertising: Partner with Booyah Advertising to leverage their integrated expertise, which spans crucial digital marketing channels, ensuring tailored, effective campaigns that drive both engagement and sales.

11. The Brandon Agency

The Brandon Agency specializes in CPG marketing, delivering innovative solutions from package design to social media strategies.

Their unique value lies in integrating data-driven methods with creative content strategies to capture the fragmented attention of modern consumers.

You benefit from their expertise in navigating the complexities of today's marketing environment, ensuring your brand stands out in a saturated market.

With their focus on transparency and clean labeling, your products can more effectively connect with health and sustainability-conscious consumers.

Their combined experience in digital and traditional marketing allows you to engage effectively with a broad audience base, maximizing reach and impact.

Leveraging their deep industry connections, they can enhance your brand's visibility and consumer loyalty through targeted campaigns.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Retail, Home Delivery

Notable clients: Green Giant, Idahoan Foods, Tropical Foods, Archway Cookies, Snyder's Lance, Dean Foods

Key services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Data-Driven Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Package Design
  • Influencer Outreach

Reason to work with The Brandon Agency:  Working with The Brandon Agency ensures that your brand leverages cutting-edge marketing strategies tailored to the dynamic CPG environment, driving both growth and consumer engagement.

12. Beyond The Agency

Beyond The Agency excels in e-commerce solutions for CPG and spirits, focusing on launching and scaling brands directly to consumers.

They set themselves apart by specializing in proprietary Shopify Plus applications and customized headless commerce stores tailored to each brand.

You can benefit from their expertise in direct-to-consumer strategy, ensuring your products reach the market effectively and efficiently.

Their advanced paid media tactics can increase your online visibility and sales conversions significantly.

With their unique approach to 3-tier compliant alcohol e-commerce solutions, you'll navigate the complex regulations smoothly, enhancing your brand's market presence.

Their continuous innovation in e-commerce keeps your brand at the cutting edge, ready to adapt to new selling environments.

Industries: CPG, Beverages (Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic), Food Products, eCommerce

Notable clients: Seedlip, Intelligentsia Coffee, Don Papa Rum, Moonshot Snacks, JOI Plant Milk, Peroni

Key services:

  • Direct-to-Consumer Strategy
  • Paid Media Management
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Custom Headless Commerce
  • 3-Tier Compliant Solutions

Reason to work with Beyond The Agency: Choosing Beyond The Agency means ensuring your brand is poised for online growth with cutting-edge e-commerce solutions and robust direct-to-consumer strategies.

13. VELOX Media

VELOX Media stands out as a top-tier digital marketing agency that focuses on CPG industries with a data-driven approach to SEO and SEM.

They distinguish themselves by their recognition as one of the top 3% of digital marketing agencies, validated by Google, which underpins their effectiveness in the CPG digital marketing space.

You can gain from their expertise in SEO, ensuring your products are visible on the first page of search results, thus driving higher organic traffic and sales.

Their distinct strategy in paid media campaigns is crafted to optimize your ad spend, enhancing brand awareness and accelerating revenue growth.

Experience increased conversion rates through their targeted digital strategies, ensuring a better return on your investment.

Their innovative approach to digital marketing also allows you to stay ahead of the curve, adopting the latest trends and technologies to keep your brand relevant.

Industries: CPG, Beauty and Skincare, Health and Wellness, Baby Products, Fashion, Wine and Spirits

Notable clients: BeautyCounter, Thrive Market, Oberto, Jelli Health, Kodiak Cakes

Key services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Content Strategy

Reason to work with VELOX Media: Working with VELOX Media means partnering with a proven leader in digital marketing, capable of delivering tailored solutions that drive significant improvements in online visibility and sales performance.

14. C/C/G

C/C/G is a dynamic marketing agency based in Los Angeles that specializes in comprehensive strategies that boost online consumer engagement and sales for CPG brands.

Their standout feature is a robust omnichannel approach, allowing seamless integration of content across digital platforms to enhance consumer experience and interaction.

