Top 8 UGC Marketplaces to Consider in 2024 [Full Comparison]

Alexandra Kazakova

By Alexandra Kazakova
11 min READ | Jan 16 2024

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Many people grapple with the complexity and uncertainty of selecting the right UGC marketplace.

You may not be sure of the quality of the user-generated content produced or if the content creators you’re working with are high-quality enough.

Choosing the wrong user-generated content platform leads to frustration and wasted resources.

But don't worry, you're in the right place.

This article will guide you through the top 8 UGC marketplaces, making your choice easier and more informed!

In this article, you'll discover:

  • Key app features: Understand what sets each marketplace apart.
  • Pros and cons: Get a balanced view to make a well-informed decision.
  • Target audience: Find out which app suits your specific needs.
  • Pricing plans: Explore various pricing options to fit your budget.

Stay tuned to find your ideal UGC marketplace and make an empowered decision that aligns with your goals.

UGC Marketplace #1: Showcase

Showcase is a dynamic UGC marketplace focusing on quality and efficiency.

It stands out because it allows you to choose your own influencers from top UGC creators worldwide, ensuring premium content and ad quality for local and global brands.

The platform streamlines the process from creator selection to content delivery.

Besides, creators are handpicked based on their proven track record and exceptional content creation skills.

And you can choose the people you’ll be working with, unlike on other UGC marketplaces.

Insider tip: You can count on the creators’ quality because Showcase only works with the top 4% of creators.

These people work on various social media platforms and understand your target audience.

They can create UGC for your ads, unboxing videos, or other short-form video content.

You can then repurpose this original content for your social networks, email marketing materials, or ads to reach more potential customers.

And you’ll have a seamless experience from sharing your brief to getting the authentic UGC from your content creators because Showcase is so intuitive.

Key features:

  • Selective creator network: Access to battle-tested user-generated content creators that can create excellent content across social media channels.
  • Direct collaboration: Facilitates direct communication and project fine-tuning with creators.
  • Efficient content delivery: Streamlined process from product shipment to content reception.
  • Organized asset management: Keeps all content organized and ready for marketing campaigns.
  • Flexible collaboration for creators: Creators can choose brands they love and set their own prices.


  • Access to a vetted, high-quality creator network.
  • Smart filters that let you find the best picks for your advertising campaigns.
  • Simplified process for collaboration and content creation.
  • Direct communication with creators enhances project outcomes.
  • Clear pricing structure and deadlines.
  • Creators have the flexibility to work with preferred brands.


  • Limited to a certain number of creators, possibly restricting variety.
  • It’s a growing marketplace, meaning that many great features are coming.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • Small to mid-size businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Brands looking for premium user-generated content
  • Advertising, marketing, and UGC agencies

Pricing plans:

  • Each content creator sets up their own prices, which may vary a lot. That means Showcase offers creators for every taste and budget.

UGC Marketplace #2: UGC Planet

UGC Planet is a robust platform connecting businesses with UGC creators.

It enables businesses to gain exposure from millions of viewers through authentic content.

The platform allows creators to curate their profiles and partner with brands they know and love.

Businesses can choose from a variety of content types, including photos, videos, reviews, and more.

Also, UGC Planet emphasizes direct communication and collaboration between brands and creators.

Key features:

  • Diverse content types: Offers photos, videos, testimonials, reviews, social media posts, and blog posts.
  • Creator profiles: Creators can showcase their skills and style.
  • Direct communication: Secure messaging for collaboration and feedback.
  • Review and rating system: Transparency and accountability through feedback.
  • Bespoke content requests: Businesses can request specific content types from creators.


  • Wide variety of content types catering to diverse industries.
  • Direct communication with creators for tailored content.
  • The review system helps you make informed choices.
  • User-friendly process for placing orders and requesting bespoke content.


  • May require time to browse and select the right creator.
  • Depending on the creator's quality and demand, costs can vary.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • Brands seeking diverse user-generated content options

Pricing plans:

  • Specific pricing details are not provided.
  • Payment is held in escrow until project completion, ensuring secure transactions.

UGC Marketplace #3: Billo

Billo is a leading UGC marketplace specializing in video ads.

It offers a diverse pool of over 5,000 creators to match various brand needs.

These creators are great for word-of-mouth marketing as well as compelling social media posts.

Insider tip: The platform enables testing of different UGC types to optimize ad performance and customer engagement.

Billo focuses on enhancing conversion metrics and reducing costs through versatile video ads.