You'll benefit from their expertise in ecommerce optimization, which ensures your products are prominently featured and easy to purchase online, potentially increasing your sales and market presence.

Their data-driven growth strategies utilize AI and deep consumer insights to craft sustainable, impactful marketing campaigns tailored to your brand's needs.

By leveraging their creative production services, you can present your brand in innovative ways that captivate and engage your target audience, making every interaction count.

With C/C/G, you gain access to a wide range of industry-leading techniques for influencer marketing, turning influential voices into powerful advocates for your brand.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Retail

Notable clients: José Olé, La Brea Bakery, Ty Beanie Babies, Johnny Doodle, Ajinomoto

Key services:

  • eCommerce Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Branding and Identity

Reason to work with C/C/G: C/C/G offers a unique blend of creativity and technology, providing you with the tools to excel in digital marketing and the strategic insight to stay ahead in a competitive market.

15. Vertical

Vertical CPG is an innovative marketing agency dedicated to elevating brand growth through fully managed sales and marketing solutions tailored to the modern commerce industry.

What sets them apart is their focused commitment to omni-channel brand strategy, enhancing connectivity and consistency across all sales and marketing platforms.

You'll experience the advantage of specialized account management, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with your brand’s goals and optimizes engagement across every customer touchpoint.

Their sales implementation services streamline your go-to-market process and provide the support needed to effectively reach and expand your target market.

Benefit from their strategic brand guidance that sharpens your market positioning and boosts your visibility, driving significant growth in competitive sectors.

Vertical CPG also offers robust insights and analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions that resonate with your audience and maximize your investment.

Industries: CPG, Health and Wellness, Food and Beverage, Organic and Non-GMO Products

Notable clients: Waterloo Sparkling Water, Traditional Medicinals, Bellwether Farms, Good Planet Foods, TCHO

Key services:

  • Omni-Channel Brand Strategy
  • Sales Implementation
  • Account Management
  • Market Insights and Analytics

Reason to work with Vertical CPG: Choosing Vertical CPG means partnering with a team that understands the intricacies of your market and possesses the capabilities to propel your brand to new heights with tailored, effective strategies.

16. Goodway Group

Goodway Group is a full-service media partner specializing in advanced digital marketing services for CPG brands, focusing on omnichannel excellence and large-scale growth.

They differentiate themselves with their proprietary, award-winning measurement technology, enabling precise tracking and optimization of advertising ROI across multiple channels.

You'll appreciate their personalized media planning and execution, which will ensure that your advertising strategies are effective and scalable to meet your specific market demands.

Their expertise in data-driven marketing allows for tailored campaigns that directly target and engage your ideal consumer base.

Experience the advantage of Goodway Group's creative production capabilities, enhancing your brand’s presence with high-quality, impactful advertising materials.

Leverage their deep insights into consumer behavior to fine-tune your marketing strategies and achieve superior market penetration.

Industries: CPG, Retail

Notable clients: Foster Farms, Honey Dew, Bagel Brands, Serenity Kids

Key services:

  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Data Analytics
  • Creative Services
  • Retail Media Solutions

Reason to work with Goodway Group: Working with Goodway Group means accessing a team of experts who provide cutting-edge marketing solutions tailored to your brand's needs, ensuring your products resonate with and reach the right audience effectively.

17. Connectivity Strategy

Connectivity Strategy specializes in accelerating the growth of CPG brands through dynamic shopper marketing strategies, focusing on both online and in-store consumer engagement.

Their unique value lies in the free 3-step CPG Accelerator Program, which provides brands with a detailed pathway to achieve substantial growth and potential acquisition.

You'll gain from their comprehensive content strategy evaluation, offering insights on how to connect more effectively with your target audience, create compelling narratives, and enhance both reach and engagement.

Their tailored media mix assessment ensures that your brand utilizes the optimal blend of digital and traditional channels, maximizing cost-efficiency and consumer impact at the point of purchase.

Benefit from their sales conversion strategy, which focuses on tracking and increasing consumer interactions both online and directly, boosting overall sales performance.

With Connectivity Strategy, you can leverage their extensive experience in generating over $1 billion in sales and acquisitions, employing proven strategies that deliver results.

Industries: CPG, Beverage, Personal Care, Food

Notable clients: Nestle Waters, Coca-Cola, Deep Eddy Vodka, Pabst Brewing, OGX Haircare

Key services:

  • Shopper Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Media Mix Optimization
  • Sales Conversion Strategy

Reason to work with Connectivity Strategy: Choosing Connectivity Strategy means gaining access to a proven framework that anticipates market dynamics and strategically positions your brand for accelerated growth and competitive advantage.

18. SPM Communications

SPM Communications is a Dallas-based PR and marketing agency, deeply rooted in the consumer packaged goods sector that is known for its strategic and engaging brand communications.

They stand out because they emphasize 'no-jerk' client relationships, fostering a collaborative and respectful working environment that drives success.

You'll benefit from their crisis management expertise, ensuring your brand is well-prepared and resilient to any public relations challenges you may encounter.

Their social media strategies will help amplify your brand's voice, engaging directly with your target audience to build lasting relationships.

Their influencer marketing prowess can dramatically increase your brand's market influence and consumer trust.

With SPM's comprehensive approach, your brand can achieve significant media exposure, increasing visibility and driving sales.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness

Notable clients: Van’s, Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q, Lantana Hummus, Golden Island, Padrino Foods

Key services:

  • Public Relations
  • Crisis Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Relations
  • Brand Strategy

Reason to work with SPM Communications: SPM Communications excels at creating dynamic, impactful marketing strategies that enhance brand recognition and consumer loyalty, ensuring your products stand out in a competitive marketplace.

19. CPG Marketing

CPG Marketing is a specialized sales and marketing agency focused on delivering consistent, high-quality results for consumer packaged goods brands in the Pacific Northwest and Inter-Mountain regions.

Their key differentiator is a strategic commitment to focusing on a smaller client portfolio, which allows for deeper, more personalized service and effective brand growth.

You'll benefit from their comprehensive market penetration strategies, ensuring your brand reaches and succeeds in the key channels across varied retail environments.

Their advanced data analytics support offers you insightful consumer demographics and market data analysis, enhancing your strategic decision-making processes.

Experience streamlined order fulfillment and promotional contract creation, optimizing your operational efficiencies and market responsiveness.

CPG Marketing also excels in trade funds management, helping you maximize your marketing investments with strategic financial oversight.

Industries: CPG

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Market Penetration Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Order Fulfillment and EDI Coordination
  • Promotional Contract Creation
  • Trade Funds Management

Reason to work with CPG Marketing: Engaging CPG Marketing means gaining a partner dedicated to a focused and strategic approach to brand growth, backed by deep market insights and operational expertise to maximize your brand's potential in critical markets.

20. Blue Wheel Media

Blue Wheel Media is a specialized digital marketing company that drives business growth for CPG brands with innovative strategies and full-service marketplace management.

Their standout capability is their broad range of services tailored to digital and marketplace success, integrating everything from SEO to creative content and influencer partnerships.

You'll benefit from their targeted digital advertising, which optimizes visibility and engagement across major platforms like Meta, TikTok, and Google, ensuring your brand stands out.

Their full-service marketplace management means you don’t have to worry about the complexities of warehousing and distribution, as they handle everything from inventory to fulfillment.

Experience the impact of their creative services that make your products irresistible to consumers through expertly crafted visuals and messaging.

Leverage their extensive network of influencers to amplify your brand's presence and connect with wider audiences effectively.

Industries: CPG, Health and Fitness, Beauty, Home Goods, Apparel and Footwear, CPG and Grocery

Notable clients: Edgewell Personal Care, Jack Black, Sol de Janeiro

Key services:

  • Marketplace Advertising
  • Paid Search and Social Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Full-Service Marketplace Management

Reason to work with Blue Wheel Media: Engaging with Blue Wheel Media gives you a strategic partner who excels in crafting tailored digital strategies and offers comprehensive marketplace solutions to boost your brand's market position and sales significantly.