Besides, it streamlines the ad creation process, making it more efficient and effective.

As such, this online platform gives you access to quality creators who will build a deep sense of community among your fan base.

And, you have legal rights to all the types of content created, from video customer reviews to unboxing videos on social media channels.

On the downside, Billo doesn't allow you to browse different social media profiles and choose the micro - influencers you'll work with like Showcase does.

Key features:

  • Diverse creator pool: Wide range of creators with different backgrounds and skills.
  • Ad testing: Experiment with various UGC types for optimal performance.
  • Conversion focus: Tailored to improve conversion metrics and reduce expenses.
  • Dedicated support: Access to dedicated success managers and direct chat with creators.
  • Professional editing: In-house editors and AI Storyboard Writer for polished content.


  • Extensive creator selection catering to specific brand needs.
  • Ability to test and optimize ad content for better results.
  • Dedicated support and professional editing services enhance ad quality.


  • May require time to select and coordinate with the right creators.
  • Advanced features and professional editing could come at a higher cost.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • E-commerce
  • Agencies
  • Apps

Pricing plans:

  • Launch: $500/up to 6 videos.
  • Grow: $1000/up to 15 videos.
  • Scale: $2500/up to 40 videos.

UGC Marketplace #4: Trend

Trend is a UGC marketplace focused on custom content creation, including videos and photos.

It caters to brands seeking diverse content across platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Amazon.

Trend offers various content types, including product, lifestyle, and portrait photography, as well as testimonial and unboxing videos.

Unlike other social media aggregators, this platform boasts a curated network of creators vetted for quality, ensuring brand alignment.

As such, Trend simplifies high-quality content creation through its full suite of services, including direct brand-creator collaboration.

Key features:

  • Wide range of content: Videos, product photography, lifestyle shots, and more.
  • Platform versatility: Content tailored for various social media platforms and e-commerce sites.
  • Curated creator network: Vetting process for quality assurance.
  • Direct brand-creator collaboration: Streamlined communication and project management.
  • Professional editing services and marketing stack: In-house editors and AI marketing tools for polished content.


  • Comprehensive content options for diverse marketing needs.
  • High-quality, vetted creators ensuring brand fit and authentic user-generated content.
  • Streamlined process for content creation and editing.
  • Content rights to all the creative assets produced.


  • Could be overwhelming for smaller brands due to the wide range of options and features.
  • Potentially higher costs for premium services and professional editing.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • SMBs
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Retail businesses

Pricing plans:

  • Essential: $500/up to 10 videos or 25 photos.
  • Growth: $950/up to 20 videos or 50 photos.
  • Scale: $1800/up to 40 videos or 100 photos.

UGC Marketplace #5: Insense

Insense is a versatile UGC marketplace offering a range of services for e-commerce marketing.

The platform features over 20,000 influencers and content creators.

It's tailored for direct-to-consumer, Amazon brands, and growth agencies.

Insense provides a variety of UGC ad production options, including organic posting and creator ads, to which you get content rights.

The platform emphasizes ease of finding and collaborating with creators, ensuring content and ads align with marketing strategies.

Key features:

  • Extensive creator network: Access to over 20,000 influencers and creators.
  • Diverse content production: Options for UGC content, organic posting, and creator ads.
  • Creator vetting: Moderation process to ensure quality and authenticity.
  • Flexible collaboration: Direct chat and campaign management tools.
  • Category-based selection: Creators categorized by niches like beauty, fashion, health, etc.


  • Large selection of creators for tailored marketing needs.
  • Diverse range of UGC options for varied ad campaigns.
  • Quality assurance through creator vetting.


  • Can be overwhelming to choose from a large pool of creators.
  • Potentially higher costs for more experienced or specialized creators.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • E-commerce marketers
  • DTC and Amazon brands
  • Growth agencies

Pricing plans:

  • Self-service option starts from $300 per month.
  • Managed service option starts from $2800 per month.

UGC Marketplace #6: Aspire

Aspire is a versatile influencer marketing platform with a robust creator marketplace.

It facilitates effective influencer campaigns across multiple platforms like TikTok and Meta.

The platform caters to a range of marketing strategies, including ambassador and affiliate marketing.

These influencers will produce high-quality user-generated content for different social media networks, increasing your engagement rates and conversions.

You can count on them for product demos, blog posts, interactive content, and other creative assets that boost your online presence.