21. THIEL Design

THIEL Brand Design specializes in CPG and food marketing, delivering impactful brand growth strategies.

They stand out with a collaborative approach, emphasizing partnerships with clients to discover unique marketing solutions.

You can benefit from their deep understanding of consumer behavior, ensuring your brand resonates effectively with your target audience.

Their expertise in digital transformation will modernize your brand’s online presence, enhancing visibility and engagement.

You’ll also gain from their strategic branding services, which focus on creating a cohesive and memorable identity for your products.

Finally, THIEL’s strategic marketing plans are tailored to maximize your product's market impact, driving sales and customer loyalty.

Industries: CPG, Beverages & Drinks, Food & Ingredients

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Consumer Insights
  • Creative Development
  • Social Media Marketing

Reason to work with THIEL: Working with THIEL means engaging in a partnership that focuses on your brand’s success, using innovative strategies and a personal touch to ensure a standout market presence.

22. Chapell

Chappell Digital Marketing specializes in scaling brands through targeted social media advertising, particularly on Facebook and TikTok.

Their standout feature is a robust, data-driven approach that integrates advanced ad tracking and influencer partnerships.

You'll benefit from their expertise in creating high-impact social media campaigns that effectively reach and engage your target audience, maximizing your online presence.

Their focus on measurable results means you can optimize your ad spend with precision, ensuring every dollar contributes to your goals.

Additionally, their influencer marketing strategies can amplify your brand’s voice, reaching broader and more engaged audiences.

Chappell's comprehensive analytics services allow you to track campaign performance in real-time, adjusting strategies to improve outcomes continuously.

Industries: CPG, eCommerce, Health & Wellness, Capital Raising, Gaming

Notable clients: Sips by, Power Crunch, Oak and Eden, Ranger Station, Vinovest

Key services:

  • Facebook and TikTok Ads Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Social Media Strategies
  • Analytics and Reporting

Reason to work with Chappell: Choosing Chappell Digital Marketing means prioritizing scalability and precision in your digital marketing efforts, with a focus on maximizing ROI through innovative social media strategies.

23. Fidelitas

Fidelitas specializes in CPG marketing, focusing on creating genuine brand experiences to enhance customer interaction and loyalty.

They differentiate themselves with a partnership-driven approach, ensuring transparency and commitment from day one, which fosters mutual growth and trust.

You'll benefit from their superior influencer outreach campaigns, which boost brand awareness and forge meaningful connections through strategic public relations.

Their integrated approach leverages organic traffic to increase paid ad sales, optimizing your advertising efficiency.

Additionally, Fidelitas offers data-driven website enhancements focused on improving user experience without sacrificing quality.

Their monthly reporting and strategic guidance based on relevant metrics will keep you informed and strategically agile.

Industries: CPG, eCommerce

Notable clients: n/a

Key services:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Media Management
  • Organic and Paid Traffic Integration
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • User Experience Optimization

Reason to work with Fidelitas: Engaging with Fidelitas ensures a partnership that values transparency and measurable results, making them an ideal choice for brands seeking to enhance their market presence with a reliable and innovative approach.

24. Hangar12

Hangar12 is a full-service marketing agency that enhances brand engagement through innovative consumer promotions and in-store marketing strategies.

Their unique value lies in their proven expertise in shopper marketing, recognized repeatedly by industry leaders.

Benefit from their consumer promotions that engage and build brand loyalty through creative contests and events.

Their shopper marketing tactics will strategically place your product to influence buyer decisions at critical points, increasing trial and sales.

With Hangar12, you can leverage digital marketing to ensure visibility online during crucial consumer planning phases.

Lastly, their tailored social media campaigns can significantly expand your reach and enhance consumer relationships.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods

Notable clients: Conagra Brands, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft Heinz, Wrigley, PepsiCo

Key services:

  • Consumer Promotions
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Reason to work with Hangar12: Hangar12’s extensive experience and strategic approach make them an ideal partner for brands looking to engage consumers deeply and boost visibility in competitive market spaces.

25. WeCreate Media

WeCreate focuses on branding and marketing for CPG, leveraging compelling visual content and strategies to ensure client success.

They distinguish themselves through creative excellence that transforms standard marketing into captivating, scroll-worthy digital experiences.

Benefit from their ability to craft visually stunning content that captures attention and drives conversion, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded market.

Their strategic content planning ensures that your marketing efforts are aligned with current trends and audience preferences, maximizing engagement and reach.

You'll appreciate their commitment to innovation, continuously adapting strategies to leverage new media and technologies for market impact.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Beauty and Cosmetics, Retail

Notable clients: Meats By Linz, Ultima, Revive Superfoods, Abasolo, RIND Snacks

Key services:

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Strategic Planning

Reason to work with WeCreate: Partnering with WeCreate means engaging with a team that delivers fresh, innovative marketing solutions tailored to captivate and engage your target audience, ensuring your brand’s message is not just seen but remembered.

26. Thomas|Ferrous

Thomas|Ferrous specializes in multichannel digital marketing for consumer packaged goods brands, crafting campaigns that enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement.

Their standout feature is their extensive experience creating impactful packaging designs that resonate with consumers globally across major retailers.

With Thomas|Ferrous, you gain the advantage of innovative brand strategies that not only capture but retain consumer interest, ensuring your brand stands out in a saturated market.

Their digital marketing prowess enables you to leverage multiple sales channels effectively, boosting both online and in-store demand.

You'll benefit from customized marketing strategies aligning with your brand goals, allowing for flexible and dynamic market positioning.

Their creative development services ensure your brand communicates with a distinct, coherent, and flexible personality, directly appealing to your target audience.

Industries: CPG, Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Home and Lifestyle, Apparel

Notable clients: Sunkist, Del Monte, Calavo Foods, Safeway, Costco, Publix

Key services:

  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Advertising
  • SEO and SEM

Reason to work with Thomas|Ferrous: Choosing Thomas|Ferrous means partnering with a seasoned agency that delivers tailored marketing solutions that drive sales and build lasting customer relationships. Their deep understanding of the CPG sector translates into tangible results for your brand.

27. Mason Interactive

Mason Interactive is a digital marketing agency that specializes in strategic campaigns and retail activations for the CPG industry. Its goal is to boost brand growth and consumer engagement.

They distinguish themselves by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and an omnichannel approach to provide seamless brand experiences across all digital and physical platforms.

You can enjoy enhanced customer interactions through their innovative use of modern platforms, which streamline operations and foster digital innovation, tailored specifically to your needs.

Their omnichannel optimization ensures that your brand delivers a consistent message, enhancing engagement across all consumer touchpoints and advancing your digital growth.

By adopting future-proof strategies, Mason Interactive helps you stay ahead by anticipating and capitalizing on consumer trends and market dynamics.

They also offer powerful offline strategies that enhance your online efforts, helping to create a unified and impactful brand presence.

Industries: CPG, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Notable clients: Needed, Strong Roots, Hella Cocktail

Key services:

  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Paid Media (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Programmatic)
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Email and SMS Lifecycle Marketing
  • Strategy and Creative Services

Reason to work with Mason Interactive: Mason Interactive’s comprehensive digital strategies and innovative technology applications make it an ideal partner for driving significant market share increases and effectively elevating your brand’s visibility.

28. Magnetic Creative

Magnetic Creative thrives on transforming consumer goods brands with a holistic approach that integrates brand intelligence and creative strategy.

Their distinct approach involves deep-dive analysis and strategic creativity to revitalize brands, ensuring a unique market presence.

Experience a brand transformation that aligns deeply with your core values and vision, positioning you distinctly in the consumer’s mind.

Benefit from Magnetic's expertise in navigating market complexities, which ensures your brand's messaging is powerful and coherent across all platforms.

Their commitment to fostering strong consumer connections will translate your brand values into effective marketing actions.

Leverage their innovative strategies to drive significant growth, setting you apart in a competitive marketplace.