Aspire offers tools for strategic planning, content creation, and influencer collaboration.

As such, Aspire streamlines the influencer marketing efforts for brands and agencies.

Key features:

  • Diverse marketing strategies: Ambassador, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.
  • Extensive influencer network: Access to influencers across major platforms.
  • Content creation tools: Assistance in strategic planning and content generation.
  • Efficient campaign management: Streamlined influencer collaboration process.


  • Wide range of influencers for targeted marketing.
  • Tools for various influencer marketing strategies.
  • Simplifies the process of influencer collaboration.


  • Can be complex for beginners in influencer marketing.
  • Potentially higher costs for comprehensive features.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • Small to large businesses
  • Agencies

Pricing plans:

  • Specific pricing details are available upon request.

UGC Marketplace #7: Odla

Odla is a UGC marketplace focusing on authentic storytelling and brand narrative.

It connects brands with creators who excel in capturing product essence and values.

The platform is designed for creators who are brand advocates and content innovators.

Odla emphasizes the synergy of people, processes, and technology in digital marketing.

Plus, Odla has a slew of transformative success stories, illustrating its impact across various industries.

Key features:

  • Authentic storytelling: Focus on genuine, relatable content.
  • Brand-value alignment: Creators who understand and embody brand values.
  • Creator-brand synergy: Emphasizes matching the right creators with brands.
  • Technology-driven: Leverages technology in content creation.


  • Strong focus on authentic and resonant influencer content.
  • Emphasis on creators who are true to brand values.


  • May have a narrower focus on certain types of content and creators.
  • Possibly less suitable for purely transactional or direct-marketing content.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • Brands seeking authentic storytelling
  • Content creators focusing on brand narratives

Pricing plans:

  • Pricing details are likely available upon request.

UGC Marketplace #8: Vidovo

Vidovo offers a versatile UGC marketplace tailored for varied marketing needs.

It allows brands to launch campaigns and collaborate with a wide range of creators.

Whether you want authentic content for your Instagram stories or loyalty programs, these creators will deliver.

Besides, the platform is designed for simplicity, efficiency, and scalability.

And it also includes features for creator management and campaign analytics.

As such, Vidovo caters to businesses seeking to enhance their marketing through authentic UGC.

Key features:

  • Campaign management: Easy-to-use tools for launching and managing campaigns.
  • Unlimited creators: Access to a diverse creator pool.
  • Analytics and reporting: Insights into campaign performance.
  • Priority support: Dedicated assistance for campaign success.


  • Scalable plans suitable for various business sizes.
  • Comprehensive campaign management tools.
  • Access to a wide range of creators.


  • Higher-tier plans may be costly for small businesses.
  • Limited campaigns in the starter plan.

Who is this UGC marketplace for?

  • Online businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Agencies

Pricing plans:

  • Starter: $79/month.
  • PRO: $199/month.
  • Managed UGC Campaigns: Starts at $999/month.

Which UGC Marketplace Should You Choose?

We've explored the top eight UGC marketplaces, each with unique offerings and strengths.

These platforms provide a range of content types, creator networks, and campaign tools, making them invaluable for diverse marketing strategies.

Our agency’s verdict on each UGC marketplace:

  • Showcase: Ideal for brands seeking premium, quality-assured UGC from top-tier creators they can choose themselves.
  • UGC Planet: Offers a wide variety of content types and direct communication with creators, suitable for diverse marketing needs.
  • Billo: Specialized in video UGC, perfect for brands looking for high-quality video content and a range of editing services.
  • Trend: Great for brands aiming for high-quality UGC across multiple platforms, with a vetted network of creators.
  • Insense: Its extensive network of influencers is ideal for e-commerce brands seeking diverse UGC options.
  • Aspire: A comprehensive platform for brands heavily invested in influencer marketing, offering a variety of campaign tools.
  • Odla: Focuses on authentic storytelling, best for brands prioritizing genuine brand narratives in their UGC.
  • Vidovo: Offers scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, with comprehensive campaign management tools and a wide creator base.

These UGC marketplaces have unique strengths, catering to different aspects of authentic marketing.

Meanwhile, Showcase stands out as the best overall for its exclusive access to top-tier creators and premium content quality.

Its focus on the top UGC creators ensures high-caliber, impactful content for your brand.

Remember, aligning the marketplace's strengths with your specific needs is key.

Considering what each platform offers and how it matches your requirements is the cornerstone of making the most of UGC marketing.

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