Industries: CPG, Food & Beverage, Business & Technology, Hospitality, Entertainment

Notable clients: Chili's, Nexgrill, Ford, Aveva, Wall Street Journal

Key services:

  • Brand Intelligence
  • Creative Development
  • Growth Marketing
  • Campaign Execution
  • Video Production

Reason to work with Magnetic Creative: Working with Magnetic Creative offers a partnership that brings your brand to life, ensuring market relevance and sustained growth through innovative strategies and creative excellence.

29. Skidmore Studio

Skidmore Studio is a branding and packaging design powerhouse, dedicated to empowering challenger brands in the CPG sector.

Their expertise in reinvigorating brands through compelling design and strategic positioning sets them apart.

You will benefit from their innovative approach to branding that captures and communicates your unique value proposition effectively.

Their specialized focus on packaging design ensures your products stand out on the shelves, significantly impacting consumer perceptions.

With Skidmore, your brand's story will be told in a way that looks appealing and resonates deeply with your target audience.

Their ability to adapt and respond to market trends helps keep your brand relevant and competitive.

Industries: CPG, Food & Beverage, Retail

Notable clients: Smooj, Honeydrop Lemonade, Dave’s Sweet Tooth

Key services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing

Reason to work with Skidmore Studio: Choosing Skidmore Studio brings a blend of creativity and strategic insight to your branding efforts, ensuring your products capture the essence of what makes them unique and desirable.    

30. Growth Hacking Services

Growth Hackers specializes in accelerating CPG brands through innovative digital marketing strategies, focusing on results-driven growth.

Their professional services include data-driven methodologies and comprehensive market analysis, ensuring tailored and effective marketing campaigns.

You'll appreciate their adeptness at generating leads through expertly crafted content and sophisticated marketing funnels, enhancing your brand's digital footprint.

Their strategic use of analytics and digital tools will optimize your customer acquisition and retention, positively impacting your sales.

Enjoy advanced online advertising strategies that make your brand stand out, driving significant market engagement and conversions.

Industries: CPG, Health and Beauty, Sports and Fitness, Technology

Notable clients: Voodoo, Dr. David Matlock, Wraptie, Baseline Lighting, Frontier Fabric

Key services:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO and Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Design and Development

Reason to work with Growth Hackers: Growth Hackers empowers CPG brands with innovative, comprehensive digital marketing solutions, boosting visibility, engagement, and sales through expertly crafted campaigns and advanced analytics.

Key Factors in Choosing a CPG Marketing Agency in the US

  • Evaluate their industry experience. Look for agencies with a strong track record in the CPG sector. This ensures they understand market nuances and consumer behaviors specific to your products.
  • Assess their creative capabilities. You need an agency that strategizes and delivers compelling creative work. Their portfolio should demonstrate a range of innovative campaigns that align with your brand's vision.
  • Consider their analytical strength. The best agencies use data-driven insights to guide their strategies. Ensure they have robust analytical tools and can provide clear metrics that demonstrate campaign effectiveness.
  • Check for comprehensive services. Choose agencies that offer a full spectrum of marketing services, from branding and digital marketing to SEO and social media. This integrated approach can streamline your communications and improve efficiency.
  • Review client testimonials and case studies. These provide insights into the agency's ability to deliver and can indicate their reputation in the industry. Look for stories of measurable success and client satisfaction.
  • Examine their communication and project management style. You need an agency that communicates clearly and consistently, with structured project management practices. This will help ensure smooth collaboration and project delivery.
  • Determine their scalability and flexibility. As your brand grows, your marketing needs will evolve. Choose an agency that can scale their services and adapt their strategies to keep pace with your growth.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we've explored the top CPG marketing agencies in the US and discussed how these specialized agencies can significantly enhance your brand’s marketing strategy.

These agencies offer expertise in the consumer goods sector, employing innovative technologies and creative solutions tailored to your market needs.

While each agency has its strengths, inBeat stands out as the best overall due to its emphasis on cutting-edge social media strategies, effective influencer collaborations, and a strong focus on ROI, which can transform your digital presence.

As you consider which agency to choose, reflect on your specific needs and how they align with the offerings of these agencies.

Choosing wisely will set you on a path to marketing success.

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